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    1. Tuesday 26th February 2019

      by , 02-28-2019 at 03:19 AM
      This dream was from a nap i took because i was feeling ill.

      I was laying on my back and i entered the dream still hearing sounds from outside my bedroom. Even though i was conscious of this, and even though the transition from waking reality to the the dream was very smooth, i didn't have a WILD. I started the dream in a train/bus. It had windows and i was seeing we were going around London city. We were going to a park where there was an event, but we were going to get lost. I was travelling with my sister, although when i looked around i also saw some of my friends from school. Anyway we decided to keep going even though we were going to get lost and i was saying out loud semi-lucid "i don't care if we get lost, we're in London, this is amazing and so beautiful!".
      The bus/train (sometimes it was a bus, sometimes a train) had a mechanism where you could take an SD card from it and you could replace your phone's SD card with it. BUT before leaving the bus you had to put one back. If you didn't the driver will notice (100% of the times because the bus had a sensor or some advanced technology lol) and the bus wouldn't continue.
      When the train reached the final station i almost panicked because we werent exactly in land. The rails were up like 20 meters in the air and if the train kept going we were going to fall. But it stopped. Anyway we had to get out and step on the rails... it was kinda a challenge to get out but not really because the rails were different. There were big squares in between where you could step. Of course if you stepped out you'd fall because there were also empty spaces in between. We went out of the train and entered the station. From outside the station seemed like abandoned and inside it was deteriorated and it was a place where homeless people would sleep. But it was the final stop of the train nevertheless, and a lot of people got out in that stop. Since we were all going to the event we all got out there. I saw some people, including my friends, starting to run because they didnt want to stay in that station when the sun went down, which was going to be in like 15 minutes. So far that place was safe, but soon when people would leave it wouldn't be apparently. Even though i did not fear the place i didn't like it and didn't want to stay there. There was like a bad vibe there. So i was going to follow the people, run if i had to, why not? Walking sometimes is boring. But i woke up.
    2. Dreams from 20 to 30 October

      by , 11-01-2016 at 06:04 PM
      These are the notes i took. Some dreams i remember, some of them i just don't remember.


      From 10:15pm to 6:30 am

      Had recall, but since i wrote words, and now i don't remember what they meant they are like random words now.

      26/10/2016 8:40 AM

      I dreamt that i was swimming in a river. There were sharks in the water. I arrive my aunt's backyard.

      Dario says that "Argentineans" should involve less in movies. (It could as watching movies).

      I dreamt with Daniel.

      Great dream vividness: 29/10/2016 5:42am

      I was on IRC chat. I was with a pink name... I don't know what it meant, but at the end it didn't mean anything (like status, doesn't mean anything). We or I were or was talking about Endurance. But what we talked about endurance didn't make much sense (although it could make sense, but it's not directly that): we said it was perception, volition.

      I dreamt with a statue and it was pouring drops of water. The drops of water were very big, and they had a lot of energy. (this part was vivid, or detailed). There were 5 stars in the statue. (I could think of the tree of Ori and the blind forest like similar to this stone statue).

      30/10/16 4:50

      Elephant's trump.
      - something about taxes of someone else -
      I dreamt with Pedro and an innofensive joke.
      Then a fight. 3 vs 3. Something about Kenia.

      Then although i took notes i don't remember.

      30/10/16 8:00 am

      I run through Cerro Chacabuco. There were Salva and Juan Ur with me.

      It was a village on the mountains, like 3000 meters high.

      On this road i saw a higuer mountain, and the Everest.

      Then i dreamt about giving answers to a woman that was a teacher. (Why not?)

      at 10:20 i dreamt:

      Elevator and shopping.



      I dreamt with teacher of school. Chemistry and physics. I don't remember what the dream was about, but she was just there.

      Then i dreamt something about school.

      Then i come from the school bathroom and i enter the highschool hall. My mother was there and i am aproached by an english teaching, which i didn't like, and im told that because of some disease or abnormality in the past months i don't have seizures, but i should have seizures because it was a disease i should have had. I started crying and went away, didn't even want to say something to her. I thought that she was being cruel, but at the same time she "couldn't be blamed" because it was something about a general sickness, nothing to do with her. (When i woke up i realized that the other way around could be, so the dream made no sense: for not having seizures im sick. So she could have been lying and being cruel after all. Also i don't believe in something deterministic like that, that i should have because of destiny. Not at all.)
    3. Tuesday 01/11/2016

      by , 11-01-2016 at 04:11 PM
      I slept at 1 AM. Woke up at 5:30 with good recall. The day before i haven't taken Ginko Biloba, and the day before i took 5/8 of a (60mg) pill. I don't know if this has any effect on lucid dreaming, but anyways i take notes on it.

