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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Night 2 of SpellBee's Competition

    by , 04-16-2017 at 08:39 AM (444 Views)
    -Small red spaceship orbits some planet. I watch it as a DO. Nothing happens, no sound or signs of life.

    -Sex fantasy. I'll leave the details out.

    Dream 1 - Zooming and Shooting
    I'm in a game of Overwatch. I first play as Ana and switch to Tracer when an enemy Tracer kills me. I zoom around the map really fast and kill the other Tracer several times. We win the match. The dream shifts to another kind of shooter. The setting is now a dark WW2 battlefield. I have a sniper rifle and spot some enemies. I drop to the ground and take aim. Aiming is difficult. I miss three times. I start to suspect something at this point. I keep observing the target. He appears to be a doctor. In which case I shouldn't be shooting him. That's a war crime I forget that it's a war game and the doctor starts selling some meds to me.

    WBTB, 5:45 - 7

    Dream 2 - Showers
    I suddenly find myself in a public sauna. I'm a little confused. I get out and see a large room with showers. Naked men and women walk by. There's only men in the showers and all of them are gay couples giving each other a BJ. Yeah, this place is definitely not for me. I don't want someone surprising me from behind, so I quietly navigate my way out of there.

    I find some sort of changing room and meet two waking life friends. One of them asks my help with something, but I said I was looking private shower before I was leaving. My friend had a sleeping bag in the dressing room. He was apparently spending the night here.

    -Weird microwave oven. The bottom of it split in two and since the oven was raised up with some bricks, the bottom had split accidentally while my mom was heating something and the food was all over the table.

    Dream 3 - Simpsons and stealing
    In my apartment. There's a tv on my nightstand. I watch Simpsons. The scene suddenly changes. I'm stealing some candy from the backroom of some store. A large lady sees me and stops me. I go back in time. This time I buy the item and go get it from the backroom myself. I wait around for the fat lady to notice so I can have the satisfaction of her wrongly accusing me of stealing and then correcting her. By the end of the dream I'm unsure what I got. It was either candy or meds.

    Another WBTB. 7:20 - 8:27

    Dream 4 - Car ride Really inspired title, lol.

    I'm in a car with two friends, mom and my brother. Brother is driving. We are in my hometown. I start telling them about the weird dreams I had this night. As I list things that happened, my brother starts talking over me and listing things that happened in my dreams. He actually lists what happened. It felt like my dreams are predictable and my brother was making fun of me. I was mad and just sat silently until I woke up.
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    1. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Overwatch, nice! I played that game before but im still a beginner. My fav is the korean girl. Forgot her name. When things become predictable maybe its a sign for something new. Or maybe he was just being playfully annoying to you. >. <"
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    2. Letaali's Avatar
      You mean Dva? Yeah she's great. And I don't think I should read too much into what my brother did. Maybe he tried to make me lucid.
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