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    1. March 10th 2020

      by , 03-10-2020 at 08:28 PM
      Today i had many dreams. I also slept like 10 hours and in the last couple of hours i had a lucid dream (which broke a long dry spell). I'm going to write the lucid dream first and then if i have time i'll write notes on the other dreams.

      I was dreaming that i was in Córdoba (the capital city of my province). I was in the neighborhood i was living in last year, and i was buying some dinner. I asked for cheese and the price was like 5x$5.80 or something (and 5 weren't even the units of cheese, but rather a marketing thing to make it hard to figure out what the actual price was XD). Then i saw some fresh pasta in the counter and i asked for some of that. I grabbed some with my hands to put it in a plastic bag XD and then the guy that was attending me started to mess around with it too, like grabbing a fork and tasting some (even though it had to get cooked). I was totally chill about it, but i said something pointing out that we were being savages about it, lol. Then i went out and started walking towards my house.

      Then i find myself in the avenue. It was by the time the shops closed and the sun was setting. There was a car chasing me and i had like a feeling this happened before and i was ran over by it. The car was going around the block. And this time i started running before "the last time" so i was ahead this time. I started running towards my house and then i turned left when i reached the end of the first block. I thought the car would appear in front of me in a few minutes, but then i realized that i could fly because this was a dream, and so as i was running i started floating and flying, and that way the car would never run over me. Even if the car flew, i imagined it would fly like cars in GTA San Andreas, highly erratic so it was all good. The view was nice too. The road was a dirt road; at my left there were buildings like apartments, and at my right there was just grass but ahead there was like a small plantation of trees and they were pretty tall. I remembered that it would be a good idea to use my senses so i get the dream to last longer. So since i was at about the altitude of a nearby balcony i floated towards it, held to the wall (which felt so real) and climbed it. Btw i was super vigilant while i was flying because in past dreams it happened that sometimes i lost power and started going down, so i was constantly aware if this would happen anytime while i was flying, but everything went smooth (if i went down it would be okay, because what actually 'disturbs' me more of falling is how long the fall is rather than hitting the ground, and i wasn't that high yet). When i stood in the balcony mini wall i noticed there was a lamp post nearby, and i could reach the lamp so i went ahead and touched it. The lamp was cold, even though it was lit. I thought that was funny and it was something more to keep confident that this was a dream. I didn't know what i wanted, but i wanted to do something, and i was getting bored there. So i started flying again, now towards the trees. I almost reached the top of the trees when i thought that i should have a new goal now, so i thought why not the moon (even though deep down i was thinking this might not be a good idea, since it would be a huge step for me). So i changed the direction of where i was flying to (the moon was in my back) and i started heading towards it. I saw it from afar and i thought it would be a long flight, perhaps not even worth it, but i wanted to do it for the challenge rather than being there (i also thought that space would be a problem because i would have to focus not only on flying but also on breathing... and that could be problematic) but i couldn't fly much higher than i was at that moment because i started spiraling down and shortly after i woke up. When i woke up i stayed still and i went back into dreaming shortly after. Like in 1 minute after i was back in a new dream, but i didnt even notice that it was already dreaming, i thought that i was just thinking this. I realized it has been a dream only when i woke up from it. In that dream i was in an abandoned house, with some old members of some fraternity. They wanted to threaten me, and philosophize about something. The one that was talking was a dark wizard, but as far as i was concerned he was as much human being as me so i never felt threatened or fearful of the situation.
    2. 8th June 2019 - First lucid in a long time.