      I was on a building in Córdoba. A police woman calls Moria (an Argentinean woman that appears often on TV) through the apartment phone (that actually calls between the building). Moria says that she's coming (she was on home arrest). I grab an orange sweater that i think it was mine, and i go outside (from the 10th floor or so straight to the streets...). Outside in a empty shop in front of the building i see Moria slapping another woman, younger but she wasn't "pretty". Then she offers me drugs. I raise my right hand like saying i pass. But then both of them offer me... and i raise again my hand and i say that i don't want anything to do with that violence i saw, and i go away.

      I walk from there and about 20 meters away there was a school sports teacher supervising a football game. I ask if i could get in (so i get away from Moria). Benja Cala was about to get in, but he allows me to get in for a moment. Also i was with a lot of clothes, and i didn't want to take them off probably because of fear of these women; so the football game would make me sweat and i would take them off.

      Then i appear in a room of the school, which was in front of primary. It used to be the TV room in school. We were there with Agus, Joako and Mati, still with the ball. I hear Fabio ask where was i, so i come out to the pitch again. I knew i was going to go out of the game so i walk loosely like making fun and i fall on purpose. There were some girls watching the game, and Mili asks like if she were a lady or something like that, also making fun: "Are you ok Lisandro?". It was funny how she asked, and i realized she knew i was mocking, and she was mocking as well.

      Then i am on the building again. But it looked like my apartment of Cordoba. I was facing the wall that leads to the backyard, and to my right was Vicky. I ask her about her dreams, if she recalled her dreams and ... what about her dreams. She tells me she doesn't have any. I was probably anxious to tell her about lucid dreaming that i went straight to that, instead of telling her that she needed to work on recall. I told her "Ok, Vicky, you in my dreams will have to tell me that they are dreams, what do you say?" Then i start thinking about what i just said. I thought two things: one is regret of saying that, because why would she want to? The second is about the dreams itself. Oh... this is a dream. Im lucid. But the dream starts to desestabilize and i wake up (do i?).

      I try to get back into the dream, by force. I failed, but i didn't wake up either. I knew that if i woke up i would wake up on my bed, in my mothers house in Rio Cuarto. But i appeared on my house of about 10-12 years ago: Baigorria, and i didn't notice something was wrong. I was in my sisters room (which actually looked like my younger sisters room of house Las Heras (next house after Baigorria) and i was telling my older sister about the lucid dream i just had: that i was on a building in Cordoba. The building was located in street San Juan... and else, but i didn't realize that was also a dream and a false awakening.

      Anyways days before i had discussions with my sister, that she wanted to be alone in the apartment... I saw no way of doing that since i had to study for exams, but an opportunity presented so i traveled to Rio Cuarto. In the dream i was also determined to leave her alone... so i was about to leave the house. I had a luggage bag ready and a backpack. I went outside, stopped a cab (remis) and i put the backpack in the back seat. I told him to wait i was going to bring the luggage. I thought that he might just take off, but he was waiting outside. I grabbed the luggage bag, and after that i thought about the tooth brush, and it was upstairs. With the luggage in hand i climbed the stairs, and i realized it probably was too much weight to carry it around, so i left it on the middle of the stairs. I grabbed the toothbrush and noticed that the cab already went away. I went down and outside, and saw that he indeed went away.

      On the streets i call the cab company and i ordered the cab that was on street Baigorria to come again.

      I see in the street some transit police. They were poor. I also see old couples (60 years old), fat, having sex on the pickups... But it wasn't in the car, it was outside... Very undiscrete, and disgusting.

      Then i was about to walk inside but i appear on the cab that had gone. He was in front of my house again. I was in the front seat and i looked at the backseat where the driver was who was inspecting my backpack. Then he realized i was watching him and felt like a slight shame. He gave me the backpack and told me that he thinks that "everything comes back. (Then he said: but some people might need to steal because of the urgency and later pay back, and they choose so.)" I disagreed with him (A. He probably thought something about the law of kamma. That is not always the case. B. People steal because their own lack of virtue. You can be very poor but have a sense of self-respect, and you don't steal.). He came back because he (himself) was recording a video in the cab, to catch thieves, but since he caught himself on camera he came back to record himself also giving the backpack back.

