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    1. 08-08-2017

      by , 08-08-2017 at 06:57 PM
      I was on a closed neighborhood which seemed to be calm, maybe in a town. It was night and i was walking around outside, between the houses. There seemed to be no streets there, so the backyards of the houses were all connected: they had a small personal backyard and beyond that it was forest or just common property. I entered a house and inside i see a school teacher. (I've finished highschool 5 years ago but i still have dreams related to that. However the later dreams i have had i had more freedom of choice, so i kinda did what i pleased even though i thought i was still a student in the school.) I decided that i didnt want to deal with him, so i went through the door i came to the backyard. I looked to my right and there were more teachers gathered, like having a party. I didnt want to go there or get involved (It seemed like a school party), so i looked to my left and i saw a woman with long black wet hair covering her face, just standing there close to the forest but still on the houses common backyard. I made a little pause to make a decision. It was just a quick thought of "is this what i want?" and in less than a second i realized and thought "i definitely don't want to go to the party, (unconscious: but that woman is scary) so ill just walk over here not bothering the woman either and ill be fine." So i started to walk towards east, just to get away from there (from the teacher i met inside) and as soon as i was in a straight line towards her this woman rushed towards me, grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me trying to push me to the wall. I had her face right in from of mine, like 5-10 centimeters away and she looked ugly, she actually didnt look alive although she was fully fleshed. I just forcefully tried to keep her away from me but the dream didnt last for too long. I woke up scared but i went back to sleep calm knowing it was just a nightmare.
      Tbh i dont know how i could have dealt with her if i continued dreaming... i would have wanted to beat her but also i would have to defend myself if she continued attacking me. Maybe if i was lucid and without fear at all i would have tried to tie her up and see if she was still aggresive then i would leave her, if not then i could have taken her to where she belongs if she was lost, or i would have helped her.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    2. 04/11/2016

      by , 11-05-2016 at 04:11 AM
      3:44 - About 4 hours of sleep.

      I dreamt with a very vivid storm happening in house of María Olguín, the house i currently slept in. My older sister was there, i had some arguments about her smoking in the house and then she put music, which i tend not to like (it was night, so i disagreed even more). I was in the bedroom, and i saw that rain was coming down from the window and soon it would fill the entire room and beds would float, although there was a drain in the middle of the room. In order to prevent that i went outside to clear the gutters from leaves. I go outside to climb the stairs to the terrace, and i find myself stuck in the middle of the stairs because i saw winds coming from the east. Also i saw a tornado like a block away, north, and about 15 meters to my left, so i thought it might destroy our house or it might just pass by, any of those choices could happen. Since it was a huge storm coming from the east, and a lot of wind i thought to go back inside, there was no way i could clear the gutters. I wanted to go back, but the wind was so strong that i couldn't walk too much, or else i would fly away. I saw paper flying away, and hitting me. I knew i was about going to die. I actually thought about it when my sister went outside to smoke because of my complaints, she said that a huge storm was coming. A huge storm only meant a "cosmical storm" (dream sign, like a storm where the universe ends, something like a big crunch). So i knew i was just a couple of minutes of dying. I wasn't agitated, but ... i was aware that not only i would loose my house, the whole city would be destroyed, but my sister would die, and i would loose my body and of course all the memories and "knowledge" gathered in this lifetime. I thought at that moment of remaining conscious, alert, mindful. I heard a classmate from highschool, apparently he lived next door in the building, that he already started flying. The tornado approached and was going to hit the house, not passing by. It was big, bigger than i thought it was. Even if it was small, if i went in there i wouldn't come out alive (unless i realized it was a dream and could fly away). The papers flied towards the earthy tornado and the winds and rains from the east merged with it. Finally the water from the east arrived home, and destroyed everything, including me. It was like a tsunami, although it came out of the rain. I remained in the same position, wasn't carried away by the water, but the house was immersed by the water. I had the eyes closed so i didn't know if i was dead or alive. But i could sense that apart from water the whole house was debris and it mixed with the water, which gave it a brown tone. I thought "is this dying?", and i didn't know if i was dead yet. But even still, if i wasn't dead i would be because i would drown. So i took a breath in on purpose, because i thought it would be better to do it and remain mindful of the process, instead of running out of oxygen and then desperating because i can't breathe. I didn't breathe in water... so i don't know... but i thought that it was already over, and also that i could go anywhere with my mind. Having no interest to explore i woke up.

      I checked the time, saw my cat sleeping on the couch next to me, that tranquilized me a bit. Then i wrote the dream on my cellphone. Then i got up, went to bathroom, looked for water, and got back to bed thinking perhaps about wilding.

