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    by , 10-02-2016 at 09:07 PM (288 Views)
    I went to bed at about 12:00 PM. I was tired and i wanted to lay down, although i wouldn't sleep right away. I wanted to meditate instead of laying down, but... i felt tired... maybe i should investigate this lethargy in meditation itself. I fell asleep at 2 AM and i woke up at 8 AM. Then i stayed in bed and fell asleep. Woke up one hour later having dreamt more vividly. Then i just didn't got up because of lethargy (and this is dangerous because it can create a bad habit) and slept until 12:00.

    Dreams of 08:00

    I wrote in the cellphone "pizzas and household life", i don't even know what that means... i don't remember anything with that.

    Dreams of 09:00

    I dreamt being in a house, maybe it was linked with a university campus or something like that. The house looked like the house that my grandmother has, but also in combination with a carpentry, and it was abandoned but visited frequently. There was my mathematics teacher, one of the best teachers in the Faculty of Economics in University of Cordoba. He gave me really clear advice on decisions or about future decisions in my life. As soon as he finished he had to go, but i apreciated his advice. If i had to remember what advice he gave me i couldn't but i wrote something down: it was like something about the goals in one end, and oneself in another end, and one has to paint (like explaining something of mathematics, the area) all that is in the middle and that's the most important.*

    Then i appeared in the entry room of my grandparents house. There my grandmother told me she had cancer. I think i told her i already knew but i was glad she told me personally, maybe because she is preparing to die, with acts of forgiveness and not hiding any secrets, i liked it. My grandfather said, well its not so serious, one doesn't know that one has cancer until the day one dies. Actually i disagreed with this (maybe i wanted to close my eyes before and think it this way but not now) because death is one kind of suffering but sickness is another, and that is really there. But i didn't reply because my uncle, José, arrived with his wife.

    We were in a meeting in the dining room. My grandparent gave me a zapallo as drink. We toast. I say something, although i knew it wasn't the time to say it, that two nights ago i dreamt with Dario... (and silly of me not realizing that was a dream as well...) Analía asks what i said, and there was a baby next to her that asked what (the baby was a friend of mine but with that form...). Analia slaps the baby, and the baby just didn't react. I was offended by this action of my aunt and took the baby for a ride in a car. I was going to teach him/her how to play. I drove in calle Las heras of Rio Cuarto, and it was dark. Then i turn to my left before the bridge and i enter a neighborhood i didn't know before. I thought that i couldn't stop otherwise they would steal or kidnapp us. I saw many little elephants of clay outside the houses. I got lost and i thought i couldn't go back, and i was already to deep inside the neighborhood. There was something strange with that neighborhood. I wait till i get caught. Then i think i get caught and we loose everything, i even loose my life and i am reborn again in another realm. Only the baby could keep his life.**

    Then 12:00

    - There was a trafic with about 8 nude women. I just take no interest in them. Then gradually they began dissapearing, one by one. Until the last one was alone, called Narda. I suddenly looked at her, just because of curiosity, what was she doing there... well i deduced that she got payed for being there, as publicity but of course she was not just publicity. As soon as i looked at her 7 more women appeared in a blink. I said, no, i don't want this, im off. And instead of waiting for them to vanish again i left... (i think i should have let them vanish all of the 8 completely).
    - Home and my mother travelled south of Argentina.
    - Walking barefoot in the streets. Felt great.*** I walked in a church, nobody told me anything, but i noticed people in there was there by habit or ignorance. There was nothing i could share or that this people could share with me. I left. As soon as i got out i am surrounded by police (this happened to me once, lol). They fired me with thorns, that maybe were going to put me in sleep, so i pulled them out. Then like a woman came and just used her superpowers and artiluges to create a force barrier of orange colour so police couldn't come in. Police threteaned her but she held, however i told her not to worry and that she could leave, i would be ok. So she left and i woke up.


    Reading Serene posts about the voice and her dreams on how she got alerted about events in life inspired me
    *The interpretation i would give is that i was focusing much on the goals while loosing perspective of the present or the path. Maybe i was restless while i could be calm.
    ** The day before i thought about Oti and how i got myself in a neighborhood like that with the car, however the neighborhood i really got myself in was more dangerous.
    That neighborhood looks very similar in my dreams. It is like a recurring dream. One characteristic it has is that it's like a maze, once i get in it's difficult to find the way out, because maybe it changes... I have to think in the impermance of dreams, this is because im not lucid. If i were to be lucid i would know that it changes so quickly because its a dream.
    *** Facu told me some months ago that Steve Jobs used to walk barefoot in his house. I thought, why not in the whole planet? Well now im thinking that buddhist monks walk on alms barefoot, so its possible. They are homeless, but i think i make a distinction about ordinary homeless and monks. I think there shouldn't be that distinction, because if there is im thinking about status, and what scares me about homeless people is that they have no status. Otherwise it would be a great lifestyle in my opinion. So maybe im attached to my status, and this is something i should let go.

    Other notes:

    - Dream with increased vividness
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