      Then i go outside the cab and i knew that he would go quickly, not slow enough for me to see the plate numbers. I went outside and stood behind the car. And i saw like 5 different plate numbers and every number was constantly changing. I thought it was weird, but probably the driver was doing this (like in the movie the Transporter would do). Also i saw one plate changing, and i gave up thinking that it would be impossible to track him down. Then he went away. (Probably he was waiting for me to give up because he would constantly change the numbers). I wanted the plate numbers so i could go to the transit police i saw earlier. Even though i thought it could be dangerous, because the drive knew where my house was, i was determined to do it.

      Then i went inside the house and Eri told me that i should be careful of the drivers. But while she was saying that she was "playing" with a tiger... A tiger was on two legs leaning towards her, so she had to pay attention to it. And i thought about her hypocrisy and said to her: "Actually one should be more careful about the tigers than the humans".

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    4. 24 October 2016

      by , 10-24-2016 at 04:08 PM
      Fell asleep at about 3 am. Meditated a bit until 1am sitting in bed. I woke up at 6:10 and just after the alarm sounded, so i had no time for a short moment of sloth after waking up. I dreamt:

      - Similar place to second life, as I were somewhere in France (i don't know why France, i don't know France but Paris). It was a forest at night, on a road.
      - I was in my old house located in street Baigorria. I was reflecting on a thought of a "dwelling place". I really was immerse in that thought and was interesting. I wasn't looking for a superficial dwelling place, but rather the body would be a dwelling place, but even that is coarse. I wanted to realize deeper (jhanas) but i knew i needed practice. There was an app, that was very complete in the sense one could practice and master jhanas with that app. Just like an app that one trains for chess but without playing chess, in a similar way it worked for meditation. I was happy with it because it provided for a good opportunity to master a valuable practice (meditation), but i also knew it was subject to change, to cessation, so it had the potential to be unsatisfying. Then i woke up... (so the app ended up being unsatisfying since i couldn't practice with it).


      - I remember a teaching that is "a man enter the restaurant and he is handed the menu. He thanks, he eats the menu, pays and goes home. That man didn't know the menus are not for eating but for ordering the food", in a similar way happened with the app in this dream. I had the information that the app did was well developed, but i didn't test it to try out if it really improved meditation. (Actually it would be like mental exercises, but to prepare for obstacles in meditation).
      - The night before i listened to a talk of AN book of 6 about (annica, dukkha, annata, and letting go of dosa, lobha and moha; release and nibbana). Interesting talk, inspiring. Also i wanted to search for an app of Soundcloud, to store audio files.
      - During the day, yesterday, i observed with attention what was seen and heard (mainly, also felt) and thought about second life, that had poor graphics but want to emulate the world.
      - Dwelling place is a translation for Brahmaviharas. Developing the Brahmaviharas can result in Jhana, which is a temporary home for the mind (a home for the mind would be to dwell in Nibbana).

      I haven't slept aftwerwards because i wanted to get up at dawn.
    5. 23 October 2016

      by , 10-24-2016 at 12:53 PM
      I woke up at 10:15 (slept late at night). Im writing the dream a day later. I get a feeling of remembering the dream but... i don't.

      I dream with German and subways.
      My father says something, like claiming or complaining, and i know it's not.
      I go in subways escaping exiled. I don't get recognized.
      My physics-chemistry teacher of Highschool is on a trial on internet. (Like a new trial system)
      I get down at Hogwarts, in summer.
      I search for a girl from school that i haven't seen for a while Paula B. I don't know why. I see classmates from my first school: Triana and Mara. We were kids in the dream.