      by , 06-08-2019 at 06:09 PM
      This morning i broke the dry spell.
      I went to sleep at like 2am last night. Slept until 10-11, i didnt check the time. My uncle came into the room to grab something so i woke up, but as soon as he left the room i got back to sleep.
      I started dreaming about a reunion... it was more like a party in my grandparents house, but with people from the university, and other people i didn't know. I remember i went outside barefoot, but there was a lot of mud. Now the house has morphed to the house im currently living in, my uncle's house. I was talking with the mother of my uncle's wife, and when i was done talking i decided it was time to go. Where? Idk i just thought the time there was up and that i should do something different. So i got outside, with a shovel so i could pick up the mud trace i was leaving :joy: , and started walking towards the city center. It's actually a long walk. I've never gone walking before, i've always used bus and it takes like 40 minutes, so i was thinking "i should take the bus, otherwise it will take a really long time" but meanwhile i kept walking and it wasn't towards a bus station. It seems like i didn't care too much about the distance, i just wanted to walk and i was enjoying it. I was able to go through a mildly dangerous zone looking around happily like if i was a tourist. There were people around, old mostly, buying stuff. I just watch them and go past them. Whenever i saw to the front i saw buildings, similar to those in the movie inception where Cobb and his wife built an entire city. Then i look to my right.... and i notice something very very strange (for me).
      I see like a path, a street (that i know where it is located, in my home city) and beyond that there was an old building, but still functional, looked like "the house of Black and White". The strange thing about this was that it was a dream sign for me. I analized the structure, from the point i was standing, and i saw outside the building like a walking path, that it lead to some docks. So there i knew i was dreaming. Because the building was the same. I've walked that path before, so i was extremely confident i was in a dream. And i've only been to the sea two times, and we don't have a sea in my city so it all made sense to me that this was a dream. I was 95% confident i was dreaming. So at that point i wanted to make the most out of my lucid dream, do something. Before that i said it out loud "im lucid dreaming" so i did not forget once i start changing stuff.
      But i don't do anything. Im so passive that i just stand there and observe. I thought about having sex, but then i thought "meh". I see some people playing in the water, across the streets. There were some rocks in which people were laying, tanning themselves, and other people climbed it so they could jump into the water. The water was quite deep, about 10 meters i believe. I know because it was cristaline water, so you could see the bottom. People playing in the water were big though, they were giants. I could see them as tall as buildings.
      Then the dream starts to fade and i regret not having a plan on what to do during the lucid dream. As soon as the dream starts to fade away i remain calm, both in mind and body. So far i don't feel a body, but as soon as i'd feel it i'd stay calm. All I saw a black background with a small light. I waited; still didn't feel my body so i was doing good so far (if i wanted to go back into lucid dreaming). And i thought i would either form a new lucid dream or i would meditate in that state. But i didn't feel prepared to form a dream from scratch (now that i think about it it was dumb not having even tried it) and i wasnt sure about meditating either. So i decided to wake myself up. I don't know how i did it, i just did. Then i start feeling my body and my mind like i usually feel it while being awake, a bit more coarse than what i was experiencing. (It was strange lol. I could describe my previous mind state like if my "astral body/mind" that was awake, that way it makes a bit more sense to have noticed my "normal mind" as coarser).
      I had only 2 experiences like this in my whole life. One time i was able to WILD in 2016, and now this time i exited a dream and was able to still remain asleep (in body but not in mind). I really liked the experience and i look forward to practicing this stuff a bit more. Before it seemed hard, frustrating, frightening, something only experts could do but now i see it as something very interesting and very possible for me to do, so i want to start practicing it more.
    3. 16/11/16

      by , 11-17-2016 at 12:44 AM
      I slept about 4 hours last night, because i had to wake up early for an statistics exam. In regards to the exam i did good, in ten days i will know if i passed, if not in December i will have to take it again. When i came back home i cooked some pizzas, as "breakfast" and then i went to sleep. (Curiously when i eat pizzas before going to bed then i wake up with throat-ache).

      I slept 4 hours of nap, completing a 8 hour sleep total during the day. I dreamt with the following:

      I was in my old house (of about 10 years ago) got lucid in my bedroom. Lost lucidity because i had a baby to save. Then went to a study room. I decided i would go through the glass door since it was a dream. I got through, got lucid again. Then i went to my bedroom again, and i realized i was wasting lucid time so i went to an area where there is a lot of light in the house. I saw the ceiling and it got bigger and bigger, making it better and better to fly. When i was about to fly my younger sister came angry, walking fast, shouting why i turned off the dream music. I was going to say it's my dream also (thinking it would it might just be a DC but nevermind), i jumped to a desk, and tried to jump and fly off, but i couldn't. I realized that her shouting to me got my attention, and because of that my dream control decreased a lot. I jumped like 5-10 meters high (in the dream it seemed like 20). I woke up after 4 hours of nap.
    4. 04/11/2016

      by , 11-05-2016 at 04:11 AM
      3:44 - About 4 hours of sleep.

      I dreamt with a very vivid storm happening in house of María Olguín, the house i currently slept in. My older sister was there, i had some arguments about her smoking in the house and then she put music, which i tend not to like (it was night, so i disagreed even more). I was in the bedroom, and i saw that rain was coming down from the window and soon it would fill the entire room and beds would float, although there was a drain in the middle of the room. In order to prevent that i went outside to clear the gutters from leaves. I go outside to climb the stairs to the terrace, and i find myself stuck in the middle of the stairs because i saw winds coming from the east. Also i saw a tornado like a block away, north, and about 15 meters to my left, so i thought it might destroy our house or it might just pass by, any of those choices could happen. Since it was a huge storm coming from the east, and a lot of wind i thought to go back inside, there was no way i could clear the gutters. I wanted to go back, but the wind was so strong that i couldn't walk too much, or else i would fly away. I saw paper flying away, and hitting me. I knew i was about going to die. I actually thought about it when my sister went outside to smoke because of my complaints, she said that a huge storm was coming. A huge storm only meant a "cosmical storm" (dream sign, like a storm where the universe ends, something like a big crunch). So i knew i was just a couple of minutes of dying. I wasn't agitated, but ... i was aware that not only i would loose my house, the whole city would be destroyed, but my sister would die, and i would loose my body and of course all the memories and "knowledge" gathered in this lifetime. I thought at that moment of remaining conscious, alert, mindful. I heard a classmate from highschool, apparently he lived next door in the building, that he already started flying. The tornado approached and was going to hit the house, not passing by. It was big, bigger than i thought it was. Even if it was small, if i went in there i wouldn't come out alive (unless i realized it was a dream and could fly away). The papers flied towards the earthy tornado and the winds and rains from the east merged with it. Finally the water from the east arrived home, and destroyed everything, including me. It was like a tsunami, although it came out of the rain. I remained in the same position, wasn't carried away by the water, but the house was immersed by the water. I had the eyes closed so i didn't know if i was dead or alive. But i could sense that apart from water the whole house was debris and it mixed with the water, which gave it a brown tone. I thought "is this dying?", and i didn't know if i was dead yet. But even still, if i wasn't dead i would be because i would drown. So i took a breath in on purpose, because i thought it would be better to do it and remain mindful of the process, instead of running out of oxygen and then desperating because i can't breathe. I didn't breathe in water... so i don't know... but i thought that it was already over, and also that i could go anywhere with my mind. Having no interest to explore i woke up.

