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    1. 26th of June 2019 - Dream Fragments

      by , 06-26-2019 at 08:50 PM
      I don't remember very well the dreams i had last night but i have some fragments.

      In one dream my uncle comes from picking up his son from school, saying he succeeded. Interpretation: the school is like 15 minutes away walking, and i went there one time but i have kinda forgotten exactly how the path is (although if i go there i'll probably know where to go). My uncle has been away for like 5 days and his son missed 2 days of school. I could have taken him but i didn't know he still had school. The sencence where my uncle says he succeeded i think that it's connected with me, realizing i could have succeeded in taking him/picking him up from school myself. Lol.

      In the other dream i was in a house. It was like a party, but also the people lived there. I came in with Brit Marling, we came at night, with a few more friends too (some friends from school). We inhabited this place before, but we came back after months apparently. Still the place was big and it has always been occupied, so it was taken care of. Our things and places were respected and when we went to our part of the house/mansion/castle (it was something very big, but kinda deteriorated, like abandoned. But also since we lived there it was clean and liveable.) As we entered the rooms there was like a creepy feeling. I think i went to the bathroom after that. It was a colective bathroom. The lights weren't that bright, they were like orange and there was sufficient light to see where around but not to illuminate everything with clarity. And again there was this creepy feeling like something bad is going to happen. Interpretation: Last week i've watched the OA. I was very impressed by it. Yesterday i searched for more Brit Marling's content and i watched the East film. I interpret the house and the people as the house of the film. Then about the creepy feeling, it's like a dream sign i have. Even though it's scary, it's been recurrent in many dreams i've been having. I think it means i have to face something. Maybe i should be more inquisitive when i face these situations. Use logic, use intelligence, ask questions, investigate or if not know why not.
      dream fragment
    2. 8th June 2019 - First lucid in a long time.

      by , 06-08-2019 at 06:09 PM
      This morning i broke the dry spell.
      I went to sleep at like 2am last night. Slept until 10-11, i didnt check the time. My uncle came into the room to grab something so i woke up, but as soon as he left the room i got back to sleep.
      I started dreaming about a reunion... it was more like a party in my grandparents house, but with people from the university, and other people i didn't know. I remember i went outside barefoot, but there was a lot of mud. Now the house has morphed to the house im currently living in, my uncle's house. I was talking with the mother of my uncle's wife, and when i was done talking i decided it was time to go. Where? Idk i just thought the time there was up and that i should do something different. So i got outside, with a shovel so i could pick up the mud trace i was leaving :joy: , and started walking towards the city center. It's actually a long walk. I've never gone walking before, i've always used bus and it takes like 40 minutes, so i was thinking "i should take the bus, otherwise it will take a really long time" but meanwhile i kept walking and it wasn't towards a bus station. It seems like i didn't care too much about the distance, i just wanted to walk and i was enjoying it. I was able to go through a mildly dangerous zone looking around happily like if i was a tourist. There were people around, old mostly, buying stuff. I just watch them and go past them. Whenever i saw to the front i saw buildings, similar to those in the movie inception where Cobb and his wife built an entire city. Then i look to my right.... and i notice something very very strange (for me).
      I see like a path, a street (that i know where it is located, in my home city) and beyond that there was an old building, but still functional, looked like "the house of Black and White". The strange thing about this was that it was a dream sign for me. I analized the structure, from the point i was standing, and i saw outside the building like a walking path, that it lead to some docks. So there i knew i was dreaming. Because the building was the same. I've walked that path before, so i was extremely confident i was in a dream. And i've only been to the sea two times, and we don't have a sea in my city so it all made sense to me that this was a dream. I was 95% confident i was dreaming. So at that point i wanted to make the most out of my lucid dream, do something. Before that i said it out loud "im lucid dreaming" so i did not forget once i start changing stuff.
      But i don't do anything. Im so passive that i just stand there and observe. I thought about having sex, but then i thought "meh". I see some people playing in the water, across the streets. There were some rocks in which people were laying, tanning themselves, and other people climbed it so they could jump into the water. The water was quite deep, about 10 meters i believe. I know because it was cristaline water, so you could see the bottom. People playing in the water were big though, they were giants. I could see them as tall as buildings.
      Then the dream starts to fade and i regret not having a plan on what to do during the lucid dream. As soon as the dream starts to fade away i remain calm, both in mind and body. So far i don't feel a body, but as soon as i'd feel it i'd stay calm. All I saw a black background with a small light. I waited; still didn't feel my body so i was doing good so far (if i wanted to go back into lucid dreaming). And i thought i would either form a new lucid dream or i would meditate in that state. But i didn't feel prepared to form a dream from scratch (now that i think about it it was dumb not having even tried it) and i wasnt sure about meditating either. So i decided to wake myself up. I don't know how i did it, i just did. Then i start feeling my body and my mind like i usually feel it while being awake, a bit more coarse than what i was experiencing. (It was strange lol. I could describe my previous mind state like if my "astral body/mind" that was awake, that way it makes a bit more sense to have noticed my "normal mind" as coarser).
      I had only 2 experiences like this in my whole life. One time i was able to WILD in 2016, and now this time i exited a dream and was able to still remain asleep (in body but not in mind). I really liked the experience and i look forward to practicing this stuff a bit more. Before it seemed hard, frustrating, frightening, something only experts could do but now i see it as something very interesting and very possible for me to do, so i want to start practicing it more.
    3. 28th December 2018

      by , 12-29-2018 at 01:16 AM
      Today i took a nap and i dreamt i was on rocket but i wasn't in space, i was in some planet's stratosphere. I assume it was a large planet because we were travelling around it rather than out of it. It was also cloudy, so i could sense the rocket actually moving and travelling. I don't know at which speed we travelled but it was pretty fast. The rocket was also big. It was like a space station but in the shape of a rocket. Actually various rockets assembled to a big one.