      There was a porcupin and three restaurants in the countryside. He touches my leg and i feel it, but he didn't mean any harm. Anyways i stepped back. It was a vivid part of the dream that involved the sense of touch. If i had been more aware i would have been lucid. I was on a facility. There was a kitchen and a window where i could see a bread on the other side. There were 2 men working there. After i go to buy some fruits next door. I pick up some mandarins and 2 mangos. I was about to give $100 (local currency) but before i give i get $150 back. I said to the man "it makes no sense, im not supposed to be given this". He made the calculations again and was about to give something again, but i haven't give anything to him, and already taken some fruits! Besides he didn't owe me anything. Then the woman that usually is in the cashier comes and says to me "take it, it is yours, it corresponds to you" or something similar. Like i was being the one in fault. So i took it but i shouldn't have, because afterwards i thought it was stealing (anyways my thought was to later come back, when they were clearer with their minds and give back the money). Oh, also im given some gold ingot and a thin bar. It was for poker the man said (it was a combination of two staff members here on DVs). Also he invited me to his house someday, and he said he would cook spicy (probably because i don't eat with salt and he thought that it needs to be replaced by some other thing). Ok i say... not knowing when i was going to go. So he then invites about 4 or 5 more guys. Then i left. I enter a temple, shaolin and Fran E was there. There was a guy that was bullying him asking of what year was the coin he had. I grabbed this guy by the neck and later all his bullying stopped. I just grabbed him, didn't hit him. Then i enter the temple (the before thing was outside). And Fran was messing or playing with electricity. He also bothered me, like a fly would bother. I knew i didn't have to pay attention, nor think about it. But then i hear a song "Even Flow" in the dream and i wake up. It was not evident that the this song was being played, but i heard it afterwards. It was on the third floor.
    6. 22 October 2016 - Freeing our dog / Vaccine. "U're not vaccinating me!"

      by , 10-23-2016 at 06:47 PM
      I went to sleep at about 4am. Emi came to sleep home with Eri and they talked to about that hour. Im writing a day later, so... i don't remember very well the dreams. I will highlight what i remember well. The other things are things i wrote in my DJ.

      - I dream being in a forest or somewhere spatious (meaning no buildings. Also could have been a town). I was with my father and (my deceased (2 years)) dog in a car. My father went there to leave the dog free. He said to me that that was the idea. [Interpretation: why to let him free? He was bothersome, but we wouldn't let him free for that, never. Once my father let go a dog because it had bited my sister when she was little. But even then he regreted it. However the reason why we let him go (i didn't know until the last moment) was because an animal should be free. Yesterday when i was walking i saw some caged birds and thought about this. I remember that i had a bird, and my sister one day dropped the cage and he was free. I was upset because it was given to me as a gift, but at the same time i was happy because he was free. That kind of thought i had when my father said to me in this dream he wanted to set free the dog. Also he not only gives freedom to the dog, but also to himself. (The main drawback would be where he would get food from... but i thought he would learn, and he would feel good not to feel imprisioned. Probably not at first, but after some time yes.)] My father was wearing the same tshirt i was wearing that day. I didn't interpret that as dream sign, so it remained as non-lucid.

      I got up went to bathroom, and went back to bed. Then woke up at 12:

      I was on a building and went outside to the streets. There was like a revolution going on. I was walking and my younger sister walked besides me. Then i saw Mike, the librarian, he wanted to vaccinate me. He was acting like ... if he was vaccinated and goodbye mike and welcome alien or something like that (like one would see in a movie). So he was about to stitch me with the syringe but i said not a chance in earth. I grabbed his arm and hand and pointed the syringe to his other hand. Then it made contact with his skin and i pressed down. I didn't feel good doing that, or having that reaction (it's like killing someone for defending oneself. One could react like that, but it probably won't feel emotionally good afterwards. The same with this case). But even though i did that i knew i wasn't going to escape because there were so many people already vaccinated, and they would try to vaccinate others, and these others were few (the only chance would be to escape, flying or something like that, or...). I saw my grandmother right next to mike, and while i was doing that she stitched me with a syringe and said to Mike "it's done". (Why people do that? I thought. They think they do something good while they are not.) Anyways i wasn't vaxxinated, just a stitch with the syringe, which even that would do. So i kept walking with them, and i explained my sister that i didn't want to because the vaccines have blood, poison and things like that. Then i focused on myself, that i would have to be aware of the whole process, since i could transform or whatever but still be in charge. However i didn't feel any changes, and i thought that there was a probability for me to be immune.
    7. 19/10/2016 Long sleep. Birthday party in a Hotel

      by , 10-19-2016 at 07:33 PM
      I went to bed at about 12PM i think. If it wasnt at 12PM it was at 1AM but i don't think it was at that time. I remained with the eyes open until my body calmed and felt relaxed. Then at 1:30 got up to go to the bathroom and went back to bed. I fell asleep at about 3AM, changing positions. I woke up at about 10AM. I remembered a DEILD exercise to be with eyes closed. I tried to remember the dreams, but i could only remember the obvious parts (which i didn't write down and forgot) and then the DEILD failed since i lost awareness right away and fell asleep again. Woke up at 11:51.