      I checked the time, saw my cat sleeping on the couch next to me, that tranquilized me a bit. Then i wrote the dream on my cellphone. Then i got up, went to bathroom, looked for water, and got back to bed thinking perhaps about wilding.

      At 7:20 i woke up again having had a lucid dream.

      I was in my bedroom. I don't remember very well how it happened, but i questioned if it could be a lucid dream. I took some time to do a reality check, like i would take while waking, and i looked at my hand while pressing the left middle finger through the palm of the right hand. I saw my hand with something like a white glow, but actually imperceptible. Then i saw the finger pushing through and making a black hole in the palm of the hand. I said to myself, oh wow, yes it is a dream! I just did the reality check just as routine, convinced that the dream was reality, and when i found out it was a dream still i was lucid but still the dream didn't feel like it was a dream (but i wouldn't be fooled). Anyways i did the reality check before the dream collapsed, and after i got lucid the dream collapsed and i woke up. But even when i woke up i thought that it could not be so, because it could be a false awakening. So i checked my surroundings. I had woken up where i was lying, and everything was the same, the lights were a bit brigth enough to see but dark to know it's still night. Damn i thought, i truly awake. I think the sign that made me think i was awake was that i felt the body heavy. But... it actually was a false awakening, and i didn't do a reality check, even though i could have. Then when i really awoke i found out.

      Then at 9:30 i dreamt had another dream, which wasn't short.

      I dreamt about being in a kiosk. It was night, and i was dressed as hippie, like coming out of my apartment with whatever clothes just to but something and go back. I wanted to buy a chocolate, but the young lady said she didn't have. Then i asked for an alfajor, "Grandote, triple". I think she didn't have that either. There were other 2 people buying but i didn't pay attention to them. They were going to clubs probably. Then the lady told me that i should stay there, that i violated some things because of the chocolate (i wasn't supposed to eat chocolate or something like that). I didn't resist, nor tried to escape like i could have done, i remained calm and let the situation unfold. I knew i had power over myself. The man grabbed some handcuffs and he put them in my hands and in my anckles, and they were linked by a chain. Then he entered me in the kiosk, and guided me to the back, where he and she had a laboratory (a pharmaceutical laboratory). Then he opens the high security door and i get in. Inside there was like a pit and many ... characters there who were there to fight, but weren't agressive. Like gladiators. Although i don't like to kill, and i would refrain from doing it, at first i just didn't control myself, and just defended myself being the first and fastest attacker. Then when there were like 5 left, some of the toughest ones i thought that what i was doing wasn't right, so i stopped. (I was using like energy out of my hands, and that made the DC dissapear). The remaining characters weren't agressive, they knew that i still was powerful and could defend myself, but also knew i wouldn't, but even so they didn't attacked me because they were also kind of surprised, and they did more or less the same. I decided that it was time to go out, and i went out.
      I got out to the streets and it was dawning. I was in Cordoba, in street caceres de allende, or actually the following street (which i don't know), and reaching Bv San Juan. In a shop there were some matrix agents. I was aware of them, but wasn't bothered by them, they were just some other dream characters. I sensed that in Bv San Juan there was going some kidnapping going on, so i went there, and tried to save the girl/girls being kidnapped. Then i woke up.
    5. 20/10/2016 Might have had my first WILD

      by , 10-20-2016 at 11:35 PM
      I went to bed about at 23:30. I was very tired. I would have liked to meditate but i relaxed lying in bed. I fell asleep at 3:40. Late but all the time i was relaxing the body, so i had a good night of rest. I woke up at 8:55 and i dreamt with:

      I was on a field with some other people and there was a barn. Past the barn there was a field full of straw. It was probably like 10 miles like that... or more. However there was a sniper that would shoot us if we walked on that straw. So... as soon as we passed the barn we just jumped to the ground, and if he shooted us then ok, if he didn't very good. He didn't shoot, maybe he didn't saw us or wasn't quick enough. We were looking for a diamond in all that straw.
      Then Joako, Fede and another guy approach me to mock how i played football. I get angry but i was powerless... Then i hear him spreading rumours about me with a taxi driver, and although i would let that pass because i don't really care i said the taxi driver that it wasn't true (actually i think this is better action than let it pass, but still not caring). I saw the transportist that took me from school to my house when i was at highschool so i decided to leave with him. I opened the front door, but there was Sofia and Lucia. So i went at the back. Then i saw that also Victoria L was also there. I wasn't going with Noel anymore so i worried about how i was going to pay to him (i recalled a lot of times he "saved me" in my dreams... so i would have to pay all that. I wanted to pay all that. Also i would like to be more self-reliable from now on, either walking or taking a bus, or being lucid). As we were going out of school i saw Fede standing in the street, so i take my arm out the window and slap him in the forehead. Nobody saw me, not even him probably. But immediately after i did that i regretted it. Victoria asked for internet password and although i didn't know it i gave it to them.