      I noticed in our tripulation there was a weird guy that never slept. Then i spied his room when it was sleeping time and i saw he was frozen inside. He changed his appearence and that way i noticed. He was like a white walker from game of thrones. But to me in that context, he was a dangerous ALIEN. After that he changed into his 'original form': it was actually 4 big alien worms disguised into this person (they were bonded with magic i believe). After they separated they all went to the ventilation system. So we tried to isolate the parts of the rocket-ship we thought they were in. However this caused some failures. When we were doing this i was sitting in the captain's cabin driving the rocket, with a seatbelt and everything and i had a window to my right side where i could see other parts of the rocket. As the failures started i could hear like some engines stopping and then i could see things exploding. Those things were like 20-50 meters away from me, and the part of the rocket-ship where i was wasnt exploding yet, but i knew these were fatal failures and i would either explode or the ship would crash, and i also knew that there was no way out of it. I couldn't use a parachute or anything, because it was going so fast that i would die anyway. So i was sitting there thinking, "Omg, im going to die. I wish this was a dream and not reality. But i know this is reality and im done." I was scared and i didn't want to die, but i accepted it. I closed my eyes because there wasn't anything i could do to save myself, so i just waited till the moment i'd die. I was so nervous, because i didn't know how it'd happen, and i wondered what would happen after that. 'Would i still be thinking like i am now?', 'Would the impact (explosion or crash) affect my thoughts right in the moment of death?' 'Would i wake up to some other reality after i die?'. I had my eyes closed and i couldn't calm, thinking that my life was over and that it was my real life. A few moments after i woke up, still like a rock, with my eyes still closed, and no impact ever happened in the dream. Still i woke up scared, but also rested, and i knew it was a dream death and not a real one but i still take it as an experience because the fear was real.
    4. 12/12/2016

      by , 12-12-2017 at 11:12 AM
      I'll write the dream fragments i remember from last night.

      - I was in a bus with friends from school. We were on a trip all over Europe and one of the mothers of a friend was driving the bus. Octavio had a broken leg, and decided to come down the bus just a few kilometers before entering the city. I thought he could have been smarter and get down when we were already in, since he has a broken leg and it was difficult for him to walk, but he came down because the bus stopped... We crossed the customs and the bus stopped a few meters ahead. I think we were supposed to stop there.. Anyways we sat around a wooden table in the open air and it was dusking.

      - In another dream i was in a house with some people. We were in the nazi Germany in the 20th century. The town was low populated, although the extension of land of each house was quite large. I think we had to evacuate the homes... but for some reason we didnt. We weren't jews or politicians.. but perhaps our friends were (we were like 2 families in the house, and btw i was like 40 years old with a son) and i think i was supposed to be a militar. I didnt want to join the army or the milice, so we stayed at home and pretended it was abandoned. Some militars came nearby and after a short while they entered our house. They didnt start shooting, but i stood up and went outside to talk to whoever was in charge. He wasn't a high rank and i think i knew him because i told him that i was hiding because i had a son (and family). He understood and let us alone. But... i dont know why i lighted two fires outside...
      When i came back in a few moments later i was seeing through the window that police cars were going around the town (although the extension of land of each house was large, there was a lane in which houses were against each other, so that made it look more like a town). I saw 5 at once, then 3 going around... I was nervous. I thought it was because of the fire i lit. I wanted to go out through the window and hide like snipers do in the open field, with camouflage. At this point i was no longer a 40 year old man, i returned to my actual age (22). I didnt go out because i was scared that i would uncover our house, or that i wouldnt be well camouflaged, or that i would be discovered anyways.
      - I stayed there near the window. Then i see the front house across the street and two little girls were staring through their windows during the night. One of them looked like this (but she wasnt dead):

      I thought "oh no... we are screwed" and i came out of the window as soon as possible.
      I had to get out of that house, and so had to the rest. I don't know what they were planning to do, but i knew i wasn't responsible for them because they wouldnt hear me much. So if i wanted to do something i had to do it alone. I went to a girl's house i met through the internet and stayed there for the night.
      The next day i went out very early [5:30 am which is the time im waking up currently and at the time it starts dawning]. I was on a bicycle. Outside i saw my grandmother and i saw my cousin Martin. I saluted. Then started going and said bye to both again. I was happy.
      I was no longer in the town, i was now in my home city and the street was almost Alsina and Newbery (i think it was pedernera and newbery). I started riding and turned to the right at Alsina... and i was in a ... like a political place, it was like an embassy or something similar. In real life to the right and like 6 blocks away there's a train station, but it's no longer working and now it's a museum or something like that. I was there however it was different... Instead of having gates it had walls, tall walls painted blue and with murals. Some There were like 6 people on those murals and all of them were supporters of Austrian Economics (something im currently studying). Some of the guys were germans or austrians but others were Argentinean figures like: San Martín and Manuel Belgrano but also a musician that has nothing to do with economics called Rodrigo Bueno. I watched the murals and wanted to go out to the street through the door (which should be a gate-door) at the right. But it was locked, and it was Sunday so it wasn't going to open anytime soon. So i turned back and started riding through the "Andino". The walking path was very damaged, i was riding at high speed and there was people over the place. So i started shouting at a reasonable distance away from the people, while pressing the brakes which werent working properly. They stepped out of the way and i went through a wooden bridge at full speed and at not a very good angle. But i managed to turn left a bit and be able to cross it and not fall down. I continued at full speed and i still the path was very damaged. At one point i see it was impossible to go through that part without falling so i press the brakes and i suddenly stop. Another guy which wasnt paying attention walked through that part and fell 5 meters. So i was right i couldnt go through there.

