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    Being in middle age turns to Buenos Aires

    by , 05-04-2012 at 09:32 PM (490 Views)
    I was on a test with a teacher called Silvana, but I was outside school. The place was like a prision of india.

    After that short dream ended I woke up by the alarm. It was 2 am so I wanted to try WILD.

    In the process I fell asleep normally so I didn't achieve WILD, however in the dream I said ""Damn it, i fell asleep, i couldn't do WILD", but even saying that I didn't become lucid. Maybe it was because the dream was still not vivid, I had to stabilize it.

    Later I dreamt about an old console I had with a cool game that I still want to play. It was Sega Genesis, but still the games I had were completely different.

    After that I changed to a completely different story that lasted until the end of the dream. I was in the middle age. If you watch Game of Thrones, I was on the side of the Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) so we got into a castle, infiltrated. The Khaleesi was with another man and as there wasn't anybody on the castle yet, the man fucked her. But they didn't know that their troops (which were outside of the island waiting) were decimated. When the Khaleesi knew that the people were hunting her she started to run upstairs, and she appeared in a hotel room. There was a chinese, master of Kung Fu, that wanted to kill her so she ran to a different room. Nobody was able to help her and that chinese reached her. She had to defend herself, but something amazing happened: she saw the future and she saw that she almost killed that chinese. Therefore that happened. Then they appeared in a big city, Buenos Aires, and the chinese went to play the violin into a bar. That was the time where the Khaleesi could scape so she did it. Then the Khaleesi transformed into me and the guy with her into my sister, but still in Buenos Aires. We were looking for a hospital, and we found one very close. We went there (it was night by then) and a lot of low class (guachos) came from the end of the street. Clearly they were going to steal to us, so we hid. Many of them passed through but the last ones saw us and they started threatening us. I couldn't fight him because I was tired (fought the chinese) so he stole all of my money.

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