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    by , 11-17-2016 at 12:44 AM (285 Views)
    I slept about 4 hours last night, because i had to wake up early for an statistics exam. In regards to the exam i did good, in ten days i will know if i passed, if not in December i will have to take it again. When i came back home i cooked some pizzas, as "breakfast" and then i went to sleep. (Curiously when i eat pizzas before going to bed then i wake up with throat-ache).

    I slept 4 hours of nap, completing a 8 hour sleep total during the day. I dreamt with the following:

    I was in my old house (of about 10 years ago) got lucid in my bedroom. Lost lucidity because i had a baby to save. Then went to a study room. I decided i would go through the glass door since it was a dream. I got through, got lucid again. Then i went to my bedroom again, and i realized i was wasting lucid time so i went to an area where there is a lot of light in the house. I saw the ceiling and it got bigger and bigger, making it better and better to fly. When i was about to fly my younger sister came angry, walking fast, shouting why i turned off the dream music. I was going to say it's my dream also (thinking it would it might just be a DC but nevermind), i jumped to a desk, and tried to jump and fly off, but i couldn't. I realized that her shouting to me got my attention, and because of that my dream control decreased a lot. I jumped like 5-10 meters high (in the dream it seemed like 20). I woke up after 4 hours of nap.

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