      Then i woke up.
    5. November 9th - 2017 Dream fragment

      by , 11-09-2017 at 06:39 PM
      I recall two fragments. The first one is more extense:

      - I was in the top of what it looked a transmission tower. I think it was in the building process, and we were working to finish it that day but idk why i was working on it since i've never done that. Also the tower had a great altitude, maybe it was the tallest in the world. From up there you could see people on the ground as if they were ants.

      It was something like this:

      But i was up there with no security harness and i had to climb down since there were no stairs. I realized at that moment i was freightened to altitude but that wouldnt help me to go down, where i wanted to be. Since i knew i would be better off down in the ground than up there, and that it was more dangerous to stay there than go down, still freightened i began climbing down. It was weird but for some reason i wouldnt let go of the fear, and at those moments i was paralized at least for a few seconds, thinking about fear.

      In reality even though very high altitudes kinda scare me im not that freightened, and im ok with normal altitudes. But now i see this is one my major dream signs.

      I dont know how but after a moment i was in the ground. It was night and i was in a fantasy city, like if it was a Disney movie. Fat guys, like from comics of capitalism, came out of houses and made shows like if it was a musical, it was really weird. But i was cool since even though i didnt become lucid i knew there was something odd, like it wasnt real or it was like a production for a movie or something similar.

      The second fragment:

      I was in a dungeon maze. It was well built, but it was dark. I had a torch but its light was very weak. Suddenly i found myself in a pit with a lot of monsters (bugs) attacking me. I could survive a wave of them but i had to get out of there soon.
      dream fragment
    6. October 31st and November 1st 2017 - Dream fragments

      by , 11-01-2017 at 03:28 PM
      October 31st

      It's been a day already since i had this dream so i dont remember much. But there's something curious that's related to it, that's why i decided to write it down.

      I was in someone's house. I dont know if i really knew the guys that lived there or if they were just hosts like from couchsurfing or something like that. Anyways they had a studio where they would play musical instruments, and i went there and i grabbed a guitar. I think i started playing some riff. Then i hear one of the guys come to the studio and he puts a song and i think he also starts playing (tbh i dont know if he was playing the song and singing, or he just put the song to reproduce somewhere. Even though it was high quality i think it was the former). The song was "Highway to hell" from AC DC. I remember remembering the lyrics and thinking about the meaning of the song for a moment, that it would be directly opposite to what im trying to do lol. Then i woke up.

      Later that day i watched a video on Youtube from Mike Maloney, i was actually waiting for his podcast since im interested in most of his videos now. Funnily the name for his new video was "Highway to Government hell". Even though the video has nothing to do with the interpretation i gave to the song, it's funny to see a coincidence in something i dreamt and this video i was waiting for to come out in real life.

      November 1st

      I dreamt that the battle between the living and the dead from Game of thrones finally started. The whole planet was dark, we were fighting on night. I actually wasnt fighting, but thousands of people were, around a castle; even though there was probably nowhere to escape since the war was everywhere. I was like in a part of the castle where i could see the battle, but i was not interfering. I was with other people including the king, a princess and some other comitee members. All people i trusted, so i was glad i was with them. We weren't going to be there forever, we were there strategically, but idk the reason. I remember Eddard Stark was alive and defending the other wall, playing a similar role we were. But meanwhile we were watching Jon Snow fight, in a bamboo bridge connecting the castle to the mainland. We saw that the dead were really scary, not because they were dead but because they actually werent joking and didnt nor wouldnt give up in the fight, they would annihilate everyone. Then we saw the bridge break... the bamboo poles were conected with strings, and apparently those strings were cut or broken (i dont think someone cut them, but they broke because the bridge was holding a lot of weight). It was a long fall, and there wasnt any water down there, in fact there was more fighting going on, but down there there were many more dead than living. Even though the fall was long, the bamboo poles were huge and they fell first. When they bounced back they kinda like cushioned Jon Snow's fall. When he fell on the ground he was still alive and fine, although unconscious. We were already there waiting, and as soon as we were able to grab him we put him on a bamboo litter and covered him with more bamboo, so nobody could peek and see who was in there. Generals from the opposing army started freaking wanting to find him to kill him. One of them was him:

      and the other one looked like Igor. We headed to the city, and for that we crossed the battlefield (the city wasnt inside the castle). For some reason we weren't attacked and we literally crossed only the army of the dead right there, we even were a few meters away from the General (although if he saw us he would have attacked us). When we entered the city it was still night night, much time hasnt happened. We knew we were being chased (not by the army, for some reason they werent interested in us at all) so we needed to hide. We found a house at the entrance of an alley. The people that were ahead of me entered first and closed the door, then i had to shout and hit the door asking them to open it again for me. I thought they were going to leave me outside, but they realized i wasnt in there, and that it was me shouting, so they opened it. Inside it was comfortable and safe. We even forgot about Jon Snow... lol (apparently it was me who had him, but idk where i would be carrying him, since he doesnt fit in a pocket lol and i wasnt carrying a huge weight). Inside the house there was a very hot girl, kinda provocative. It was her house and 1 or 2 more people lived there. They were all university students. I dont know how it started , but i kissed her and we got passionate. There were more people kissing in that room. We got up and she showed me her room, which was on a third floor in that humble house. We entered her room and then i noticed that something was quite strange... and before i could get lucid the dream started collapsing.