      At 7:20 i woke up again having had a lucid dream.

      I was in my bedroom. I don't remember very well how it happened, but i questioned if it could be a lucid dream. I took some time to do a reality check, like i would take while waking, and i looked at my hand while pressing the left middle finger through the palm of the right hand. I saw my hand with something like a white glow, but actually imperceptible. Then i saw the finger pushing through and making a black hole in the palm of the hand. I said to myself, oh wow, yes it is a dream! I just did the reality check just as routine, convinced that the dream was reality, and when i found out it was a dream still i was lucid but still the dream didn't feel like it was a dream (but i wouldn't be fooled). Anyways i did the reality check before the dream collapsed, and after i got lucid the dream collapsed and i woke up. But even when i woke up i thought that it could not be so, because it could be a false awakening. So i checked my surroundings. I had woken up where i was lying, and everything was the same, the lights were a bit brigth enough to see but dark to know it's still night. Damn i thought, i truly awake. I think the sign that made me think i was awake was that i felt the body heavy. But... it actually was a false awakening, and i didn't do a reality check, even though i could have. Then when i really awoke i found out.

      Then at 9:30 i dreamt had another dream, which wasn't short.

      I dreamt about being in a kiosk. It was night, and i was dressed as hippie, like coming out of my apartment with whatever clothes just to but something and go back. I wanted to buy a chocolate, but the young lady said she didn't have. Then i asked for an alfajor, "Grandote, triple". I think she didn't have that either. There were other 2 people buying but i didn't pay attention to them. They were going to clubs probably. Then the lady told me that i should stay there, that i violated some things because of the chocolate (i wasn't supposed to eat chocolate or something like that). I didn't resist, nor tried to escape like i could have done, i remained calm and let the situation unfold. I knew i had power over myself. The man grabbed some handcuffs and he put them in my hands and in my anckles, and they were linked by a chain. Then he entered me in the kiosk, and guided me to the back, where he and she had a laboratory (a pharmaceutical laboratory). Then he opens the high security door and i get in. Inside there was like a pit and many ... characters there who were there to fight, but weren't agressive. Like gladiators. Although i don't like to kill, and i would refrain from doing it, at first i just didn't control myself, and just defended myself being the first and fastest attacker. Then when there were like 5 left, some of the toughest ones i thought that what i was doing wasn't right, so i stopped. (I was using like energy out of my hands, and that made the DC dissapear). The remaining characters weren't agressive, they knew that i still was powerful and could defend myself, but also knew i wouldn't, but even so they didn't attacked me because they were also kind of surprised, and they did more or less the same. I decided that it was time to go out, and i went out.
      I got out to the streets and it was dawning. I was in Cordoba, in street caceres de allende, or actually the following street (which i don't know), and reaching Bv San Juan. In a shop there were some matrix agents. I was aware of them, but wasn't bothered by them, they were just some other dream characters. I sensed that in Bv San Juan there was going some kidnapping going on, so i went there, and tried to save the girl/girls being kidnapped. Then i woke up.
    3. Dream 15/01/2016

      by , 01-15-2016 at 05:51 PM
      First dream i dream about being in a shopping:
      -First i was with my younger sister, she was buying a hamburger.
      -Then i was with Fran. He wanted to purchase a puzzle game. I stood by his side, probably i had to answer as well. Then i note that the ladies were just walking there.

      Then i was on school, talking about Game of Thrones with Fran. Then he talks about it with another classmate called Mili. Then he just layed on the floor, to sleep. We were on a break. I was just sitting on a table talking with some classmates called Ro and Mica J. Mica handed me a brochure with ten points, and she asks me, remember these? I said yes, i do. The number 8 specially. I don't know what that brochures were but i seemed to know in my dream. Then a woman comes, she was interviewing groups. I didn't mind to go and get interviewed but i refused. So she appealed for kind of threats. She said, well i will have to call by names of the lists. It was actually the same, and i didn't care. She wasn't a teacher. Anyways she left with a group.

