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    by , 10-06-2016 at 04:46 PM (289 Views)
    My cellphone ran out of batery, and i didn't have any paper near the bed so i couldn't record the dreams as soon as i woke up. Didn't get up either, so i have to rely on my memory, which didn't do a good work

    I remember dreaming with my mother and my older sister.

    I was on an office, like the sets of TV News programs, but it was like an alien base... Well... My sister got a new laptop, and she was getting more stuff, which was good for her. She compared the stuff she had with the guy that was sitting next to her, an old suited man.

    Then i dreamt with being Arya Stark. Probably because of the profile picture i have, which i have to change. I was in Westeros, and i got caught. An old woman who has been my sister was leading me through a pyramid stair while asking me questions about white lotus and other stuff. When we got into the top i knew they were going to kill me, like a sacrifice, or like they killed Ned Stark. I could have done something, but i didn't want to harm anyone, no matter how horrible they were or how much they deserved it. So i let things happen their natural way. There was a skeleton in a table, bloody, and it was probably someone of my family. Then i had to put the head on something like a tree stump and they chopped my head. There were like 3 or 4 people there, and the top of the pyramid was closed with windows, so i don't know who actually saw that, but i didn't care either. After i was head chopped i remained conscious but with no body, and i was actually glad that i had not to be stuck with that people anymore, i could go wherever i wanted, probably take a new form somewhere else. I didn't care about the game of thrones, eventually everything crumbles. What i did care was about my attitude, to develop good qualities which i could rely upon right now and in the future. So i was tranquil in a not easy moment, and it became more difficult at the last moment closer to my beheading, but i thought it should not be any different than the prior moments, so i calmed, and remained calm.

    Side notes (for making a chart at the end of the month):
    - Dream about death
    - Unpleasant dream

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