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    by , 10-07-2016 at 05:15 PM (369 Views)
    I dreamt:

    Being in a saloon or somewhere closed but wide and with a tall ceiling. There were ropes hanging in the ceiling and me and my sister grabbed them and made something like mickey's ears.

    Then i was in my grandfather's house. There was a family meeting. A Zen monk came and asked me what i had in the head, i told him just a lunar... he told me no, in the back of the head, i told him "ahh, i must have hitted something" maybe there were some scars, and i was ashamed for my first reply because i didn't understand properly what he asked.

    Then my family was having lunch near the asador, so i went there. There was a table with space near the entrance where just sofi was there. I sat there modest. Dario gave me a dish with potato chips. And asked what did i eat. I thought it is not so difficult to figure out... if he knows im vegetarian then he must deduce i don't eat meat... But still i was asked because everyone was uncertain about this. I get up. There were a couple of dogs barking. One black of medium/big size barked near me, and when i got up it bit me in my leg. My first reaction was fear, because i expected a bite, but ... i thought it's just a bite, im not going to die for this, and since it's just a bite i won't hurt the dog. So i kept walking, like equanimous about the bite.

    I went to the kitchen where in the dream it actually was a bedroom. In the bedroom there was a dead dog with no skin, just flesh, running around barking about prophecies (like Christian prophecies). I get up to the bed because he might want to bite whoever disagrees, and i wait for him to finish the round, so when he comes close i observe him. (The bed reminded me of the old house of my grandparent, like of 15 years ago). Meanwhile i see a river next to me and across the river i saw Arahants (fully enlightened beings) walking. I was like . I saw two monks, fully enlightened, that i think they were Ven. Ananda and Ven. Sariputta. who were leading , and right behind them there came the Buddha and behind him the whole Sangha, which were a lot of monks. I didn't get to see the monks because as soon as i saw the first Arahants and the Buddha i got back to position and tried to figure out what was the next thing to do. I was stunned. I decided that i would wait for the dog to come, let him bark, decide that his prophecies are non-sense and discard them for good, and then swim across the river or cross it and meet the noble Sangha and the Buddha. However the monks advanced, and they advanced slowly but never stopping, it seemed like they were aware of all their actions, and they had an incredible energy and will, and as soon as i saw this i thought that although i don't recognize the other qualities they have, they may have in the same ammount of strength or degree the other factors of enlightenement, which for me was something i couldn't have imagined how it was. Just having that energy was something great, i couldn't imagine how they could have at least 6 more factors with that vigour. But they had them, and for that indeed i would honour them as noble. [When i woke up i thought that it was because they worked tirelessly life after life after life, so now although they had qualities like for someone who would live at least a million years, it was manifested in a body that lasts 80 years and that's what they are leaving behind, they don't need that anymore because they reached nibbana]. Well i waited the dog and the dog didn't come, however i saw the 2 Arahant leaders entering the room, and i was in bed. Like a sick person that lies in bed and cannot get up to greet the visits. I couldn't get up not because i was sick but because i was stunned. An Arahant knew this and levitated me outside the bed to a side. I thanked him and bowed down like in Zazen would do. Now i found a proper occasion to do this reverence. The Buddha was entering the room to sit in the bed and i was still bowing down. The Arahants were standing. I still thought that was not a place for me to be... since i didn't know what they were going to do, if give a dhamma talk or rest, or discuss other things i felt akward surrounded by Arahants and being the only non enlightened being in the room, but i knew i wanted to ordain since i saw them across the river. Before the Buddha sat down in the bed i woke up.

    In the dream, the same dream, i saw normal people as normal people, and i saw the Zen monk like more energetic because of his work of zazen, but still was normal. However the arahants were exceedingly energetic, it's like one could see that they were enlightened. Of course i never saw people with that energy in real life but i wondered and imagined how they could be ever since i found out about Buddhism. I would like to meet a Buddha in a future life, and i would like to renounce the wordly life and become a monk under a Buddha.


    - Good dream.

    Now that i think of it, a day later, these beings took their holy life seriously, and that's why they had such power. The holy life was their livelihood, so indeed that they would be experts in what they did. Just like a good university math teacher can be very good explaining, demonstrating and resolving, in the similar way with these beings.

    Also about the postrating part. I was taught when i went to Zazen not only how to sit and meditate, but also how to do walking meditation and mindful postration, and also like a salute when you enter the Dojo, when you are about to sit, when you finish meditation and when you get out. Well, these later things i was explained that it was all done focused, but i didn't find any meaning. I always thought that only when the time would be apropiate those activities that i learnt would be useful, but not so much for doing it to a statue (unless you do it for the purpose of diminishing your ego...). The apropiate occasion would be when i saw an enlightened being, a Buddha or the Buddha Sangha. This remained in my mind and now that i saw the proper occasion in this dream i said now it's a good occasion, yes! and i did it I would not only do that but follow the Buddha, the Arahant or the Sangha to either help them, donate something, receive a teaching or ordain.

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