      Then i find myself in a walking path/road in a forest. I was with two older guys. I was being chased and suddenly the chaser came. He was Salva's bigger brother. But he came out of prision, he was something like Sideshow Bob. I hid and the two older guys said they didn't know where i was. Then i was being tired of seeing that. I knew i was stronger, those enemies were strong too but behind my capabilities. So i came out and grabbed this guy by the neck.
      Then i find myself coming out of a roof, from a house located in Hugo Salvai's shop. I came out of the window of that house, (it looked like a realistic dreaming scenario, i had high awareness but no lucidity) and the front yard had yellow flowers with healing powers. Immediately when i came down and stepped into the flowers i knew the powers of those flowers and adquired them as well. Since i was the first i was the only one that i could adquire them. Then i saw these people, now they were 2, were chasing me on a car. I run in the opposite sense of the street, with a great velocity. And i continue running. I didn't care if a car hitted me, i would jump. My velocity was about 40-50 km/h. After about 5-6 blocks i stopped in a cafe, next to a building, with the intention of jumping the wall and hiding in the building. I just crashed on that open cafe and went on invisible mode, so people in there couldn't see me. By that time i knew i was being chased and i heard some noises of Waking Life, so i knew i was dreaming. I suddenly woke up.
    4. Dream/Nightmare 12/01/2016

      by , 01-12-2016 at 07:27 PM
      In my last dream I was on a street (don't know which, perhaps what i recall of Oxford, in the way of a park aparted from the city) and i go to the corner to buy some tea. I ask the lady for some tea and she starts looking, as Oliver from Harry Potter would look for his wands. She comes with a box of tea and i say no, i want minted tea, so she comes with another box and it was of pills for the mouth, then she comes with another box and i say ok, give me those, it said something like "frozen ice", what would say in gum etiquettes. After that i stayed there, we were outside of the shop and we were talking about a field where she was, called "La Catalina" and she said that when she stayed there the environment was so peaceful that she had relaxed and increased her vibrations on the body to the point where she is very healthy. There was a small field to our side, with tall grass and i could note that there was good energy circulating around. I told her i was on that field too, i was on "La Catalina", the same street where you were, i even said hi to you (she is the neighbour) and you replied but didn't recognize me. It is a peaceful place i kept saying, but there were animals in my place, that made it a bit noisy, so it wasn't so relaxing after all. I then recall being there and running around the house (it was close to a river). When it became dark i went around a few more time and then came inside the house. I went through it and through probably a hall to a house in the back. There i found my grandfather brother, Daniel, which was cooking an Asado.

      In my previous dream i was in the house of my father. There was a celebration going on, so there were many people. There comes a king and a queen and other important people. I bow down to salutate them, and i do it concentrated. Then someone asks me for a certificate of birth, so i knew i had to go and it get at the back of the house. I go there and there was already my grandfather and my younger sister going already. There was rain in courtyard and a dog there. I went inside the room and saw them using the computer.

      After that scene i find myself on the streets going at the end of the street of my house, Maria Olguin, with a ghost car in front of me, a Fiat Uno, and a truck behind it which i was driving. That car in front of me had noone to drive it, and i was responsible for it, it just went becase the streets were going down, so it went because of gravity. I turned right at the end of the street and stopped. I stopped behind it, and it was surprising that it was well parked. There were some old people in the streets. An old man, probably 57 years of age and an old woman who looked like a young child of 7, but she was like 60. They were living on the streets because they decided to do so. They raised and traded some animals that looked like ducks but had a body like a mammal, it looked like this:

      Then i think i find myself in cordoba, outside Patio Olmos, or somewhere alike. I see my cousin Jessica. She found a bag with a lot of recordings and some documents of great value to her. I think i felt jealous at that moment. Anyways i wanted to know about a girl that i have met before and lost her, and she had information of her so i kept by her side. She finds out that her mother has been transfering some money to other children so she gets herself angry and sad, she eventually leaves the house. My aunt was there with my mother. She left and she haven't said anything about this girl i liked. But my sister came and she said don't worry, she passed me all the recording. So i started listening the recordings. I would listen all of them, one by one. The first one was about a song. I remember that like 10 years ago i couldn't transfer music to my palm, so i just recorded it, and it appears that that was what she did. So i had to listen to that ugly music, until my father says "turn off that music" because he didn't liked it. I saw him and many others on the dining room. They came from the house where i was supposed to get the birth certificate. I asked them if we were going to play Cashflow, and everyone agreed. So i sat and the roles were given. Then something happens with a real cheese, that was part of the valuables of the game, and the roles changed. I was sitting by the side of Maester Aemon, but after the cheese thing the scenario changed and it was like the room of misteries of Hogwarts and we were playing on it. There was water rising and we save the game, just in case... (didn't know we could do that) and after that our team feels that our energy is dried and we are without forces to cast spells or to even grab people. There were a lot of people playing and we had to fight. I was one of the strongest players, and now i was not, but i kept faith, i had to be one of the strongest anyways. Before the game ended, i surely had to defeat like 5 players but in spite of the confidence i had i also knew i wouldn't make it. So i see at the end of the room that Draco Malfoy was heading away, already victorious. I wouldn't let that happen so i followed him, like on a win or loose mision. He went to a hall and he climbed up stairs, i almost had him. Then he enters the room (that place looked like the house of my mother at Bv Roca) and wakes up his mates. One of them looked exactly like him but was bigger. I knew i couldn't beat them, even though i was outside the old scenario and i was stronger already, so i escaped. I didn't go where i came, i headed to some stairs to my left and i went down. It was all dark, even when we climbed up with Draco, and that place was even darker. I went down and i hid myself on the basement. I didn't know that that was the place where they hid the dead people. I was terrified so i remained still, and i see that dead people began to move around. There begins the nightmare, which made like a full story i didn't actually experience but i felt the fear, i woke up after that. When i woke up i realized it was a nightmare so i wasn't that scared, but anyways there was a little fear remaining from the dream. As soon as i woke up i wrote down the dream.
    5. 1/01/01 Remebering the event

