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    Scaping from led suit guys/Incredible mountains

    by , 05-12-2012 at 10:42 AM (513 Views)
    I was on my bedroom and my TV had a function which I could summon people. I thought they were real people until one of them tried to kill me. Actually me and my parents were the only people in the world. I was too terrifyed that I ran away... but there were like "police" that caught me. Actually they were guys with lead suit. They hold me in a room where I met my friends. We were awfully scared because we knew they were going to kill us. When those guys transfered from rooms they had to disinfect us so we took that opportunity to hit the guard and scape. A load of guards came to us and caught some of them but me and another friend managed to scape. There was a guard following us and if he catched us he would kill us so we ran and ran but all within the building's limits. Then I spotted an exit door and in that moment I realized that I was dreaming but the dream collapsed.

    Then I was with my family in some mountains. We stood to see the landscape and it was awesome: Was dark so you could see the moon and stars but they were so shiny that it reflected all the landscape, just perfect. It's like any picture of a dream scene you can get on internet.
    Well in those mountains there was a long passage which led to the city. We had to be very careful about savages but both ends of the passages were ours. The other end (city's end) of the passage discovered some ice balls that they could throw and they made a huge explosion that froze everyone nearby. They started throwing a lot of of them so those who were on the mountains started running to the city but they found that those that were on the city started running to the mountains, and they yelled "RUN!" so we freaked and ran again towards the mountains. Then all calmed down and I went to the city to throw one of those balls and have some fun, but I threw them so quickly that they ran out immediately however they didn't explode. We went to collect them and after that we hid them in different parts of the room (it was in the end of the passage). Then i woke up.

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