      Then i had a false awakening. I was on the kitchen and saw a kg of flour, which actually i know there wasn't (in the dream apparently my sister bought it), and some scons. I ate the scons. Then i don't remember anything else.

      Then i got up. Went to the bathroom (it was 9AM) and went to the kitchen. Right then i realized i have had a FA before. I checked if that was a dream but it wasn't. I ate some peanuts, drank some milk. Then drank some water and went to bed to try WILD. This lasted about 5 minutes.

      So i lied in bed and started relaxing the body with the breaths. At first i just watched the breath, particularly how it felt in the head. Then i started counting as i was relaxing. Then i thought i was relaxed enough to sleep, that maybe i could fall asleep at any moment. I counted up to 30 and i felt that i could dive at any moment, but i reminded myself to still keep counting and forget of actively diving. Then i turned to my right side and started again, watching my breath and counting. I don't remember if i counted, and if i did i counted up to 20. I tried to remain aware the whole process but also knew i had to let sleeping occur. So i fell asleep and didn't experience any HI or sleep paralysis, vibrations, sounds... i just went straight to a dream. As soon i was in the dream i knew it was a dream, but also i didn't believe it so much because it could just collapse at any moment, because i was aware of my body lying at bed. So in the dream i was in my home city, Rio Cuarto, in front of Saint Francisco Church. It was at night. I thought of getting involved in the dream to let it unfold and so gain lucidity later when the dream was completely formed. BAD IDEA. I thought that if i didn't do anything the dream would just collapse, but getting involved in the dream as if it were a nonlucid it was just plainly a bad idea, at least do it lucidly! that's what WILDs are for! Well... i wasn't too logical at that moment. So i headed in front of the church, coming from a supermarket (that supermarket might be like 6 blocks away, but in the dream it seemed like 2 blocks). And i had 2 bags full of groseries and one bag with a box of shoes. The bag of groseries were so heavy that one of the bags was about to fall to the ground. So i grabbed it differently, and they were definitely lighter when i put them at the height of my chest. Then i just put the bags in the shoe bag. And at this moment a memory of awareness came again, that it was a dream, but i let that go... Then i start hearing canticles from the church saying "The inmortal is always with me/us. The inmortal won't let you go...". It was a christian church, and i just decided that it was time to leave. Then next to the church there was a bar, and my father was there drinking a beer or something in the street. He tells me "It would "good" (or interesting) to hear the song from a psychological point of view". I reacted like being angry because i wouldn't like to hear that song! I heard Christian songs before and they make no sense to me, so i wouldn't hear this one. I replied something like "why would i hear a song of another religion than mine?" although that question was vague, i could have had replied something better, wiser, more open. But i felt tired in the dream... like if i had duties... I was carrying 3 bags and i just have forgotten that it was a dream and that i could simply put the bags on the ground and forget about them, or donate the things of whatever... Well I think i need more resolve, and more practice. Then i woke up and recorded the canticle. Then i thought about it and i was sure that they referred to "god", but then i thought it from the point of view of Buddhism and the inmortal refers actually to nibbana, and some monks that share some of their experiences said that they experienced a happiness, a tranquility that hasn't left from the time they experienced it, be it 4 years, 40 years or whatever (Ajaan Liem and Ajaan Maha Boowa). So i felt relieved by this and felt glad having dreamt with this when i woke up. It was a christian church and i know their path doesn't aim nibbana, but since there aren't any buddhist temples in Argentina (just one Zen temple i think, and some Dojos of Tibetan Buddhism in BSAS) i interpret it that a message of Buddhism could have come from a church.

      This dream lasted about 20 minutes, so i could have tried a DEILD or something like that. But i didn't felt like it. I also thought it would be ideal to wake up since i was rested. But i didn't. Maybe i would have a long dream in which i could become lucid. I slept for about 3 hours, almost 4 and lying in my chest.

      I dream being in "casa tia" (a supermarket).
      I don't have time for the act.
      I am in a river and there are jaguars there. However i didn't get hurt. This was in alpacorral (and looked like Santa Rosa)
      I am in a playhouse (pelotero) and there are some mattresses. We were at some height. If we fell we were going to get eaten by some animals and die. There were people thrown there.

      Then i decide to go homeless. My family was together, and they were in a car. They were wealthy but i thought they might be fools for that, being blinded by money. So i left home. I went to a Buddhist temple in Alpacorral (there isn't any) and asked for a room there. They gave me a room, and it was completely empty. It was fine for me, since i like to sleep on the floor (although i usually put something not to feel cold. I dont mind hardness). They were doing chanting and i didn't want to get involved so i just went to this room. There was a small Buddha statue in the front wall however. I thought what to do now, i had no future at all... and i was free. I thought about meditating but maybe i just could not focus because of the chanting next door. So i knew i had with me a bag with medicine. I open it and saw many different pills and a small metal box. I open it and it had nails: a copper nail an iron nail and another nail (maybe silver). It was to put it on the bones of the fingers Then i woke up.

