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    Dream of 10/01/2016

    by , 01-10-2016 at 10:41 PM (219 Views)
    Tonight i dreamt about:

    I was in a room, in a restaurant or bar probably, watching how a woman did numbers of money laundry during times of war. She risked her life and still she was doing that job. She could die at any time and she was still laundring money. The numbers were like 500,000 to 125,000, she asked for the rest but the old man told her it was spent in the process. Anyways she kept those numbers on a notepad.

    Then i see that a guy called Rick (Theon Greyjoy) comes in the room with a lot of armour. People don't care about him. But then a war enemy comes in alone, Ramsey Snow, and everyone wanted to capture him. He had two blades, he had nothing on top, not even a shirt, and he went to sleep in the same bed with Rick, like if each other protected from everyone. So nobody did a thing even though they wanted to.

    On another dream i was with my father and his business partner. We were on a restaurant at night, perhaps on a train. This guy told him something about being aware in dreams and i replied that it is called lucid dreaming, thinking that he had his first one the night before. My father was looking at me like wanting to tell him more. I told him that there is no such thing as more layers in a lucid dream, that it is just one dream, it is not like meditation and the levels of awareness. Even though i said that to him i didn't get lucid myself.

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