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    by , 01-21-2016 at 03:11 AM (270 Views)
    First i dreamt about being in square where some girls where throwing balls. Then i take a bus, and i get down like inside a shoping center. I see Pedro in my dream. Then my mother leaves the shopping center, which was like a maze, and i go to bathroom and my sister as well. She goes to the ladies bathroom to take a shower and she said she would come out immediately, i said alright i'll go to urinate, and she said, no, don't do that, you can't, bla bla bla, while she was showering, and i was already in the bathroom peeing, and i was thinking how awful would it be to ask for permission to do such thing. Then i woke up at about 8:54 AM.

    I tried to do a WILD, as soon as i felt i was falling asleep i thought i was in dream, maybe it would be a false awakening, so i did a reality check and no, i was still awake just very relaxed. But then i fell asleep and failed to WILD. I dreamt about being in a flight. Suddenly something of the plain just dismantles and it is just the cabin, like a space ship. The plane was going really fast, and we were at a low altitude, like street altitude. I thought we were going to crush and i was going to die, but the plane managed to slow down very fast and suddenly it stopped. I couldn't believe it. We had the speed to travel to another continent pretty fast and we just stopped all of a sudden.
    There was a guy travelling who had to get into a international meeting, he was from the US. But we go outside the cabin (we were on a mountain) and there was a guy exactly like him. So one of them was not real. So both of them got tied in a rope, sliced in their belly and put in a big luggage, and they closed it. Then i don't know what happened but they were going to get transported.

    Then i dream about being kicked of by my aunt Lidia from her house, insulting me. So i went out of the house, there was furniture by the door, and i moved it and was about to go out when she said, i didn't really mean it, and i knew that she did mean it. So i got out and climbed down the mountain. I took a boat and started to get out of that swamp through a door that was on a corner, which led to another swamp. When i was on the door my sisters and my mother come out, and my younger sister came walking through the water, and i was amazed since i used a boat, and she gave me a pill from a request of our mother. Then i grabbed the can with pills to take a couple more for the trip just in case and all of the pills were different [i should have done a reality check there] so i put them in the can again and went on.

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