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    Strange castle room

    by , 10-21-2012 at 05:21 AM (294 Views)
    I was playing football in a field with a huge group of people, like 80 versus 76. My side had 76. I went to get 4 more players. I walked all through the "Castle". the Castle looked like a new building, like a giant mansion, except one room. This one room had stone walls with a giant wooden door at the far end opposite the entrance. On either side of the door was an entryway(like doorways with no door). above these where a stone dragon head with claws and above these was a plain blue tapestry with gold trim and one gold crown in the middle. above both tapestry's there was a small wide rectangular opening with one short gold column in the middle of each. the door itself was the type that came to a point at the top and was heavily engraved. at the very top near the tip was four white roses in a vertical column. I remember thinking the roses represented "the curvature of the universe?". the rest of the door was one giant scene. I can't remember it all though. I can only remember a tree with a silver shield on it. the shield had writing on it i couldn't read cause it was too small. it looked like thisblogs/lifedreamerj/attachments/3711-strange-castle-room-dream-tree.jpg
    i remember knowing(i dont know how i knew) that if i opened the door there would be another room exactly like this one except that room would be the size of the door, to infinity(infinite smaller rooms). On the floor sat a little padded treasure chest with gold coins and nuggets (the coins were covered in salt?). As I gathered them I remember asking myself "What if she needs them?". I left the room through the same way I came in still in search of 4 more players.( I just now realized while writing this that I needed four players and there were four roses. I don't know if this was coincidence or not) Everyone said it was too hot outside to play. I gave up and went back outside. All the players had stopped playing and where now swimming in the swimming area. I joined in and began swimming and then i woke up.

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