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    21st May 2020

    by , 05-21-2020 at 06:53 PM (318 Views)
    I went to sleep at 1:09 am.

    At 4:44 i woke up and recorded the dream i just had.

    I was in a city with many buildings. The time was in the 1910's to 30's probably. There were 2 planes and one was about to crash a building where some soldiers from many countries were staying. There weren't too many soldiers, probably in total they might have been like 100. So this plane was about to crash, but it suddenly plummeted mid air before reaching the target. I had some intel just few moments before seeing that scene so i was running towards the building to warn everyone, but of course i would be late. So maybe the plane plummeting had to do with my expectations of wanting to warn everyone in the building. Then there was another plane but that plane had a different target and it flew somewhere else.
    I go inside the building to confront some arrogant soldiers whom i suspected that because of their reckless actions got everyone in danger. They've been hanging out in bars and talking with people they probably shouldn't so they most likely gave away info. So i confront the guy who seemed to be the leader of the group, telling him all this and asking him who did he hang with, and they kind of laugh at me. And then this woman of Israeli nationality (not our allies, but neither our enemies because we really weren't at war) comes out of the couch the guy was sitting on (she was sitting in the arm thingies) comes to me, kisses me and says something i couldn't recall but like teasing me. I play along until she stops speaking, making everyone believe i had given in, i even doubted myself until she stopped speaking and i calmly replied something non-sensical if i'd write it down here but in the dream it definitely roasted her (it was something like "apologies to myself (like she and everyone else should be apologizing to me or something) and now i'll take my leave" or something like that, like i've done my thing there, and i had no more business so basically i was telling them bye bitches).

    Went back to sleep and woke up at 6:54.

    I was in one of my old houses, the house in street Las Heras. I was about to take a shower, but i bring a heater because it was cold in the bathroom. However the heater started to lose water, and that made the shower had problems with water too. As i was checking the heater my sister came and offered me to bring me my clothes, and she was very talky. Idk what i tell her, and basically cut the chatter somehow and close the door. Oh, before the bathroom scene i was actually in my room thinking what clothes should i wear. If i wear school clothes then the principal might say something to me for wearing the wrong uniform, and also i might not have it when i need it. But i really wanted to wear the gym clothes. Going back to the bathroom. There was a window like the ones in interrogation rooms, where you can't see the other side. Well, i could see the other side but i think they couldnt see towards my side, or so i hope. On the other side there was Love from "You" series, however even though it was her face, the person was someone else, a friend i know. She was sitting there, like in a cabin where you have to lift the barriers for cars to pass. I was watching her while she sat there but she knew of what was going on and sometimes smirked. Before i entered the shower i entered Discord with my phone. I went to this new server i joined, and i checked the memes channel and the nsfw. I was surprised to see that in the nsfw an actual member was posting nudes of herself. Then as i scroll down the channel there was a lot of porn there from her. At a point it's like i was watching the gifs or whatever they were in holograms, right in front of me. Some things were kind of sexy, but ugh i don't really like porn.

    Then woke up, went back to sleep and woke up again at 10 am.

    I dreamt i was in a social dinner-party. There were a lot of people and the place was spatious. It was like a house, but with many rooms and open rooms in between. It kinda had a Japanese style. So there was this girl that wanted a red rare drink. I wasn't really talking to that girl, but i felt like i knew her. Anyways when she said that, since i knew where to get it, and since i had nothing to do i went to get it. Another guy also was attempting to get it but i knew he'd probably fail. So i take a shortcut, just cross a room to get to the adult's vip room where the owner of the house and the top class people were. I come in but i don't interrupt them, they seemed to be talking around the table. I go to the couches where some friends were and i ask if they knew if there was some of that red drink left. And they say to me that in the fridges. So i go there and grab the last bottle which had a little bit left. I look at it and it reminds me of this red drink i dreamed of years ago, like over 10 years, that i wanted to replicate IRL but never could. I thought to myself, "ha, finally someone clever came out with the formula and now everyone knows it" thinking the drink finally was discovered in real life. I thought about tasting it, but since there was so little of it i decided not to. I went back to the girl and gave her the bottle. Even though there was little left she was overjoyed.

    Then woke up at like 12, cause i went back to sleep, and i think i woke up from a N-REM2 state. Not sure, i would have to experiment more to know for sure.

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