      Then for the final fragment i will summarize it:

      - I was in a landscape. The ground was more dry than green, kinda like somewhere near Talampaya (similar to the Grand Canyon). There were 2 riders following us, me and my father. We shot them (even though im strongly opposed to that) and we decided we would dig holes [Yesterday i saw a video about German lessons, and in one of the examples the teacher mentioned that "Germans dig holes at night" haha. He said that so that we can remember the word `spät` which is similar to `spade`]. We also shot the horses by accident, so i took a couple of energy bars (not edible, more like radioactive bars) i had with me and threw them to the horses. One of them may have even died, but when i threw the bars they were both back to life and good (so this means that if we did the same to the riders then they could have been fine. And i thought of doing it, but idk why i didnt).

      - Then i went inside a house, where my father's family finished having dinner. Then i went to the back of the house where i would sleep.

      - At the back of the house i didnt stay there for long. When my grandmother came in to look for some tissues, i thought it was time to go back home.

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    7. Dream Fragments - October 29th 2017

      by , 10-29-2017 at 03:56 PM
      I had a long dream but many things happened on different places. Now it's been like 3 hours since i woke up and i don't remember everything but i'll write down what i do remember. The fragments may not be in chronological order.

      Fragment #1: I was in Banda Norte. For some reason i was there like on vacation. Instead of being in Las Sierras or somewhere else with more flora, i was in a neighborhood. Anyways i remember i was in the street, it was morning and there was sunlight. I was looking at the front doors of the houses (thing i've been doing in real life oftenly this past month, since i wanted to check if there were more wooden doors than plate doors). My aunt for some reason lived on the corner of the block instead of living at the middle where she actually lives. Her house had the nicest entry door in the block, showing off the work that his brother (my uncle, a carpenter) did. There was also like some turmoil in the neighborhood, idk why.

      Fragment #2: I was living in a old but spacious rented house with my parents. We just moved and we were poor. The house had furniture and systems that were used probably in the 19th century.

      Fragment #3: I was in my father's bedroom. I was talking to him, i dont remember what we were talking about. He gave me 4 buns which i ate. And at the time i was eating the 4th my mother and her couple came in and brought more. I was almost vomiting with the one i was eating, it was too much, so i couldnt accept more. We were again on like a vacation, and my mother and her couple went to explore the city and buy some things. But we live in that city! There's nothing to explore! Lol

      Fragment #4: I dreamt with a black dog. (i currently have a cat, and i had a white dog). He was disturbed because he had a toy that produced heat which went without battery i think. I took the toy, showed it to him, and then i laid on the floor and hugged him. After that i dont remember what i did, but i know that he'd not need the toy ever again.

      Fragment #5: This was the last dream. I was in the streets with my aunt from fragment 1. There were some small kids who had no parents but took refugee in some houses (not empty houses, families lived there). Those families had each one a religion of their own, so my aunt wanted to take them out of the houses, talk to them and convince them to go to an orphanage to find families "the proper way". When she took the children out to the street to talk to them, the morning religious ceremonies began to prepare. And although my aunt wanted to force her view on these children, the children simply responded something like "we don't care, we are happy here" and 1 by 1 started to walk away towards their ceremonies. My aunt couldnt deliver her message, and she looked like she was trying to force her view, which the priests saw. I walked past the priests. I was neither with my aunt nor with those religions and would never be. I was on my own and i was sure of my path, but at that moment i was a bit angry as well, because i disliked those religions. I walked in a hall, and went to take a sit. The parents of a school friend were on the hall side, and the father like leaned on my shoulder while he was talking to someone else. I was still angry and i disliked that gesture so i forcefully took him off my shoulder and went on to sit next to his son. I was in no mood to tolerate that stupidity, not even if it was a parent of a friend.
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    8. 19th October 2017

      by , 10-21-2017 at 01:04 AM
      I dreamt i was in a ... well i think it was a penthouse but at the same time it could have been a house in a high altitude place, like 3k+ km above the sea; most likely the latter. I was in this house but i wasnt alone, it was like a gathering; my school friends were there (i haven't seen them for like a year now). I come out of the house to the back part which was all a pool. Nobody was swimming but i decided i would. I crossed the swimming pool, and i noticed that the first half one could walk if one wanted to but the second half it was hard to reach bottom if you wanted to xD. Anyways the second half of the pool conected to the back part of the house or property. There was no other way to get there other than swimming. So i decided i would enter it, and it would be nice and calm since i was going to be alone. I think i wanted to go to the restroom, but more people started to come in, specially girls. So i think i postponed my needs lol and went out to talk to the girls who came to invade the house. Maybe they wanted to sleep there in the night but they saw me go first and felt threatened, who knows.