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    6. 19/01/2016

      by , 01-20-2016 at 10:40 PM
      I have poor recall of this dream, but here it goes what i wrote as soon as i woke up.

      I think i was tired of people being slaves that i decided to free them. They were like people of Yunkai and Meeren from Game of Thrones. There were moments of sex between that people. After it there was a fighting pit with Tywin's armies. But as soon as Tyrion rised those soldiers changed linage, and when Tywin ordered to kill Tyrion only 3 soldiers followed his commands, the others just dropped their knives and stopped those three. Sansa was there as well, but on the wrong side, she thought she would rule but Tyrion took the power. Anyways he secretly forgive her.

      Then the indians who "fu#@&@" a lot decided that all tribes would accept the indian grandson (he was a slave) to represent them and free them. So he started, with my help, walking through all the places of the castle (it was a big castle, lots of villages) to free the people and gain their support. We reach a point where i knew people would be hostile but after he talked to them they would be the best supporters. The place was like a cave, and it was surrounded with heavenly water, and at the center there was something like a church. I told him that when he steps into those waters he would be like a demon, so he had to be focused and bring the best of himself. He stepped into the water and he started to become a demon, he was very confused and didn't know what to do. Then he stepped into the church and people were agressive, throwing arrows, but the job was done. So we teleported out to the opposite village. That village was that people would be receptive but after we talked to them they would be offensive. So he did his job and we teleported out, again to the village of the church. Now these people were very thankful for what we did.

      Then i dream about being in the streets, like in street Paunero, close to Bv Roca, with a mix of street Las Heras, where the coffee fabric is, and i turn right and i realize im dreaming. I was riding a bicycle so i wanted to fly with it, since when im riding a bicycle in waking life a kind of reality check i do is try to fly with the bicycle. I managed to levitate for a bit, but the dream just collapsed and i woke up. Then i tried to do a DEILD but i fell asleep without awareness.

      Then i dream about being in an island. There was a river and it was impossible to cross it because it had so much vines. However i found or made a tunnel in the water and i crossed it with a girl. Then a storm came and we couldn't go back. So we were like four years in that island, alone. We had a child, and after some time we were rescued. We were in a complex of three houses and we were given attention with food and medicines. We had the best medicine of the world.
      There were many families there so we engaged in knowing them. We were at night, in the backyard where there was a pool, and we watched the lions closely. They were pets, but i thought it was dangerous so i went away.
      One time i was in the porch of the log cabin, planning to plant some trees. There was an old man besides me, probably thai, and suddenly he dies and is transformed into water. So what i did is to find spots of soil to plant seeds and pour that water so the tree could grow. I planted some seeds but i had one left and there were no spots to plant. So i went all around looking for a spot and i ended up in the third house. It was like the other houses but different floors, everything was covered, no grass. So i went to a football 5 field and dig a hole on the green cloth and put the seed and water there. I was just leaving when i saw a sports teacher from highshool called Fabio. He said that he would see what i did and report it. Well he still had to find it, so i left anyways. I went to the tables of the first house where everyone was eating and watching TV. I sat and in front of me was an english woman and besides me there was a pet lion that was mine, but in front of me there was these woman's lion. She didn't know how to control it. Then i woke up.

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    7. Dream 11/01/2016

      by , 01-11-2016 at 08:01 PM
      Some activities i did before going to sleep. When it was already dark at night i went out with my bicycle for a ride so see some scenarios. I seem to enjoy more of the awareness at night, and that helped me in my dreams tonight.
      Then, before going to sleep, i meditated one hour aproximately in Zazen. That helped me a lot in vividness of my dreams and restfulness of mind in my dreams, at the last moment of a dream that actually helped me got lucid.

      I fell asleep at about 3:00 AM. In my first dream I was at a supermarket. In front of the cashiers, in the same building, there were many shops. In one of those shops there was a woman who kept a tablet that was mine, she said for safety. I wanted to go in and talk to her but the shop was closed. Then i talked to a cashier, and she said that there was no problem that she would give me one (apparently she trusted my word). So he passed the tablet through the laser and she asked me for 15 pesos. I told her that was why i wanted to speak to that woman. There was nothing wrong with my tablet and now i have to pay 15 pesos for nothing. But ok i payed it. Then she bagged it and while she did that we talked about a football match of this morning (which nothing happened in waking life, actually before going to bed i was thinking about football and Argentinean team, something i haven't done for like 2 years). She asked me if i saw the football match of Argentina this morning and i said no, i don't watch football anymore. She was surprised, a man who doesn't watch football, but i wasn't surprised of her, i know that some people are ignorant enough that think everyone will have the same habits. She was with another woman, and for not being rude i said that i haven't watched a single match since Argentina lost the world cup on 2014, she said that she couldn't believe i (actually she did but she said that probably for my tenacy. I actually wasn't interested anymore, it's just a business, that doesn't attract me).

