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    Smell of death and the kiss of love

    by , 10-21-2012 at 07:36 PM (714 Views)
    Trey died I'm in my childhood bed room. He was going to go out for the evening and I thought he had. The next morning I smelled something horrible I smelled death. I pulled back the covers of where Trey had been sleeping and to my surprise he was there his eyes where sunken in only two creases remined. His body seemed frail and smaller like that of a malnutritiond child. There was feces near his stomach. It was a wretched sight that tour my heart. I felt a panic of need of needing to tell everyone and I had not of yet fully believed what I was seeing although I knew the physical was unchangeable. Aha but if I in that moment would of realized the state of my consciousness I could of changed everything.
    Im with Josh in the same room that Trey my brother is sleeping in. It looked just like Josh, he looked healthy and just like he did at the time of the accident. I wish i would of became lucid but it was not meant to be this time. I came to a realization the other day that thinking of the accident puts me in a past mindset a mind state of lack. Josh was alive and we had many happy memories and now I am having more in my dream state. That was the first dream with Josh that I can remember where we where happy and connected and kissed with the passion on knowing each others souls through and beyond time and space. Usually my dreams of Josh are connected to confusion of where he is and why he can't meet me. We have finally met in a neutral place ruled by light and love. Time does not exist here or here. The overlapping of dimensions can be witnessed through the bridge of our dreams.

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