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    by , 01-20-2016 at 10:40 PM (298 Views)
    I have poor recall of this dream, but here it goes what i wrote as soon as i woke up.

    I think i was tired of people being slaves that i decided to free them. They were like people of Yunkai and Meeren from Game of Thrones. There were moments of sex between that people. After it there was a fighting pit with Tywin's armies. But as soon as Tyrion rised those soldiers changed linage, and when Tywin ordered to kill Tyrion only 3 soldiers followed his commands, the others just dropped their knives and stopped those three. Sansa was there as well, but on the wrong side, she thought she would rule but Tyrion took the power. Anyways he secretly forgive her.

    Then the indians who "fu#@&@" a lot decided that all tribes would accept the indian grandson (he was a slave) to represent them and free them. So he started, with my help, walking through all the places of the castle (it was a big castle, lots of villages) to free the people and gain their support. We reach a point where i knew people would be hostile but after he talked to them they would be the best supporters. The place was like a cave, and it was surrounded with heavenly water, and at the center there was something like a church. I told him that when he steps into those waters he would be like a demon, so he had to be focused and bring the best of himself. He stepped into the water and he started to become a demon, he was very confused and didn't know what to do. Then he stepped into the church and people were agressive, throwing arrows, but the job was done. So we teleported out to the opposite village. That village was that people would be receptive but after we talked to them they would be offensive. So he did his job and we teleported out, again to the village of the church. Now these people were very thankful for what we did.

    Then i dream about being in the streets, like in street Paunero, close to Bv Roca, with a mix of street Las Heras, where the coffee fabric is, and i turn right and i realize im dreaming. I was riding a bicycle so i wanted to fly with it, since when im riding a bicycle in waking life a kind of reality check i do is try to fly with the bicycle. I managed to levitate for a bit, but the dream just collapsed and i woke up. Then i tried to do a DEILD but i fell asleep without awareness.

    Then i dream about being in an island. There was a river and it was impossible to cross it because it had so much vines. However i found or made a tunnel in the water and i crossed it with a girl. Then a storm came and we couldn't go back. So we were like four years in that island, alone. We had a child, and after some time we were rescued. We were in a complex of three houses and we were given attention with food and medicines. We had the best medicine of the world.
    There were many families there so we engaged in knowing them. We were at night, in the backyard where there was a pool, and we watched the lions closely. They were pets, but i thought it was dangerous so i went away.
    One time i was in the porch of the log cabin, planning to plant some trees. There was an old man besides me, probably thai, and suddenly he dies and is transformed into water. So what i did is to find spots of soil to plant seeds and pour that water so the tree could grow. I planted some seeds but i had one left and there were no spots to plant. So i went all around looking for a spot and i ended up in the third house. It was like the other houses but different floors, everything was covered, no grass. So i went to a football 5 field and dig a hole on the green cloth and put the seed and water there. I was just leaving when i saw a sports teacher from highshool called Fabio. He said that he would see what i did and report it. Well he still had to find it, so i left anyways. I went to the tables of the first house where everyone was eating and watching TV. I sat and in front of me was an english woman and besides me there was a pet lion that was mine, but in front of me there was these woman's lion. She didn't know how to control it. Then i woke up.

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