      I dont remember exactly what happened next.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. 30/09/2016

      by , 10-01-2016 at 02:09 PM
      Last night i dreamt with Pedro, being friendly and with goodwill (i was goodwilled so i saw him with goodwill as well).

      This night i dreamt again with Pedro, but it was more of a selfish thing the interaction and a moment of true endurance in a friendship. Why selfish? Because we were playing a game in the dream world. I fell on a tower, and instead of dying i perceived it that i lost the game. So now it was his turn to play... But he chose a totally different game... Anyways i just stayed there impatiently. [For moments like this i should become lucid. Im not bound to stay there, im free to do whatever i want. But because of attachment to my friend or the activity we were doing i hanged on there]. Why endurance in a friendship? Because the moment of endurance happened while we were in friendship. His game was finishing and he wanted to culminate it (If i explained the game it wouldn't fit what a game is, but i perceived till the last of the clinging as a game), so i held a Mate and he held a hose and washed the Mate full with yerba. The water pressure was very strong and he kept holding it, then at the last moments he said that it was burning, but he didn't laid it down, and he kept holding it. Then the pressure was finished and he layed down the hose. He showed his hands as red and wanted to express the pain he had by showing them, but of course i knew i couldn't know the pain by just looking at the hands nor touching them. I had forgotted about this kind of things that happened when we were children. If i had a pain like that i would find the quickest way to stop it. But this is a good lesson that sometimes better to act wisely and/or maturely. This dream i wrote down fully in my personal dream journal, i just didn't want to copy it here because it is on the cellphone.

      However the other thing i dreamt was that i dreamt with my uncle Dario, and this i didn't took note because i didn't remember until late at day. Dario is the brother of my father. My father is the oldest in his generation, and then follows Dario. We were in a family gathering, in the garage of my grandparents house. Dario wasn't with his wife, and i thought that she might have passed away, although maybe that wasn't the case, maybe he was in her home village. Someone came up saying something about her wife, that she is old or something like that ... and Dario remained calm, but then noticed that something was said. However he acted differently as he tend to act/react, he acted with good intentions to my surprise, and said serenly "That actually offended me", but he sounded more like sad but at the same time equanimous. Sad because he trusted his family, he never thought before that there is such gossip, and also that people don't tell him about. He got up and went through the kitchen. My father also got up and walked with him with his left arm on his shoulder and back, supporting him, like an older brother would do.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    10. 04-08-16

      by , 08-04-2016 at 08:12 PM
      Trying to form new habits. First start developing an habit on meditation: zazen and theravada meditation. After this is established i will try to keep mindfulness for the rest of the day (everyday), which will be supported by ADA and self-awareness. I will take this as seriously as i can.

      I dreamt many events last night, so i will post the fragments here:

      • My mother throws flour on me. We weren't at home, but at a place we were staying... It was uncertain for how long, and the place wasn't ours.
      • I go to the bathrooms to take a shower. It was a big room (I think it was located where the primary bathrooms of my college were). There were toilet boxes in the wall in front of the door. To the left side of the door there were like 4 sinks. Some steps more and there was like an empty space in the middle where all the showers were together (like 6) [For description: it was like the gas rooms of WWII where german prisioners walked in for a "collective shower", but this was a shower for real...]. There was nobody in the showers so i decided i would take one myself, but i notice that it was reserved by Obama. After realizing this i see him, fully dressed. I realize that he was on Argentina, and on this school, but i wasn't surprised or anything. I start seeing that more people come in the bathroom, some going to the toilets, some going to the sinks, so i decide that i do not need a shower anymore and i go outside.
      • Outside the bathroom there was an event going on, like a festival. The lights shut down and everything is dark. I stay for a while without seeing until some lights come again. I see some kids climbing in some desks, away of this event, so i go to help them. A girl was having trouble to come down, so i hold the desk and the chair and i tell her to climb on me. She nervously did and was safe.
      • After that i dreamt something else that is not connected to the previous dreams. I was in a jail, not inside a cell, but where police officers should be. Well, there was no police apparently, many dangerous guys on cells and one drunk bald guy coming in and out of the cells. He had a beer glass and every time it ran out of beer he went in the cells to refill it. He asked me if i wanted to drink, of course i said no (it was home made alcohol..., and who knows what it had inside, besides i didn't want to drink any alcohol at all). After the third, fourth drink he started puring the drink in my head, since he was standing and i was lying on the floor. I wanted to do something about it, but at the same time i thought that he could easily open the cells and all the others would come out and that wouldn't be good (although there was an axe in the floor, beside the drunk man. He looked like Flea of RHCP). However i think i questioned why i couldn't get out of that place (i was waiting for the guy in charge there, so when he leaves i would go with him, but i questioned why i had to do that).
      • Then i dream about the future and my family. Apparently the economic measures of this country aren't doing any good to the economics of the members of my family, so each time they are poorer. I dreamt something that supposedly happens about 6 months or a year from now. My aunt from my mother has no electricity on her house anymore, she can't pay the bills anymore and apparently she will loose her house. She barely has anything to eat because there's no work. However we were reunited with the rest of my mom's family, and we were enjoying the moment. My grandfather gave me some pens (blue and green), we were standing on a roof and the place was wide. We could have jumped through roofs (i think there was a big tree with vines, that's why the place felt wide).
      • Then i find myself experimenting in a swamp. I had like 2 repelents on water, which repeled some monsters. Those monsters were like dolphins with heads of human and teeth of sharks. If those things caught you, you definitely were dead. But i was on water, proximate to 2 of them, and they couldn't touch me, because of this "net" that repelled them. A group came by with my father in it and i think i showed this to them. First i showed the monsters, and they showed how dangerous they were, and then i showed this device. After that we caught one of these monsters and we chop its head off (it was cruel but that's the decision we took as a group (very stupid to take decisions as groups)). Anyhow she was still alive and with those fierce teeth. Somehow the repellent blanket gets moved, my father didn't notice this and he stomps right on her mouth. Of course the blonde monster head ate his foot. He was asking me to come back, like coming back in time, to the part we were in the swamp. I checked if i could do this and i asked a partner there if he could, but both couldn't. There were 2 options. Going back in time (i was trying CTRL + Z, but i didn't have the keys... i should get away from PC for a while), or deal with this, accept it and start moving on. (This things happens, and even though one doesn't like it, it is of no use to regret or lament, so i try not to from the very beginning).
      • Then i was left with the head alone for a while, while the group did other things. Of course i was watching it, and i noticed that it was coming to me (like rolling down). So i grabbed it by the hair and i throwed it up where it belonged again. It didn't stay, it came down again to me, so i grabbed it again and throwed it again. It did the same, but at this time i was already angry. Angry and cruel apparently, because i grabbed the head and started hitting it in the wall. After i was done i throwed it where it belonged and it stayed there, but i think the monster was dead by now...


