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    Nolte is a bad guy

    by , 04-30-2012 at 03:26 PM (792 Views)
    I was on my parent's room. I had to go out with my friends but it was dark and rainy and a bit late. My options were going walking or in bicycle but none of them were good since my friends live on the other side of the city. Besides I had to escape.
    A french woman, Claire, comes to me and hands me a card, keys and papers. She says something (which I don't remember) that if I could do a favor to her (which implied going out of the house) like encouraging me to escape.

    After that scene I appeared on the center of the city. There was a lot of mess due to political things, which I couldn't understand. [Many things happened there but the images are now a bit distorted so I rather don't tell.] I went back walking from the center to my house and in the path I saw the daughter of the french woman with Nick Nolte. This french woman is married but Nick was harassing her saying that he was a plastic surgeon. She is very naive so she believed him but I went there very angry and started punching him. Then he started grabbing my face and I did the same. While we were doing that I saw how our face got twisted and I even talked to him about that, and how this happens only in dreams but I couldn't realize I was dreaming...

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    1. Sliverspark's Avatar
      Lol! Interesting man, you're not the only one that has had dreams with famous people in them.