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    08/12/2012 - Prom ended in a lucid dream

    by , 12-08-2012 at 07:37 PM (488 Views)
    I was in my prom and i went outside the school because security told me that there were some kids getting into the party without invitation. When I went I saw them (all around 5 years old, and even younger, in reality they usually are 15 years old) getting through an open wiring and they vanished as cockroaches do when you turn the lights on. I couldnt do anything because i was amazed by a 2 years old baby crashing into a party, the boy was crawling and crashing into my party, it was very funny to see that. Anyways, that happened and i couldnt do anything, so i went inside again. But now the party was about to finish, it was 5am (it usually finish between 5 and 6) and there were the SWAT blocking the entrance, not letting anyone to go in because they were about to enter. I was outraged because it was my party and it couldnt be that i couldnt enter my own party (well it was not only mine of course but with my classmates). That's a procedure that the police do in every prom of my dreams, but i didnt care and i kept walking towards the door. The police shouted at me and they tried to stop me, and i didnt know even if they were going to shoot at me, but i raised my hands and began to walk to enter the party while saying that it was my party. [Maybe i dreamed that because 7 days ago it was my prom and a similar event happened, the security was asking me for the entry when i was trying to reenter the saloon, and i got very furious]. Everything seemed to go okay when i was walking, although they shouted at me they were letting me in, however a stupid noob police said "NO! I recognize him, he did the same with another party and we let him in and now he is trying to crash the party again" I wanted to punch him, but i began to explain (still with my hands raised over my head) that this was my party and i will tell people inside to confirm this, so i finally got in, and police still waited outside. My friends when they saw me get in began to ask me about this, i think they saw the situation through the window, and i told them how stupid they were.

    When the party was over we headed to the classrooms (3rd year at the top of the building) because there was waiting our school clothes so the collation took place. I noticed the clothes were different, with brown troussers, a different green... it was not the clothes that we used for school but it didnt matter.

    When that ended we headed to the after party into a hotel (in one i recognized i've been before in other dream, which was extremely huge, the size of a small city). In there i was focused in something else than the party. It was monday and i grabbed my laptop to download the last episode of the walking dead, but i noticed that in that day the episode of game of thrones began also! so i was very excited and totally forgot about the party.

    Then all the people that were still in the parties, including my family, headed to the school's dinner hall, but we waited outside a little bit because the door was locked and the person with the key wasnt there yet. In that moment i admired the amazing twilight which was like this:

    So while watching the sky i noticed a flying bus!!! And i told my sister "Look that bus, is flying!!!" And she told me like if i was joking "Yeah look at the moon too" (I dont know what she tried to mean with that) So i thought it was a good idea to look it also, but i couldnt find it. Anyways i told her that i didnt care what she said, that this was a lucid dream. And she replied to me something like if i was crazy. And my father said something also trying to convince me that i was in reality, but i was already flying and of course i wouldnt believe him. I thought that in that moment it would be best to get out of there. The dining hall was next to the rugby field, so i went there and began to spawn some airplanes. They were extremely amazing! I spawned a few and they were monster planes. Seriously, they were like that, they had a monster wheels. I saw one plane lift off and at the end of the field it dissapeared (like the car in back to the future). Those kind of planes went to the space. Anyways that lasted like a minute only, and then i went near my neighborhood. I saw some girls but they were very ugly, so i tried to use my ability of transforming. I began to touch her face and changed her into daenerys targaryen, she was still fat so i touched her arms, legs, belly to make her more skinny. And there my dream began to fade. It was all black, i knew i woke up but i thought that i was in sleep paralysis so i didnt tried to move, maybe i could enter a new dream, but nothing happened because i was very unconfortable.

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