      I went out the supermarket and took a walk in the city. I crossed a street and i saw my grandmother in a car, like working as a taxi driver. I go to the square (scenario i had seen in my bicycle ride before going to sleep). I was heading from a supermarket called Vea to another one, more close to center of the city, called Top. I don't recall so much what happened there. But after that i headed with my mother to a street where there is a school. I saw a small square and next to it the entrance to a garden (street mitre). My mother passed it but wanted to show it to me, and i pointed out that it was behind. She kept going anyways and we went to the end of the street. The building were each time more ... antique, they were like gothic style (the houses were like 2 meters tall, and made of stone, fine stone), and the place looked like a town more than a city. In a street there were some old men playing or washing and i asked my mother if she could stop so i could see them. She did 100 meters more and stopped at the end of the street. I asked her if she could go back. She didn't answer me. I asked her if i could drive. She was staring at me. I told her "It will be ok, it's a lucid dream, im aware" but with compassion (not with conceit like happens other times i get lucid. This is probably a nice effect of the meditation). My dream starts to fade and i find myself awake, but i stay still, thinking that i could return to the dream again. Anyways i was in a bad postion (not awful like other times, but wasn't good either). I thought about the DEILD technique so i stood for a while like that. Then i thought about writing the dream and do a WBTB but i didn't since i would remember the dream. I fell asleep again, i continued in the same dream, but i wasn't lucid. It was like the dream would prolonge for like 10 minutes. So i continued dreaming. We headed with the car to our left. We go to the end of the street where there was a river going down. I got out of the car and my mother was already with his boyfriend so i left them and went on my own. I got myself inside some ruins and jungle. I saw there was no escape from that point onwards so i had to go back and surround that place, go through a river "gate" and there i could continue. I saw there was a big stone, and water flowed below that. It wasn't very dangerous since nobody could fall there, but one could put a hand there. Anyways one wouldn't want to since there were a lot of insects there and a lot of moss. Suddenly i see the boyfriend of my mother coming and he puts a hand in the water and he drinks it. Then he shouts, "i drank some of the water you drink" (like saying to my mother) i told him that is not the water she drinks, this one has insects. He didn't listened to me, probably he heard me. I go back and im ready to go to the river. I was at the spot where the car was (i was to the left of that place). I jump out of some big squared stones and i see to my right (i was in front of the car, so same direction as i was before) and i see a beautiful landscape. The skies were blue, but that blue was covered with purple, orange and yellow. There were some trees, very tall, like 20 or 30 meters of altitude. It was like the earth if it would have evolved spiritually, with no pollution or anything like it. The tree looked like weirwood of game of thrones, but it was taller, and when i saw it and the sky behind it it was a lovely mix of colours. The place was the andino, at the end of Bv Roca, i was standing to the left of what would be that place. By the way, when i was coming down the big squared stones i thought about the benefits of giving up adictions, that it is neccesary, then i saw that beautiful landscape.
    8. 31/12/2015

      by , 12-31-2015 at 06:24 PM
      I had two dreams tonight, or at least two main ones which i wrote down. The first one was after 3 hours and a half after i layed down to sleep, it was at 4:50 AM. The second one ended when i woke up at 10:20 AM.

      The first dream

      I dreamt with Ned Stark, Jaime Lannister, The Imp, Bob Marley, some tribes from the west and some tribes from the east. There was a war going on, but we were like in a fortress or something like that. We weren't going to last in there so the imp planned to scape. We went to a backyard of a house and pulled some bricks up and we got in there. There were many bricks pulled up, some people needed 3, others 4, others 6. We all managed to cross the wall, but soonly after that, these people tried to make some money or steal it perhaps. There was like a game they were playing, that there were three pillows, and three lamps, and each lamp had to fall in a pillow and you had to gather as much lamps as you could, and after that you would get gold coins. So there was a lady, who looked like Claire Forlani, that was doing that. Suddenly she touches some dishes and a pile goes down to the floor and it makes a lot of noise. They scape soon through the wall method, they wanted to leave some light bulbs on the pillow but i take them all but one on each pillow, because otherwise it would have been looking suspicious. However they were turned on, and it was weird since they couldnt be turned off.

      After that i found out some friends, Salva, Joako and Agu. (The scenery was like the pool of a town called Perdices). After that i found out that they listened to Bob Marley and i headed to shops. Then i find the courage to be free in streets (I was in prision before)[For things like this is useful to be lucid, you don't have any limit] and i head west. There i find western indians (which i think they actually were eastern). I meet a group and soon after a civil war of indians explodes. It was funny what they shot, but still dangerous. They have made bows and arrows out of toothpicks, and they were shooting that! Of course they had real bows and arrows but there were few of them, so i was more or less safe, but those others fabrications still could have hurt. While i was climbing a wall, and the indians were climbing trees in front of me, there was a periodistic interviewer asking me questions. I had to appear i didn't know anything so she didn't know i scaped [I should have asked myself, scaped from what?]. I answered the things she asked me until i had to answer something about a case of a business, a pencilcase. I was already at the top of the wall, in front of the indians who were at top of the trees, and i climb the wall completely and i go to the other side.

      Then i dreamt about a cool dream, although short. I was in a field, very vivid landscape. I saw mountains a lake and a river. I thought to myself in that moment. I know now what i want to do in my life, travel and explore rivers. Know all the rivers in my country. I think i had a map in that moment and i saw many rivers and i decided that it would be an awesome trip. I was really happy with this decision i've made.