      I liked the part where i just met Obama and didn't care at all, and walked outside that place which was of no use to me anymore.
      I liked the part where i helped the little girl.
      I would have liked to question myself about the situation a little more, to avoid uncomfortable situations. Also i would like to develop more the skill of observation.
      I didn't like the group decisions. Probably it was because my father was there, but since im old enough now i have to take leadership on myself. I will start to be more responsible for myself.
      I didn't like the cruelty of chopping of the head of that swamp monster. It doens't matter if it is evil or not, i don't have any right for doing that, and if i do it is a false right since kamma doesn't work that way. I recognize i was cruel, so if i acted cruel something related to that will come up as result.
      I didn't like the moment of perplexity where i saw my father lost his foot. Either i accept it or i do something about it, but at that moment i was stiff.
      I didnt like the anger and cruelty that i took on that head. I acted based on that qualities of the mind, and i felt like no control. I should have felt with control, and i had discernment i probably could have stopped, but i didn't. I hope to diminish anger, erradicate cruelty, be mindful even in moments i forget, and develop discernment (with observance and questioning).


      I was navigating through internet, looking for an avatar image. I saw an image on a geiser i had on site before and i decided to change it. I thought about looking for something related to fire, because of Zodiac (although i don't believe on it). However a couple days before (30th July) we talked about how "Ofiuco" changed the signs. So I recalled i was actually Piscis (water) instead of Aries (fire). And i realized that although i like fire i probably feel more at ease with water. So i looked for Piscis and in the images i saw, i saw sirens (the monsters of the swamp were actually sirens, but there were male as well and neither gender were beautiful). After seeing this i decided to write down the dreams of last night.
    11. 22/01/2016

      by , 01-23-2016 at 04:19 AM
      I was in the basement of Pulp Fiction (i don't know what that actually means, maybe because the place was a basement and there were some guys that after talking were going to kill that guy) [I haven't seen the movie but since i dreamt with that i saw it. I saw the hateful 8 and maybe that's why i dreamt with something like that.]. There was a card that the messenger had who was destined to Einstein. He was old already and retired. But the messenger said that he didn't know where Einstein house was, he just was sent the coords and he dropped the bag from the airplane on the air at that location. The bag that was there was a black bag which had two black bags. One black bag contained paper, blank paper mostly, like 100 pages but the first two pages were written and they were a letter to the messenger saying that they'll soon have to bury him. The other bag had some tubes.

      In my previous dream i was a kind of monster fighting a batallion. The king wanted it so he had his wishes fulfilled, although i would never do such a thing, but i just got transformed anyways. This batallion, of the queen Danerys looked behind and saw an army, some horses, they were embushed.

      Before that, in a kind of flashback, i saw Daenerys in a castle room drinking wine with a very powerful man. Daenerys looked scared but anyways she said, the wine tastes like blood and fire, just as i like it. Then she said some more words to this man and left. Outside they were (i was observer probably) outside the tower of the Undying. They were left of it and they have to head to the front. They were surrounded by walls, and in the front there were some gardens. So they walked all to the left of the tower and then to the front if it turning right. Then there were some walls too, and some steps north there was no wall. So they went through that open space between walls and they headed to the entrance of the castle. There were more walls and the wooden door was to their left, meaning north.

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    12. 20/01/2016

      by , 01-21-2016 at 03:11 AM
      First i dreamt about being in square where some girls where throwing balls. Then i take a bus, and i get down like inside a shoping center. I see Pedro in my dream. Then my mother leaves the shopping center, which was like a maze, and i go to bathroom and my sister as well. She goes to the ladies bathroom to take a shower and she said she would come out immediately, i said alright i'll go to urinate, and she said, no, don't do that, you can't, bla bla bla, while she was showering, and i was already in the bathroom peeing, and i was thinking how awful would it be to ask for permission to do such thing. Then i woke up at about 8:54 AM.