      I dreamt being in a hotel. We were at bottom floor, in an elevator. We were like 8 people there waiting for the elevator. When the elevator comes, a math teacher from Highschool comes for the birthday of my sister. I didn't want to be there so i got into the elevator. But since we were 8 people in there, and max cappacity was of 5, 3 of us had to get out. So i knew what i was doing wasn't right so i got out. I greeted the math teacher. Since my sister (in the dream) had gone to the same school as i did the teachers i had knew her. She tells me she came to help my with math exercises. I said "yes! i wanted to do exercises, but other plans came up so im involved in this... If in the weeked i find myself free time i'll get into that" (it was like a small push to get back in what i actually wanted to do at that moment and not go astray). We go to the third floor because my sister didn't remember if the bedroom was in the third floor or the second. For me it was clearly the second, but we tried the third just to try. When she enters the key in the hole a woman from inside yells "Nooo, what are you doing!?" Sorry we say and we go away, lol. We all went to the second floor room b.

      Then i dream that im involved in the party. It was about 1 or 2 hours to finish. I didn't want to hang on till it finished, i actually don't like parties. I go to the DJ place and grab a CD and greet the DJ (which looked like the singer of Babasonicos). He tells me that time runs, and i reply to him, yes, time runs and nobody can catch up with it. Then i go to the elevator, about 6th floor and enter my room. I was alone and it was a big department. There was a window to my left (if one entered the apartment). The sight of the window was of a tall building in front and a hallway down there. I thought about ghosts and if i were going to be able to sleep. But then i thought, if there are ghosts i should let them be, nothing i could really do. Then i woke up.

      Dream sign:

      - In the last apartment there was a building in front when i looked at the window. I dreamt before of a building in front, close and taller than where i was. Maybe in those cases i should get to the roof of my building. Because that other building blocks the sight of the sky. In this case it was about 7-9AM.

      Side notes:

      I had glimpses of awareness (the elevator of the second dream seemed like an elevator i saw of a game of virtual reality).
      The apartment seemed like:
      - a house i saw of a cardiologist on youtube.
      - the department of my friend Fran.
      - the department of Agus S.

      Interpretation of " He tells me that time runs, and i reply to him, yes, time runs and nobody can catch up with it."

      Time (or time-space) actually goes forward. So this is the first thing we were aware about and agree upon. But about nobody being able to catch up with it... well that's not true actually. What one is not able to catch up with is the desires that one has, the plans that one has or had for the future, the activities that one rather be doing in the present. That's what one can't catch up with, and thus we are frustrated or we suffer. We either give them up in frustration; we say, ok we couldn't do them now but that's where we are heading now or we let that desire go and being non-aversive to what is already present, also with no desire and with clear knowledege one settles in the present moment and thus one stops being restless. (If we gave up in frustration, "we couldn't catch up with time" (in dream logic); if we start doing it to be accomplished somewhere in the future, "we won't able to catch up with time"; if we let go and settle in the present moment "we are right in time").

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    8. 18/10/2016 1 Non lucid dream

      by , 10-18-2016 at 07:13 PM
      I was in Plaza España of Córdoba. I cross the street just in time, the traffic light went green. That allowed me to cross the other street to the roundabout plaza. Then a lot of people came from parties. It was about to be dawn. I started to forget where i was... and got grabbed by these people who were probably drunk. If i was offensive probably those hundreds of people would come at me, but i wouldn't get bullied around. I didn't pay attention to them and i was going to leave from where i came (because streets were blocked by people. Looked like riots or something like that as well as party).

      Then i am in the roof of my mothers house in Rio Cuarto. There was a party there. I think i was with some girls there, and one girl kissed me and left. I thought that was unexpected. I remained standing in the same place, and to my right there was a teacher of highschool which whom i used to play chess with. I asked him if he continued to play chess, and he told me nah, i don't play it anymore. I thought it was a strange answer for him, but ok... i believed that he didn't play at this moment.

