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    November 9th - 2017 Dream fragment

    by , 11-09-2017 at 06:39 PM (249 Views)
    I recall two fragments. The first one is more extense:

    - I was in the top of what it looked a transmission tower. I think it was in the building process, and we were working to finish it that day but idk why i was working on it since i've never done that. Also the tower had a great altitude, maybe it was the tallest in the world. From up there you could see people on the ground as if they were ants.

    It was something like this:

    But i was up there with no security harness and i had to climb down since there were no stairs. I realized at that moment i was freightened to altitude but that wouldnt help me to go down, where i wanted to be. Since i knew i would be better off down in the ground than up there, and that it was more dangerous to stay there than go down, still freightened i began climbing down. It was weird but for some reason i wouldnt let go of the fear, and at those moments i was paralized at least for a few seconds, thinking about fear.

    In reality even though very high altitudes kinda scare me im not that freightened, and im ok with normal altitudes. But now i see this is one my major dream signs.

    I dont know how but after a moment i was in the ground. It was night and i was in a fantasy city, like if it was a Disney movie. Fat guys, like from comics of capitalism, came out of houses and made shows like if it was a musical, it was really weird. But i was cool since even though i didnt become lucid i knew there was something odd, like it wasnt real or it was like a production for a movie or something similar.

    The second fragment:

    I was in a dungeon maze. It was well built, but it was dark. I had a torch but its light was very weak. Suddenly i found myself in a pit with a lot of monsters (bugs) attacking me. I could survive a wave of them but i had to get out of there soon.

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