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    by , 12-31-2015 at 06:24 PM (225 Views)
    I had two dreams tonight, or at least two main ones which i wrote down. The first one was after 3 hours and a half after i layed down to sleep, it was at 4:50 AM. The second one ended when i woke up at 10:20 AM.

    The first dream

    I dreamt with Ned Stark, Jaime Lannister, The Imp, Bob Marley, some tribes from the west and some tribes from the east. There was a war going on, but we were like in a fortress or something like that. We weren't going to last in there so the imp planned to scape. We went to a backyard of a house and pulled some bricks up and we got in there. There were many bricks pulled up, some people needed 3, others 4, others 6. We all managed to cross the wall, but soonly after that, these people tried to make some money or steal it perhaps. There was like a game they were playing, that there were three pillows, and three lamps, and each lamp had to fall in a pillow and you had to gather as much lamps as you could, and after that you would get gold coins. So there was a lady, who looked like Claire Forlani, that was doing that. Suddenly she touches some dishes and a pile goes down to the floor and it makes a lot of noise. They scape soon through the wall method, they wanted to leave some light bulbs on the pillow but i take them all but one on each pillow, because otherwise it would have been looking suspicious. However they were turned on, and it was weird since they couldnt be turned off.

    After that i found out some friends, Salva, Joako and Agu. (The scenery was like the pool of a town called Perdices). After that i found out that they listened to Bob Marley and i headed to shops. Then i find the courage to be free in streets (I was in prision before)[For things like this is useful to be lucid, you don't have any limit] and i head west. There i find western indians (which i think they actually were eastern). I meet a group and soon after a civil war of indians explodes. It was funny what they shot, but still dangerous. They have made bows and arrows out of toothpicks, and they were shooting that! Of course they had real bows and arrows but there were few of them, so i was more or less safe, but those others fabrications still could have hurt. While i was climbing a wall, and the indians were climbing trees in front of me, there was a periodistic interviewer asking me questions. I had to appear i didn't know anything so she didn't know i scaped [I should have asked myself, scaped from what?]. I answered the things she asked me until i had to answer something about a case of a business, a pencilcase. I was already at the top of the wall, in front of the indians who were at top of the trees, and i climb the wall completely and i go to the other side.

    Then i dreamt about a cool dream, although short. I was in a field, very vivid landscape. I saw mountains a lake and a river. I thought to myself in that moment. I know now what i want to do in my life, travel and explore rivers. Know all the rivers in my country. I think i had a map in that moment and i saw many rivers and i decided that it would be an awesome trip. I was really happy with this decision i've made.

    Second Dream

    I was dreaming about playing my blue electric guitar in a classroom. The teacher was explaining something and writing things on the board. I left my other guitar on the board. So i got up and went to pick that guitar up, so the teacher could have the board free. I ended up talking with the secretary who was there.

    Then i don't know how but i find myself in the rugby field. There were guitars there as well. And i soon leave. I walk the path outside the primary school, and i cross the street to secondary school. I head behind the bathrooms where there was a SUM, a big building for acts and those purposes. I didn't had to head there but i did. There were some guys calling me, they were older by an year. I went in the saloon, and i enter some new rooms there were built. I go to my right and a guy Juani takes me to the top floor. They had an asignment by one of the business teachers called Marescalchi, to show students how school was not to have fun, that was something grey and boring. But they never told me that, i found out by intuition i guess. So i was taken to the eighth floor. I saw around and it looked like a room of one of my mother's houses. Also it looked like an scenario which i dreamt before, once i was involved in a third world war. So I saw the place and we were going down again. I saw the elevator counting 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or something like that. It skipped the number 7 because that floor or room was in the other tower. Juani was all the time without saying a word, like dead, but as soon as he saw his friends again he was alive again. Once i was down i headed to my left (where the other tower would be, but even more to my left). I saw a door and i opened it. The room had red walls and there was a guy called Mike, the librarian. He told me to enter, so i did, opening the door again. I went by and i suddenly was outside, and i was sinking in mud to my knee. He was telling me that there was certain people who complained about there. I told him that Martin called me but it was ok. I was looking around and found this door so i inspected it. But meanwhile i was thinking that i shouldn't be there, i mean i should be in the front of the saloon, not in the back. I came out through some rooms there where in the back of the saloon, that means i teletransported. This guy was still talking and i was thinking i should have done a Reality Check, even if he is speaking, no matter what he says [It turns out that most of the times i ask DCs if im dreaming they tend to lie to me, maybe because im not aware enough]. So i think it is still not late and i do a reality check, and i find out i am dreaming. I think that i should try to stabilize this dream because the story ended and soon i would wake up, there wasnt more fuel for the dream to go on. So i think about an "dream prolongation technique" (i thought at that moment something like dream dilatation and dream stabilization). I remain in the same place and i think, maybe dream yoga can help. I haven't read anything about dream yoga but i practice meditation daily so i was ready to do that in the dream, and maybe stabilize it and prolonge it that way, but i didn't manage to sit down that i woke up.

    I tell this in dreamviews chat, 10 AM, and then i go back to sleep again.

    In my third dream i was in the same scenario, hanging out with some friends. And suddenly i start running like wanting to play. And a friend calling Oti follows me, like wanting to hit me, but i see he teletransports himself. Soon after that i woke up. It is almost 2 PM.

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