      I tried to do a WILD, as soon as i felt i was falling asleep i thought i was in dream, maybe it would be a false awakening, so i did a reality check and no, i was still awake just very relaxed. But then i fell asleep and failed to WILD. I dreamt about being in a flight. Suddenly something of the plain just dismantles and it is just the cabin, like a space ship. The plane was going really fast, and we were at a low altitude, like street altitude. I thought we were going to crush and i was going to die, but the plane managed to slow down very fast and suddenly it stopped. I couldn't believe it. We had the speed to travel to another continent pretty fast and we just stopped all of a sudden.
      There was a guy travelling who had to get into a international meeting, he was from the US. But we go outside the cabin (we were on a mountain) and there was a guy exactly like him. So one of them was not real. So both of them got tied in a rope, sliced in their belly and put in a big luggage, and they closed it. Then i don't know what happened but they were going to get transported.

      Then i dream about being kicked of by my aunt Lidia from her house, insulting me. So i went out of the house, there was furniture by the door, and i moved it and was about to go out when she said, i didn't really mean it, and i knew that she did mean it. So i got out and climbed down the mountain. I took a boat and started to get out of that swamp through a door that was on a corner, which led to another swamp. When i was on the door my sisters and my mother come out, and my younger sister came walking through the water, and i was amazed since i used a boat, and she gave me a pill from a request of our mother. Then i grabbed the can with pills to take a couple more for the trip just in case and all of the pills were different [i should have done a reality check there] so i put them in the can again and went on.
    13. 19/01/2016

      by , 01-20-2016 at 10:40 PM
      I have poor recall of this dream, but here it goes what i wrote as soon as i woke up.

      I think i was tired of people being slaves that i decided to free them. They were like people of Yunkai and Meeren from Game of Thrones. There were moments of sex between that people. After it there was a fighting pit with Tywin's armies. But as soon as Tyrion rised those soldiers changed linage, and when Tywin ordered to kill Tyrion only 3 soldiers followed his commands, the others just dropped their knives and stopped those three. Sansa was there as well, but on the wrong side, she thought she would rule but Tyrion took the power. Anyways he secretly forgive her.

      Then the indians who "fu#@&@" a lot decided that all tribes would accept the indian grandson (he was a slave) to represent them and free them. So he started, with my help, walking through all the places of the castle (it was a big castle, lots of villages) to free the people and gain their support. We reach a point where i knew people would be hostile but after he talked to them they would be the best supporters. The place was like a cave, and it was surrounded with heavenly water, and at the center there was something like a church. I told him that when he steps into those waters he would be like a demon, so he had to be focused and bring the best of himself. He stepped into the water and he started to become a demon, he was very confused and didn't know what to do. Then he stepped into the church and people were agressive, throwing arrows, but the job was done. So we teleported out to the opposite village. That village was that people would be receptive but after we talked to them they would be offensive. So he did his job and we teleported out, again to the village of the church. Now these people were very thankful for what we did.

      Then i dream about being in the streets, like in street Paunero, close to Bv Roca, with a mix of street Las Heras, where the coffee fabric is, and i turn right and i realize im dreaming. I was riding a bicycle so i wanted to fly with it, since when im riding a bicycle in waking life a kind of reality check i do is try to fly with the bicycle. I managed to levitate for a bit, but the dream just collapsed and i woke up. Then i tried to do a DEILD but i fell asleep without awareness.

      Then i dream about being in an island. There was a river and it was impossible to cross it because it had so much vines. However i found or made a tunnel in the water and i crossed it with a girl. Then a storm came and we couldn't go back. So we were like four years in that island, alone. We had a child, and after some time we were rescued. We were in a complex of three houses and we were given attention with food and medicines. We had the best medicine of the world.
      There were many families there so we engaged in knowing them. We were at night, in the backyard where there was a pool, and we watched the lions closely. They were pets, but i thought it was dangerous so i went away.
      One time i was in the porch of the log cabin, planning to plant some trees. There was an old man besides me, probably thai, and suddenly he dies and is transformed into water. So what i did is to find spots of soil to plant seeds and pour that water so the tree could grow. I planted some seeds but i had one left and there were no spots to plant. So i went all around looking for a spot and i ended up in the third house. It was like the other houses but different floors, everything was covered, no grass. So i went to a football 5 field and dig a hole on the green cloth and put the seed and water there. I was just leaving when i saw a sports teacher from highshool called Fabio. He said that he would see what i did and report it. Well he still had to find it, so i left anyways. I went to the tables of the first house where everyone was eating and watching TV. I sat and in front of me was an english woman and besides me there was a pet lion that was mine, but in front of me there was these woman's lion. She didn't know how to control it. Then i woke up.

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    14. 18/01/2016

      by , 01-19-2016 at 05:48 AM
      I will keep it simple since i wrote it once and the page closed and lost all the content.

      First dream Joako, a friend, was about to have 4 babies with his girlfriend. Well, she actually wasn't his girlfriend since she was more like free style, but they were couple.

      Second dream i follow some orcas in a cannyon with water. I realized there were some soldiers pointing at me with rifles like 20 meters ahead. They start shooting and i run backwards. I kill two guys by my sides who were just standing doing guard and i escape. I hear the radio that it was best option to live the lazy life than to engage in an activity since it was dangerous, and our troops demanded corn and food while they didn't protect the citicens. Pablo Rossi was talking on the radio.