      Then i am in space, very far from earth, probably another galaxy. [YEAH! I was waiting for a dream like this.] I was on a mission on a spaceship. A door opens or actually a tubepipe opens (gets disconnected from the pipe) and the oxygen of the ship starts to go out. I wandered how i didn't get sucked in, but since i didn't i didn't care why... it was dreams physics! All the time i was trying to connect the pipe to stop this outflow. But... it was all outflow..., there was an inflow of "space" in the ship. And i thought, if i breathe space it would probably be toxic and i will die. The spaceship atmosphere had like 50% oxygen and 50% space. So i decided to land the ship right there . We were far from earth, but we were orbiting a planet. Probably 10.000km from that planet? but the landing was instant. We landed on a temple, which was in a forest. We were waiting for the ship to recharge the oxygen. I thought it would be instant, but then i thought "no it won't be instant, it's like charging a car with fuel. This will take one week, no two weeks, no, 1 month, no, 6 months" i was trying to get the right number and i think i continued till one year. So one year staying in that place would be right. I was pretty much alone, but some of my highschool classmates, like Fede, was there. Also i remember telling one tripulant that went into the forest: "don't forget of the lucid dreams!!!", but i didn't get lucid myself, how silly.

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    9. 17/10/2016

      by , 10-17-2016 at 05:57 PM
      I fell asleep at 3AM. Lot of noise from neighbors... upstairs at the right: the TV, and right above me: so... it was hard to fall asleep.

      I woke up at 7:30. I had a weird dull dream (about some concepts of Buddhism: Avijja and Sankharas).

      I decided that was a poor rest although i slept 4 hours and i could meditate the rest. I didn't feel sharp so i decided to sleep. I woke up at 11:20 (about 4 hours later) having dreamt with:

      - Being in a party. It looked like a neighborhood of a town, like Marcos Juarez. There were people hanging on the street but they were from a different party. Some people i knew were hanging in a house, but i didn't want to go in, i didn't want to go to the party. So i just stayed otuside. Then the grandson of a sister of my grandmother, Maria, entered the house but before that he greeted me and invited me to go into the house. I said thanks but maybe later. I then didn't remain very aware, if i would have i would have remained outside, but as sheep do i followed him in. The house looked like a poor house... i didn't last long there since the dream scene changed into my appartment, at night. In there i was looking at the PC. I don't know how that happened but i was looking at some girls, who looked pretty. Then i woke up.

      Side notes:

      - I did a short WBTB, of 5 minutes. Then i saw half video of Dhamma on Air #40 or so. I meditated on the parts of the body right before i fell asleep. It was very calming, very nice, i recommend it. (But having done this i don't know why i saw the girl as a pretty girl. Maybe i need some more practice).
      - The grandson of Maria looks like Christoph Waltz. I saw a photograph the day before that my father sent and he looked like that actor. Last week my father told me that he was a nice/gentle person.
      - Yesterday my mother asked how was the party i went to. I said i actually didn't like it but i stayed there to greet Fran.
      - Yesterday i began translating a video of Ajahn Brahm that talked about sheep.
      - Yesterday i searched for Luangta Maha Boowa, and one video in which he didn't talk but another bhikkhu did came out. It was about Avijja. I actually didn't watch it or listen to it, maybe 2 minutes, but that was what i first dreamt about.

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    10. 15/10/2016 Non - Lucids

      by , 10-15-2016 at 06:33 PM
      Went so sleep at 4 am and woke up at 10:38 am. Slept about 6 to 6:40 hours, and i feel well rested.

      My recall about the dreams last night is not great, probably due to how strange the dreams were.

      I dreamt i was in the entry room of my grandfather house. I was in the dining room and went to that room. It was night, and there were some "saints" there... converting people from normal good persons into fully powered saints. However they were called saints but maybe they werent, they just transformed into the most powerful version they could, but that didn't mean they would be nice... I didn't trust them. There were some cards, that had titles like "father", "mother", "priestress", etc... and people were turning into that, and only one person could turn into one kind. There were hundreds wanting to turn, and they all could probably before their lifetime was over... but i wasn't sure that was the right way... I think that "the father" began, and then turned the mother, and so on. The last one was the priestress. [They were all saints of a religion similar to the religion of the seven of game of thrones, but with many "gods".]

      These saints were hanging somewhere in Egypt... in a desert, probably in the Sphinx, and there were pyramids too. Actually one wanted to open a sand door, but didn't have the tools to open it. Arya Stark was prisioner... but she was treated nicely (I just watched her as if i were behind, but like a spectator...) She was given a rapier, and when she finished her dinner she practiced with it as she would see other people do.

