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    Night 14+nap lucid

    by , 04-28-2017 at 04:47 PM (594 Views)
    Night 14 I had 4 NDs, nothing interesting.

    I took a nap from 17:00 to 17:32. I had been listening to music, relaxing and visualizing for a while before that. I turned music off and it was lights out nearly instantly. FA wiped a lot of details from my LD.

    ...I'm in a car. "I almost lost the dream. Well it's been surprisingly stable so far. I should try to actually do something cool..." I think. I hold my hand out of the car window and try to do magic. Bright blue and yellow waves and sparks shoot out of my hand. It's not the colors I wanted, but I think I can make something with it. A DC stand outside the car and walks over to me. Dream ends.

    I "wake up" (FA) in my old room. It's middle of the day. Mom is back from morning shift. My brother is there too and comes to my door. "Oh, he's sleeping." I get up faster "No I'm not, what's up?" He comes to my room with a plastic bag. There's some running clothes in it. "Mom wants you to try them on to see if they fit either of us." I had false memories of already trying them on in a hair saloon looking place. "I've tried them on, they fit." I say and my brother goes to the kitchen. I put my earphones on the table and follow. My sister's second oldest is visiting. In the kitchen I remember the lucid dream again. "I should write the lucid dream I had down before I forget details." and I wake up. You can bet your butt that I RCed after that. I was so mad. That FA cost me most of my lucid dream.
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    Tags: family, magic
    lucid , false awakening


    1. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Dang, a LD at 17:00 o'clock? I never tried naps before and thought they only worked until 12:00 o'clock or something like that.
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    2. Letaali's Avatar
      I woke up at 11am yesterday, so the nap was 6h after that. :p
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