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    You can pass into the new world.

    by , 07-07-2018 at 01:56 PM (570 Views)
    I am 35 weeks pregnant and my dreams have become extremely vivid. Although I have not been lucid in a very long time I have not been writing my dreams or doing any lucid exercises to help myself become lucid. That being said I thought I should log this one.
    Everyone is being held in the old world. Its dark not only in color but in feeling. Everything has a grey hue, its crowded, there is a feeling of a void. Iím inline to travel it feels like a boarder crossing. I have my passport and correct documents along with my husband. When I get to the front of the line a man (guard) in what looks to be futuristic military ware puts his hands on my head. I look at him as he does this. I donít back away but feel confident but confused. I have only love in my heart. He says ďYou may passĒ. My husband is also aloud to pass. As I walk down this huge white stairway into this new world. It is much brighter from where I just came. I hear people talking about insects and love. About respecting all life. I now see what is being created. A new world of compassion. But I also remember a young man who has a gun in this new world and shoots someone. How did he pass? Itís a new world of compassion.
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    1. fogelbise's Avatar
      Beautiful dream! It's great to see you around Lidybug