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    27th May 2020

    by , 05-27-2020 at 05:04 PM (344 Views)
    I went to sleep at 1:52. Before bed i meditated for about 30 minutes to calm my mind.

    I woke up at 6:52 a bit sweaty because i had clothes on and a lot of blankets (i noticed that i have better dream recall like that and more vivid dreams).

    I dreamt that i was visiting some elderly people in my family. It was nap time, and it's like they needed visiting because they needed to socialize otherwise their minds kind of like deteriorated. It was like 2 hours before we visited them though, but Teresa, my mom's aunt, held up really well, got herself entertained in solitude until we arrived. Maria, her sister, on the other hand was watching TV and of course her lucidity wasn't as good as Teresa.
    I just remember arriving, sitting at the table and talking a few things, but i don't recall what we talked about.

    Then in another fragment, i was in a room with some people, sitting at a table. And i don't know how we got to this topic but i was trying to explain that body contemplation (like Buddhism teaches it) is benefitial. There was a microphone in the table and it was like i was giving a podcast, but also while i was talking with these people in the table. There was a girl who i was adressing this message, but again idk why. Anyways she was listening attentively. As i was explaining though, i couldn't convince her nor myself of what i was saying. It was the way i was saying it, because within i'm already conviced of this. I was trying to describe the body parts to contemplate, but meanwhile i was asking myself why? So i was speaking and internally i had this kind of dilemma. So i tried to reason some purpose in my mind and i started repeating the messsage all over again, from the basics. So i mentioned the purpose of this kind of contemplation, that it was to counteract lust particularly with the body, and that you should contemplate the organs, the blood, the nerves (as i was thinking what else, i was saying it out loud. That was kind of cool because i was exercising my memory & thinking in a dream). Then it seems the girl understood the idea, and she replied something like "oh, it sounds much like the Sufi religion" and in my mind i was like "no, not at all... I don't think Sufism actually teaches this. I would believe you if it were Hinduism or Jainism, but even then no."
    After that (or while i was hearing that) i was watching a fight scene of a girl about 20 years old with a guy about 40, by the door. They were practicing freestyle wrestling but the guy was destroying her. In one of the times he throws her to the floor, she falls with her head and she cracks it open and her brains get splattered over the floor. I was in shock. But immediately doctors come out and operate her in the spot putting her brains inside again like it was nothing.

    I recorded some dream notes so i wouldn't forget and went back to sleep. Then at 8:55 i woke up again.

    I dreamt i was meditating in my father's house. There was like a coaching retreat, but it was like i decided i would not participate so i could meditate. And my father was cool with that.
    Then i was in like an island. I think it was the same retreat, but we were going to do a parachuting activity. I was standing in a cliff but not so tall, and down you could go to the beach of the sea.
    I was there until it got dark. I noticed that i would get hungry soon. And my dad went to look for me by that time.

    Then i had a false awakening. I was in my room and i got up and out to the living room. I spoke a bit with my sister. She had the TV on because since my older sister watched that program (which irl she doesn't actually so idk where that came from XD) she left it on for me. But i don't watch TV so i replied kinda angrily (because i felt like she was trying to manipulate me or something).

    Then i woke up.

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