      Then i dreamt i was near a river, probably of my home city. Neil DeGrasse Tyson burns up a pick-up.
      Then i wanted to cross a street, but i saw cars were rallying. So i waited so i didn't get hit. A car was coming but it was slow enough for me to cross, so i crossed the street safely. (This part was more vivid, as if i were aware of what was going on, but not lucid) It was wide. There was a bus parked, and when i see the side i couldn't see from the other side of the street i saw a girl that was peeing on the floor. She was looking at me wanting to say how timely i was... but ok i didn't want to watch her so i just walked on towards a desk that was in front. (Now the dream started to darken a lot, it was hard to see but i knew i could see so i hanged on) In the desk there was some luggage of my sister. A guy, friend of her came by and just grabbed a backpack of my sister and started walking away. I couldn't let him do that so i ran behind him and talked to him to get the backpack back. He gave it to me and said something like not to feel ashamed and goes. Then Eri, my sister, comes with one or two friends. I don't remember if she asked me anything or not, but i told her that a car burned up, and she complained and said something that it was my fault. (I couldn't do anything for it. Since she wasn't there she didn't know, but she talked anyways. Anyways i was aware of this so i didn't care what she said, i actually felt like sad for her, but didn't pay too much attention.).

      Fragment: Then we were on the appartment (it was very different, i haven't been in an appartment like that before. It was like a duplex.) and she talked on the phone asking how much the debt of the rent was. (Well... i might be worried about this so that's maybe why i dreamt with it. But i shouldn't worry too much either since it's a stage, and also i know that being clear is way better).

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    11. 26/12/2015 Recall points

      by , 12-26-2015 at 04:58 PM
      My dream recall was bad this morning, because when i woke up i remained layed down trying to sleep more, and therefore i don't remember so well what happened in those early dreams, and the later dreams weren't very vivid so there is a poor recall of them as well.

      I can point some characteristics of them, but i doubt one can understand this, anyways here it goes:

      • I dream being in a forest, the sun is about one hour to come out, still dark.
      • I dream being in a supermarket. I was buying a guitar or i had already a guitar with me. I was with an exfriend called Pedro.
      • I was in the same supermarket and later on i meet a friend Oti.
      • I dream with some friends, maybe in a house in Las Sierras de Cordoba, Argentina. Those friends are Juan and Fran. I think i had the guitar there as well.

      I think i discussed and fought with Oti. I think i lost Pedro. I think that we were planning to do something with Juan and Fran or we were at peace and maybe tranquil because of the place we were in. In the supermarket i was being challenged by someone random for my guitar which i selected, since there were many and that was more or less one of the best, i think it was something like a race also, that one would need the guitar in a later stage.

      That is all, can't recall anything else.
    12. After Six AM to 3 PM

      by , 12-13-2015 at 06:14 PM
      I have slept for 6 hours; i woke up refreshed and meditated for a while, however my body felt still a bit tired although my mind didn't and since i didn't have any activity to do i layed down for a while with no intention to sleep. However i slept for a long while.

      During that 7 hour sleep i dreamt about some things:

      • I was on school, during an act, with my bike. I see the principal there talking with a lady, and i feel that he didn't like my bicicle there but anyways i spoke saying "I know you dont' like it but it's neccesary" and i continued my way.
      • I moved in scholar transport from college to my grandparents house but on the way i lost two jackets, one of them was of black leather which had on its pockets some money or any other valuable, and the other jacket was from Purmamarca.
      • I was in my house and my grandmother was in my bed, she was being taken care of. There was a family meeting; there was my cousin, my uncle, and some other family members. There were like three computers on in the room and in the dinning room, which were connected, and each of these computers had a different movie playing. My cousing lended me a pendrive with music or things like that, full of information, and at the next moment he burnt all the information on a Disc so i could have it, and i was grateful for that.
    13. A house in the university

      by , 01-02-2013 at 12:22 AM
      It was a long dream, but since im writing it late many details are probably gone.

