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    Dreams from 20 to 30 October

    by , 11-01-2016 at 06:04 PM (304 Views)
    These are the notes i took. Some dreams i remember, some of them i just don't remember.


    From 10:15pm to 6:30 am

    Had recall, but since i wrote words, and now i don't remember what they meant they are like random words now.

    26/10/2016 8:40 AM

    I dreamt that i was swimming in a river. There were sharks in the water. I arrive my aunt's backyard.

    Dario says that "Argentineans" should involve less in movies. (It could as watching movies).

    I dreamt with Daniel.

    Great dream vividness: 29/10/2016 5:42am

    I was on IRC chat. I was with a pink name... I don't know what it meant, but at the end it didn't mean anything (like status, doesn't mean anything). We or I were or was talking about Endurance. But what we talked about endurance didn't make much sense (although it could make sense, but it's not directly that): we said it was perception, volition.

    I dreamt with a statue and it was pouring drops of water. The drops of water were very big, and they had a lot of energy. (this part was vivid, or detailed). There were 5 stars in the statue. (I could think of the tree of Ori and the blind forest like similar to this stone statue).

    30/10/16 4:50

    Elephant's trump.
    - something about taxes of someone else -
    I dreamt with Pedro and an innofensive joke.
    Then a fight. 3 vs 3. Something about Kenia.

    Then although i took notes i don't remember.

    30/10/16 8:00 am

    I run through Cerro Chacabuco. There were Salva and Juan Ur with me.

    It was a village on the mountains, like 3000 meters high.

    On this road i saw a higuer mountain, and the Everest.

    Then i dreamt about giving answers to a woman that was a teacher. (Why not?)

    at 10:20 i dreamt:

    Elevator and shopping.



    I dreamt with teacher of school. Chemistry and physics. I don't remember what the dream was about, but she was just there.

    Then i dreamt something about school.

    Then i come from the school bathroom and i enter the highschool hall. My mother was there and i am aproached by an english teaching, which i didn't like, and im told that because of some disease or abnormality in the past months i don't have seizures, but i should have seizures because it was a disease i should have had. I started crying and went away, didn't even want to say something to her. I thought that she was being cruel, but at the same time she "couldn't be blamed" because it was something about a general sickness, nothing to do with her. (When i woke up i realized that the other way around could be, so the dream made no sense: for not having seizures im sick. So she could have been lying and being cruel after all. Also i don't believe in something deterministic like that, that i should have because of destiny. Not at all.)

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