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    22 October 2016 - Freeing our dog / Vaccine. "U're not vaccinating me!"

    by , 10-23-2016 at 06:47 PM (178 Views)
    I went to sleep at about 4am. Emi came to sleep home with Eri and they talked to about that hour. Im writing a day later, so... i don't remember very well the dreams. I will highlight what i remember well. The other things are things i wrote in my DJ.

    - I dream being in a forest or somewhere spatious (meaning no buildings. Also could have been a town). I was with my father and (my deceased (2 years)) dog in a car. My father went there to leave the dog free. He said to me that that was the idea. [Interpretation: why to let him free? He was bothersome, but we wouldn't let him free for that, never. Once my father let go a dog because it had bited my sister when she was little. But even then he regreted it. However the reason why we let him go (i didn't know until the last moment) was because an animal should be free. Yesterday when i was walking i saw some caged birds and thought about this. I remember that i had a bird, and my sister one day dropped the cage and he was free. I was upset because it was given to me as a gift, but at the same time i was happy because he was free. That kind of thought i had when my father said to me in this dream he wanted to set free the dog. Also he not only gives freedom to the dog, but also to himself. (The main drawback would be where he would get food from... but i thought he would learn, and he would feel good not to feel imprisioned. Probably not at first, but after some time yes.)] My father was wearing the same tshirt i was wearing that day. I didn't interpret that as dream sign, so it remained as non-lucid.

    I got up went to bathroom, and went back to bed. Then woke up at 12:

    I was on a building and went outside to the streets. There was like a revolution going on. I was walking and my younger sister walked besides me. Then i saw Mike, the librarian, he wanted to vaccinate me. He was acting like ... if he was vaccinated and goodbye mike and welcome alien or something like that (like one would see in a movie). So he was about to stitch me with the syringe but i said not a chance in earth. I grabbed his arm and hand and pointed the syringe to his other hand. Then it made contact with his skin and i pressed down. I didn't feel good doing that, or having that reaction (it's like killing someone for defending oneself. One could react like that, but it probably won't feel emotionally good afterwards. The same with this case). But even though i did that i knew i wasn't going to escape because there were so many people already vaccinated, and they would try to vaccinate others, and these others were few (the only chance would be to escape, flying or something like that, or...). I saw my grandmother right next to mike, and while i was doing that she stitched me with a syringe and said to Mike "it's done". (Why people do that? I thought. They think they do something good while they are not.) Anyways i wasn't vaxxinated, just a stitch with the syringe, which even that would do. So i kept walking with them, and i explained my sister that i didn't want to because the vaccines have blood, poison and things like that. Then i focused on myself, that i would have to be aware of the whole process, since i could transform or whatever but still be in charge. However i didn't feel any changes, and i thought that there was a probability for me to be immune.

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