      I was in the house of a female classmate who lived in the upper floor of a university. I was waiting the bus and there were a lot of people that i didn't know near me too. It felt akward there alone so i got up and decided to explore the university. Soon i noticed that it was like jail or a maze, because it had only one exit and it was very big. It had a lobby which from the back door led to a very big backyard but it looked like those in jails, and another door of the lobby lead to a nice small backyard with grass. Then you could go on in the lobby and find more doors which were the classrooms or another houses of my friends. Well there was also the stair which led to the bus stop where i previously was and where the house of my friend was too. I went upstairs and found out that all people was gone, but there were new people that were in my friend's party. Since i dont like too much parties i talked to my classmate and asked her if i could use a room to play poker with other friends there while the others enjoyed the party. After doubting a bit she said that it was ok. Well it was great but we were three and it wasnt enough to play poker so i decided to look for more people. But before i went one of my friends who were there to play decided that the winner would have the night with a beatiful friend in front of everyone, and she was ok with that. So i went to the big backyard to look for more people (unwise of me since with less people i had more chances to win that incredible prize) and i saw that every friend of highschool that wasnt in the party already came. So i invited them and i went back to the poker room. When i arrived i noticed that the poker was over since a guy (who i hate irl) was having relations with that girl in front of everyone there (they were like 3 without including the couple). I was very dissapointed of the girl and i told her that but she answered me "im his for this night" and she said that smiling and she was happy (all that while he was fucking her). In spite of the bad moment i had to presence there i was amazed by the great body she had.

      Then i woke up and when i went back to sleep i kept dreaming the same dream.
    14. 3-4/10/12

      by , 10-04-2012 at 10:40 PM
      3/10/12 I was in my previous house (Baigorria) but it was very changed. I was in the kitchen, very rare since most of my dreams in that house occur in the basement, and it was completely changed. It was a lot bigger, it had a lot of wood and everything i opened had food inside. The kitchen can be compared to the previous house of a friend (Martin in Ituzaingó). Anyways, in the kitchen i was alone, and i had a lot of animals. They were begging me to open the door of the courtyard, and i did. When i did i saw that a cat ate a kitten. The thing is that that particular cat wasnt mine, it was a new one, and secondly it surprised me that the cat was eating a kitten since the dog is usually the "hungry" one.

      4/10/12 I was with my grand aunt, which is dead. She was about to go into an surgery and she had to choose the surgeons. There were three choises:
      1. 2 medics and 1 nurse
      2. 2 nurses and 1 medic (It was a better option but i cant remember, and in both cases it wasnt a nurse)
      3. 3 engineers

      So she chose option 1, and went to the room. However the doctors werent ready and the surgery was cancelled. She went back very mad at the decision table and the doctors told her not to eat cake. I saw her already too fat, and she refused to listen to the doctors. She thought that nothing was going to happen, but i saw that it was the end for her. She took the cake (which was half of a chocolate cake), and ate it all.

      Then in another dream, i was in a train.
    15. 29 Sept 2012

      by , 09-29-2012 at 04:25 PM
      I was in a abandoned hospital being chased by spectres i think (they were many that looked like the death). They were like a game i played when i was a child, called Blades of Vengeance (at level 2), and i had to kill them otherwise i would be dead. I was not alone in the hospital. I was with several friends in there, but they were dangerous since they also had to kill me. After a while of running and shooting laser with my index finger, we realized that they were many spectres so we joined forces to kill them. I realized i couldnt shoot (the laser with my finger) when i was running, so i had to stop to shoot, but they would catch me. So we were all together and we went though a door, and started to talk about something i cant remember. And then a spectre came and killed us all. I wanted to shoot but i couldnt. And in my dream i sensed that somebody was grabbing me and when i woke up i realized that it was me.

      When i woke up i decided that it was a good time to do a WBTB so i got up a 5am to grab a glass of water (i was still scared for that awful dream) and i went back to bed. I remembered some of the lessons that Sageous posted (IRL im focusing on awareness) but i couldnt focus too much. I was unconscious at that time, and i was about to enter a dream (without knowing) but i saw a image that called my attention. It was a beatiful landscape with 4 planets very close, like if i were on Pandora (from the movie avatar). I realized that i was entering a dream and i already wanted to try some superpowers, but everything went black. It was a failed attempt of a wild, but the closest i had so far.

      Then of i dreamt about something else without being lucid. I was in the future, about 60 years from now, and i went to my city of birth. I was looking for my cousin which was voldemort 60 years ago and in the future he was working in a clothes shop. I entered and he was wearing a pink shirt, and he was totally changed. I don't know what happened next, i think we argued and started fighting, and then we transported to a samurai house where the dream kept developing but i cant explain because i cant remember well (writing my dream with a day of delay). Anyways it was dark and night, and there was a lot of technology that i couldnt understand since i came from the past, and that people there, including voldemort (my cousin) used against me.

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