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    14/01/2016 Vivid Dreams

    by , 01-14-2016 at 02:39 PM (404 Views)
    I will list them for now and then i'll complete the journal entry.

    First i dreamt about being in the cosmos, it was white, and we were changing the course of a galaxy. The galaxy was turning towards left to the center, and we wanted to turn right, expanding it, but actually it didn't expand, it remained in place and thing evolved. It was what was needed, while if remained as it was spinning it would eventually be destruction. So the plan was to throw a heavy cargo outside the galaxy, in the opposite sense it was spinning, to change the spin. While the object, probably a "packed" star or something heavy, was thrown away there could be seen ficticious squares that indicated where the gravity was making a place for the object. That squares were spiral.
    The thing was that we throwed a first cargo, the new changing government, and the old government threw a cargo to put things as they were. It was irreversible, the galaxy would eventually collapse into the center. It was spinning too fast to change its course now.
    I backed away to the limits of the room and there comes a Nicaraguan communist (which actually was Nigerian). He was about to take me prisioner when suddenly some troops come in and capture him. They were probably going to execute him, but for the night we were all sleeping at the other end of the room, before the balcony. There was a TV and the place looked like Cordoba Augusto's Department. I was by the side of the TV, but i put a chair in front of me because i wanted to watch TV, no matter how tired i was (even though i never watch TV). There was the communist guy and some other guy by my left, and by my right there was a furniture and Fran e on the floor. He told me, no problem, but just try to be a bit away from the furniture so i can remove a sweater tomorrow. I said ok, and pushed the furniture or a chair back, so he could open the drawer even easier.

    - Seeds: a guy, a very fat guy, finished germitating two main kind of weed seeds. One was ancient and the other modern. He had like 20 Kg of seeds if not more. He was at his bathroom and he took a acrilic tray and pressed on both sides, like one would do with ice trays, and suddenly the seeds came out in all directions. They all fell on the bathtub.
    - Police/Friends: i took some seeds and went outside the rooms (the house looked like Lamadrid 1300). I found a lady inspecting some files. We were on a party so as i soon as i saw her i recognized her as a cop, so i said "Hey" she replied and i immediately went to the bathroom. I had the seeds in my hand, so i put some on my pockets and the other part when i came in the bathroom i throwed away in the toilet. Soon after that i evacuated it and went out. She was with another guy by now, or girl. I was expecting her to ask me something about what she looked suspicious about me, but she didn't. After all i think she wasn't a cop. Then i went outside to the main room again. If before it was white now it was dark and black.
    - Marriage/Ending Presentation
    - Couldn't find my sister/She was diagnosed lung cancer during that time
    - Ending scene: three pictures: a blonde, a violet and a purple/blackish.

    The last dream was about adding pictures to a marriage endind scene, like photoshop. The pictures would just merge with the one of the background, so it had to be added only. I searched for pictures and saw some about the beginning of the week (the beginning of the trip as well, the room where we where with the Nigerian). There was a friend called Feli topless and bottomless in front of her brother. Both of them were playing like kidding each other, actually the brother was kidding her. I was looking for many pictures, and those were just a set more out of the hundreds i could have looked upon, but the more i looked, the more atracted i was to what was going on.

    After that i woke up

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