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    by , 01-23-2016 at 04:19 AM (292 Views)
    I was in the basement of Pulp Fiction (i don't know what that actually means, maybe because the place was a basement and there were some guys that after talking were going to kill that guy) [I haven't seen the movie but since i dreamt with that i saw it. I saw the hateful 8 and maybe that's why i dreamt with something like that.]. There was a card that the messenger had who was destined to Einstein. He was old already and retired. But the messenger said that he didn't know where Einstein house was, he just was sent the coords and he dropped the bag from the airplane on the air at that location. The bag that was there was a black bag which had two black bags. One black bag contained paper, blank paper mostly, like 100 pages but the first two pages were written and they were a letter to the messenger saying that they'll soon have to bury him. The other bag had some tubes.

    In my previous dream i was a kind of monster fighting a batallion. The king wanted it so he had his wishes fulfilled, although i would never do such a thing, but i just got transformed anyways. This batallion, of the queen Danerys looked behind and saw an army, some horses, they were embushed.

    Before that, in a kind of flashback, i saw Daenerys in a castle room drinking wine with a very powerful man. Daenerys looked scared but anyways she said, the wine tastes like blood and fire, just as i like it. Then she said some more words to this man and left. Outside they were (i was observer probably) outside the tower of the Undying. They were left of it and they have to head to the front. They were surrounded by walls, and in the front there were some gardens. So they walked all to the left of the tower and then to the front if it turning right. Then there were some walls too, and some steps north there was no wall. So they went through that open space between walls and they headed to the entrance of the castle. There were more walls and the wooden door was to their left, meaning north.

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