      by , 09-07-2012 at 11:13 PM
      In my first dream i was drinking Mate in the school, outside the class. It was raining and i could tell it was summer. There were nobody but us and 5th. Once we got inside we still were drinking Mate and it emmitted music... The teacher got mad (Fisica) and it took us the Mate.

      The other dream was far more interesting. I was on the street and some random guy was talking. He said that what is happening is like the event that happened in 1/01/01. And we remembered that event, going back in time. We went exactly to the place where that event trascurred in the time it did. It was in my city in the street "Baigorria 300" and there was a man with an "atomic bomb" in his chest saying he is going to blow up everyone. The police surrounded him and then i guess they caught him but i went fast to a plane which was full of people. The plane looked more like a ship... because there were rows of at least 30 seats with no space between them. Anyways the plane couldn't even go to air because it was shot when it was lifting, therefore it had to do land in the street. There was a lot of fire, it was a mess (like the mess when Martin Luther King was shot) and people terrified going around. We manage to land "safely". It turns out to be that we landed in a guerrilla zone. And somehow we had weapons (a pistol and a rifle). I started shooting to the enemies (it was obvious who was the enemy since they were dressed in a peculiar way) and i saw that we were outnumbered, and my ammunition was scarce. Therefore instead of using the guns i realized i had to use my head. What we did was to hide, and although some enemies went through us and i wanted to shoot it wasn't wise. I don't know how, but my allies had found an escape route, but we had to take down a lot of enemies first. So we did it, but i realized that each time we shoot a guy the next one was harder to kill. I always shot at the head but the last guy i shot i had to shoot at him at least 5 times with the rifle until he died. They didn't have weapons... they were more like zombies because you shoot them and they came for you, and if they managed to get to you then you were dead. That's what happened... i couldn't kill this last guy and then i heard the alarm. Thank god i woke up, but it was a very nice nightmare (i like action nightmares haha).
    6. Being in middle age turns to Buenos Aires

      by , 05-04-2012 at 09:32 PM
      I was on a test with a teacher called Silvana, but I was outside school. The place was like a prision of india.

      After that short dream ended I woke up by the alarm. It was 2 am so I wanted to try WILD.

      In the process I fell asleep normally so I didn't achieve WILD, however in the dream I said ""Damn it, i fell asleep, i couldn't do WILD", but even saying that I didn't become lucid. Maybe it was because the dream was still not vivid, I had to stabilize it.

      Later I dreamt about an old console I had with a cool game that I still want to play. It was Sega Genesis, but still the games I had were completely different.

      After that I changed to a completely different story that lasted until the end of the dream. I was in the middle age. If you watch Game of Thrones, I was on the side of the Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke) so we got into a castle, infiltrated. The Khaleesi was with another man and as there wasn't anybody on the castle yet, the man fucked her. But they didn't know that their troops (which were outside of the island waiting) were decimated. When the Khaleesi knew that the people were hunting her she started to run upstairs, and she appeared in a hotel room. There was a chinese, master of Kung Fu, that wanted to kill her so she ran to a different room. Nobody was able to help her and that chinese reached her. She had to defend herself, but something amazing happened: she saw the future and she saw that she almost killed that chinese. Therefore that happened. Then they appeared in a big city, Buenos Aires, and the chinese went to play the violin into a bar. That was the time where the Khaleesi could scape so she did it. Then the Khaleesi transformed into me and the guy with her into my sister, but still in Buenos Aires. We were looking for a hospital, and we found one very close. We went there (it was night by then) and a lot of low class (guachos) came from the end of the street. Clearly they were going to steal to us, so we hid. Many of them passed through but the last ones saw us and they started threatening us. I couldn't fight him because I was tired (fought the chinese) so he stole all of my money.
      memorable , non-lucid , nightmare