      Second Dream

      I was dreaming about playing my blue electric guitar in a classroom. The teacher was explaining something and writing things on the board. I left my other guitar on the board. So i got up and went to pick that guitar up, so the teacher could have the board free. I ended up talking with the secretary who was there.

      Then i don't know how but i find myself in the rugby field. There were guitars there as well. And i soon leave. I walk the path outside the primary school, and i cross the street to secondary school. I head behind the bathrooms where there was a SUM, a big building for acts and those purposes. I didn't had to head there but i did. There were some guys calling me, they were older by an year. I went in the saloon, and i enter some new rooms there were built. I go to my right and a guy Juani takes me to the top floor. They had an asignment by one of the business teachers called Marescalchi, to show students how school was not to have fun, that was something grey and boring. But they never told me that, i found out by intuition i guess. So i was taken to the eighth floor. I saw around and it looked like a room of one of my mother's houses. Also it looked like an scenario which i dreamt before, once i was involved in a third world war. So I saw the place and we were going down again. I saw the elevator counting 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 or something like that. It skipped the number 7 because that floor or room was in the other tower. Juani was all the time without saying a word, like dead, but as soon as he saw his friends again he was alive again. Once i was down i headed to my left (where the other tower would be, but even more to my left). I saw a door and i opened it. The room had red walls and there was a guy called Mike, the librarian. He told me to enter, so i did, opening the door again. I went by and i suddenly was outside, and i was sinking in mud to my knee. He was telling me that there was certain people who complained about there. I told him that Martin called me but it was ok. I was looking around and found this door so i inspected it. But meanwhile i was thinking that i shouldn't be there, i mean i should be in the front of the saloon, not in the back. I came out through some rooms there where in the back of the saloon, that means i teletransported. This guy was still talking and i was thinking i should have done a Reality Check, even if he is speaking, no matter what he says [It turns out that most of the times i ask DCs if im dreaming they tend to lie to me, maybe because im not aware enough]. So i think it is still not late and i do a reality check, and i find out i am dreaming. I think that i should try to stabilize this dream because the story ended and soon i would wake up, there wasnt more fuel for the dream to go on. So i think about an "dream prolongation technique" (i thought at that moment something like dream dilatation and dream stabilization). I remain in the same place and i think, maybe dream yoga can help. I haven't read anything about dream yoga but i practice meditation daily so i was ready to do that in the dream, and maybe stabilize it and prolonge it that way, but i didn't manage to sit down that i woke up.

      I tell this in dreamviews chat, 10 AM, and then i go back to sleep again.

      In my third dream i was in the same scenario, hanging out with some friends. And suddenly i start running like wanting to play. And a friend calling Oti follows me, like wanting to hit me, but i see he teletransports himself. Soon after that i woke up. It is almost 2 PM.
      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. 08/12/2012 - Prom ended in a lucid dream

      by , 12-08-2012 at 07:37 PM
      I was in my prom and i went outside the school because security told me that there were some kids getting into the party without invitation. When I went I saw them (all around 5 years old, and even younger, in reality they usually are 15 years old) getting through an open wiring and they vanished as cockroaches do when you turn the lights on. I couldnt do anything because i was amazed by a 2 years old baby crashing into a party, the boy was crawling and crashing into my party, it was very funny to see that. Anyways, that happened and i couldnt do anything, so i went inside again. But now the party was about to finish, it was 5am (it usually finish between 5 and 6) and there were the SWAT blocking the entrance, not letting anyone to go in because they were about to enter. I was outraged because it was my party and it couldnt be that i couldnt enter my own party (well it was not only mine of course but with my classmates). That's a procedure that the police do in every prom of my dreams, but i didnt care and i kept walking towards the door. The police shouted at me and they tried to stop me, and i didnt know even if they were going to shoot at me, but i raised my hands and began to walk to enter the party while saying that it was my party. [Maybe i dreamed that because 7 days ago it was my prom and a similar event happened, the security was asking me for the entry when i was trying to reenter the saloon, and i got very furious]. Everything seemed to go okay when i was walking, although they shouted at me they were letting me in, however a stupid noob police said "NO! I recognize him, he did the same with another party and we let him in and now he is trying to crash the party again" I wanted to punch him, but i began to explain (still with my hands raised over my head) that this was my party and i will tell people inside to confirm this, so i finally got in, and police still waited outside. My friends when they saw me get in began to ask me about this, i think they saw the situation through the window, and i told them how stupid they were.

      When the party was over we headed to the classrooms (3rd year at the top of the building) because there was waiting our school clothes so the collation took place. I noticed the clothes were different, with brown troussers, a different green... it was not the clothes that we used for school but it didnt matter.

      When that ended we headed to the after party into a hotel (in one i recognized i've been before in other dream, which was extremely huge, the size of a small city). In there i was focused in something else than the party. It was monday and i grabbed my laptop to download the last episode of the walking dead, but i noticed that in that day the episode of game of thrones began also! so i was very excited and totally forgot about the party.

