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    A GREAT lucid dream.

    by , 01-05-2012 at 11:01 AM (373 Views)
    I woke up to the sound of my message on my iPod asking me if anything seemed weird. I noted that this meant I was dreaming, but more I noted that this meant I was currently awake. I immediately began to fall back asleep. So I closed my eyes and imagined a beach. Slowly I came to that beach. But slowly.

    I heard the shores, and then it all faded. I opened my eyes to my bed. I grabbed my nostrils. I could still breathe. I was in a lucid dream.

    I immediately jumped from the bed. I began gasping for air in the excitement that I was lucid dreaming and had not yet woken up. I immediately, however, calmed myself down because I knew that if I was not awake yet, I would be soon if I could not calm down.

    I knew that I wanted to go do everything crazy and dream-like that I could. I ran to my door which inexplicably had a locker on it, and grabbed the lock and imagined myself ripping it off into the floor. This did not work and it simply came out and I opened the door. I walked quickly through the kitchen into the den, and then back into the kitchen. I saw some apples, and I started trying to summon an apple. I decided this would not work either, and so I simply stopped. I had to try as many things as I could.

    I looked at my door.

    "How about a dream where I go outside?" I said aloud.

    I yanked the door open and ran outside, then I thought, "I need to try flying so I can mark it off of my goals."

    I began jumping. I jumped once at normal height. Again at 6 feet. Once more at 10. 12. 16. 20.

    At about 22 feet, I threw my arms outward and turned my body down. I was able to only glide back to my feet. This didn't change my mind. I am tenacious.

    Suddenly I could hear my friend's voice in my head, telling me to be careful. That I would hurt myself in real life if I tried to hard. I dismissed this as being untrue and continued to do what I wanted.

    I told him that I could probably fly if I ran at super speed to a take off! So I began running down my very long drive-way as quickly as possible. Taking long bounds that were about 30 feet apart from each other. As I got to the end, I stopped because I realized I just didn't have enough speed. I turned around and began jumping until I was back at about 20 feet high.

    I was just jumping up and down, and enjoying it, when a car came down the driveway. I was going to try and jump over it as it went down the drive-way, but as they got to me it stopped. My brother and Dad got out of the car, and my brother just said, "Jerk!"

    My assumption was that he had been scared by me and thought that I was someone else. This, however, snapped me back into life. I awoke and still had my eyes closed. My heart was racing, and I was sweating. My first lucid dream. I plugged my nose and tried to breathe. I couldn't. I gathered my thoughts.

    They were magnificent.

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