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    Letaali's Dream Journal

    Terrifying Fall

    by , 02-02-2017 at 01:59 PM (348 Views)
    I was climbing a mountain with my brother and dad. We were in the northernmost part of Finland. I grab some snow and it feels like really fine sand. "This can't be sand. It should be snow." I think and the confusion causes awareness to rise. We are almost at the top of the mountain, when I fall into a crack in the snow. I'm scared to move, so I ask dad to help. He comes back, but doesn't grab my hand for some reason. I wait for him to help for what feels like minutes. He just stares at me with a sad expression.

    The huge piece of snow I'm standing on breaks off completely and I fall with it. I see a straight wall of ice and snow, like I fell from the top of a glacier. Below me I see a freezing ocean. I think about how I can survive. The water will be freezing and my many layers of clothing will make swimming difficult. There's also nowhere to go once I'm in the water. I'm still falling and my mind seeks for a way out. "Please let this be a dream." I pray, but my mind is still entangled, believing this is real. A few more seconds of falling. In my mind I'm screaming "STOP!!!" and I finally force the dream to stop. The short pause midair is followed by waking up.

    I guess I was lucid for a second there, but not gonna count that as anything.

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