      Then all the people that were still in the parties, including my family, headed to the school's dinner hall, but we waited outside a little bit because the door was locked and the person with the key wasnt there yet. In that moment i admired the amazing twilight which was like this:

      So while watching the sky i noticed a flying bus!!! And i told my sister "Look that bus, is flying!!!" And she told me like if i was joking "Yeah look at the moon too" (I dont know what she tried to mean with that) So i thought it was a good idea to look it also, but i couldnt find it. Anyways i told her that i didnt care what she said, that this was a lucid dream. And she replied to me something like if i was crazy. And my father said something also trying to convince me that i was in reality, but i was already flying and of course i wouldnt believe him. I thought that in that moment it would be best to get out of there. The dining hall was next to the rugby field, so i went there and began to spawn some airplanes. They were extremely amazing! I spawned a few and they were monster planes. Seriously, they were like that, they had a monster wheels. I saw one plane lift off and at the end of the field it dissapeared (like the car in back to the future). Those kind of planes went to the space. Anyways that lasted like a minute only, and then i went near my neighborhood. I saw some girls but they were very ugly, so i tried to use my ability of transforming. I began to touch her face and changed her into daenerys targaryen, she was still fat so i touched her arms, legs, belly to make her more skinny. And there my dream began to fade. It was all black, i knew i woke up but i thought that i was in sleep paralysis so i didnt tried to move, maybe i could enter a new dream, but nothing happened because i was very unconfortable.

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    10. Nice wagon experience

      by , 08-30-2012 at 12:52 AM
      I was on the outskirts of the city, near a railway during night. I was in the middle of nowhere actually but the train went through there, however at middle of the night there was a creppy transport system. It was more like a wagon, which went alone and it was extremely cheap. I was with my mother and my sister and they insisted me to take it rather than a taxi that was extremely expensive. So i took it, it was the first time for me. It drived alone and of course I had to go alone since it was very small. I went through the railway and every 20 meters there like alleys where there were stops, but those alleys could only be reach from the city (the railway was now parallel to the city street, i had to go to the end and then turn to the right). I was really scared by the way, but i finally got to the city safe. When i reached there i jumped off the wagon before it stopped and i started to walk. In reality i always look carefully at buildings, and in this dream i looked at them too and i realized i was dreaming. However i already dreamed for a long time and i guessed that woker me up.
      lucid , memorable
    11. 1 GTA Mission?

      by , 05-20-2012 at 07:20 PM
      I was in a alley and some pink lights flashed from the walls, like GTA San Andreas. There were two, meaning that I had two missions that I could do. One of them consisted on learn how to lucid dream (ironic to learn how to LD in a dream) and the second one consisted in going upstairs (there was a ladder nearby) where there were a lot of kids working in a oxygen factory and kill them all (Those are the kind of missions of GTA). So I went upstairs but I saw they were hundreds of them. Then I started getting involved with them and I saw that there were two groups, and of course they always fought or at least they were resented. (There was the factory and a supermarket, those were the two groups). Then I saw hatches and I panicked because I knew they could close them but we would be all dead.

      Later on I became the owner of that giant factory so I left the children, forgot the GTA mission, and went walking to my school. At that moment I knew it was very late and it was the first day of classes, so I went to my aunt's house to see if she could take me to the school. I walked a lot, went through many past dream scenes but I finally got to her house. At the moment I got in I became lucid. I did a reality check, which at first didn't work well but at the end it worked. I forgot completely about the stabilaze so when I tried to change the dream scene the dream just collapsed. I've dreamed a lot before I became lucid. When I woke up it was 11.15 AM and I went to sleep at 4 AM. When I woke up I tried to remain still to try DEILD technique but it didn't work.
      lucid , non-lucid
    12. Scaping from led suit guys/Incredible mountains

      by , 05-12-2012 at 10:42 AM
      I was on my bedroom and my TV had a function which I could summon people. I thought they were real people until one of them tried to kill me. Actually me and my parents were the only people in the world. I was too terrifyed that I ran away... but there were like "police" that caught me. Actually they were guys with lead suit. They hold me in a room where I met my friends. We were awfully scared because we knew they were going to kill us. When those guys transfered from rooms they had to disinfect us so we took that opportunity to hit the guard and scape. A load of guards came to us and caught some of them but me and another friend managed to scape. There was a guard following us and if he catched us he would kill us so we ran and ran but all within the building's limits. Then I spotted an exit door and in that moment I realized that I was dreaming but the dream collapsed.

      Then I was with my family in some mountains. We stood to see the landscape and it was awesome: Was dark so you could see the moon and stars but they were so shiny that it reflected all the landscape, just perfect. It's like any picture of a dream scene you can get on internet.
      Well in those mountains there was a long passage which led to the city. We had to be very careful about savages but both ends of the passages were ours. The other end (city's end) of the passage discovered some ice balls that they could throw and they made a huge explosion that froze everyone nearby. They started throwing a lot of of them so those who were on the mountains started running to the city but they found that those that were on the city started running to the mountains, and they yelled "RUN!" so we freaked and ran again towards the mountains. Then all calmed down and I went to the city to throw one of those balls and have some fun, but I threw them so quickly that they ran out immediately however they didn't explode. We went to collect them and after that we hid them in different parts of the room (it was in the end of the passage). Then i woke up.
      memorable , lucid , non-lucid