      Then i dream about something about a gold ring and a smith. He lost the ring but when people returned it to the owner they didn't trust him because it didn't fit in his finger. The thing was that the ring also had iron inside, and that iron thing, that was made so it could fit the finger, was lost, so the ring was big.

      Then i dream about me being taken to Cba to a health institute. There were my grandparents, and my parents. I had to go down a precipice to enter the health institute, my father and my grandparents were already there but i wasn't. I thought about jumping like parkour style, but they got each one of them in top of the other and lifted a chair. So i sat on the chair when it was close enough and they went down and put me down. We walked inside the institute. A lady begins with a series of injections. I thought they would be painful but i didn't feel any pain. First they drawed blood and then something like a ball from a vein in the butt that indicated the state of my liver, how was it functioning. It was pink so it did pretty well, i wouldn't have trouble with it in my life. In the institute i found out that instead of Cba they wanted to take me to Spain, but for something, like no big deal, they took me there. The day before in the dream i smoked cannabis so the doctor was aware of that and she began talking something about "Adela" and she began saying something like "to show him the effects that the drugs cause to the system and the organs". She injected me something that apparently cleaned the whole system. It was benefitial was the doctor thought it would hurt a lot, like being burnt alive, but actually it didn't, it felt very cool, relaxing and healthy. I thought maybe this high tech institute is outdated of what cannabis is, if it were alcohol probably it would hurt as the doctor thought. But anyways since i detoxicated i wouldn't consume anymore. Then my father asked something if they could give me a towel and the lady said "why? cant your father buy in Cordoba?" actually he couldn't but i replied to her "i left home not well prepared".

      When i woke up i felt my body very relaxed. In the dream i felt tension before entering the institute, but when they took blood from me that tension went as well with the sample. In some dreams you are bitten by a dog or an animal and you feel the pain, in this case i was extracted some blood and injected some cool detox medicine and i woke up very relaxed and feeling good. Although i didn't like to be taken to a place like that without my decision, it was something that went well, even though the doctor was "pesimistic" (with the pain of results) i enjoyed it all a lot.

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    15. 17/01/2016

      by , 01-18-2016 at 03:25 AM
      We've been in a house.

      I come back from the hall of Bv Roca. I salute Daniel who was living there in Depto 7. He was thin. Outside, in the streets it was night already and there was a friend called Peru and i saluted the parents of Franc.

      Then i dream about being in a camp, like a Oxford university campus, and i dreamt about guitar and weed. I plug it in and find myself "hacked?", they wanted to destroy the amps. I was at that time Brandon Stark. I look at front of me and there was like the royal crown in the building in front of me, in a balcony of stone, and i was like on a trial. There comes to my right Rickon and to my right Arya Stark riding a horse with armour. She was against me, and Rickon blamed me.

      Briene gives le a horse to pass through the people. I was like humilliated, and that horse really helped me to get away quicker from that scenario, but anyways i was in the city like imprisoned. We went far anyways, the scenario was like street Ituzaingo in Cordoba but also looked like England. There was nobody there, and i was like an observer at that time or probably the character itself, but now i have turned into Sansa Stark. I cut my hair so i could look like a boy and put a headband, like a pirate. I was walking on the street, or observing Sansa walking on the street (as she being my sister) and a prince comes down from a limousine with evil intentions, like to kidnap her. So she took a kitchen knife out of her pockets and she stabbed him. I ran to her and we ran together. Nobody on street saw that so we reached where we have to be to travel, and we travelled.

      We reached our house, Baigorria in Rio Cuarto, and we were the earliest people, the brothers. Sofia was also at home. She was in danger although nobody knew about this. She wanted to scape for the day, so we went through the hall and upstairs. Then she opened the left door and went out through the roof. I wanted to do the same, and like fly maybe, but i didn't realized i was dreaming. I came down and the door was opened. There i find my sister and my grandmother already there. I was like limited in my moves, i wasn't free, so i had to find myself an excuse to go upstairs again. I had to find dirty clothes to wash. There were none on my room. So i went downstairs to the living room. There were people inspecting the luggage. They were like police or private guys actually. I asked them and they didn't reply, and they even acted like authoritary. I went to the small desk on the cushions and asked there if those sockets were clean or dirty. The guy didn't know how to reply, after a long time of looking at it he didn't know what to say so i concluded they were clean. More people came already and they were like taking drinks already. My parents were part of the court, and for the situation (whatever the situation was) they were like the ones to blame in the court (but not by those outside, so i was kinda safe when i was with them but i didn't trust them). My mother tells me something about my older sister, that she went with her friend that what else could we expect, early in the morning already. I said something like yes, and nothing else. People still weren't aware of the death of that prince, that by the way the mother or aunt of him was there, in the house. I thought that everyone knew but they didn't want to expand the news, not for some days at least. I went upstairs again and my aunt, Analia, shouts from downstairs calling me to have desert. I said no, im going to take a shower and she calls me again and my mother as well. They really wanted to things go by their intentions, but i was firm in my position no matter the stupid consequences, so i said No!. And i probably went to take a shower so i had dirty cloth to go upstairs and wash the cloth and close the door of the roof.

      All of the time i was like hiding, imprisioned, suspicious, and like lying to myself and others with my attitude probably, because of what my sister did, and i wanted to "protect" her from the consequences, something impossible to do. Nobody scapes his/her karma.

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