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    My next lucid dream

    by , 01-12-2012 at 02:18 PM (620 Views)
    I once again did a WILD this morning.

    As I went through sleep paralysis it was like I fell to the ground, and stared at the floor. I did my nose plug and breathed, and I hopped up to my feet. This made me decide that I was lucid dreaming.

    My first thought was that I wanted to summon Applejack. I picked her because thinking that it would be interesting to meet her got me lucid. I gathered my courage and rubbed my hands together. I closed my eyes and thought that she would be there when I opened them. She wasn't, so I stuck my arms out and tried to summon her that way. This didn't work either, so I decided to simply leave. I went outside my room.

    I walked through the kitchen and opened the sliding glass door. Everything outside was positively Asian historical art. There were pink petals floating through the air under my clothes-line, and to left all the trees were very Asian looking as well, things like Japanese maples.

    I turned to my fence and gave a swift leap from the porch over it, something impossible in real life. I repeated once more, "I am dreaming!" I was trying to instill this fact in my brain as hard as possible and keep myself as conscious as I could.

    At this point I just wanted to explore. Suddenly, I turned to the right and this dog flew from the grass through the air, back through the woods. I realized there was an intense wind that didn't effect me when I was on the ground. I jumped and put my arms out and it carried me back, and then I jumped again and the same thing happened. Then I turned and ran with it and jumped in an attempt to fly. Sadly nothing, I fell back to my feet.

    I heard a voice calling me. For some reason I called him, "Big Brother". It just came out of my mouth. I slowly span once because I heard that doing so slowly was a good way to stabilize.

    I asked "Big Brother" if I could fly. He obliged. I flew a bit and asked him if I could control it, and he said, "No. But I need you to help me."

    As he pulled me through the air, I saw his monstrous glowing form towering over the woods. I shouted, "Hey! Screw you, I will be able to control it one day!" I was implying that since I was lucid dreaming one day I would realize my ability to do stuff like this.

    He helped me by giving me instructions as if I were playing an RTS game with him and other giants, who now looked somewhat small to me. I was able to select him by drawing a square about him and his friends and such. I ordered them to do things. Eventually I came back down to ground level and he was the same size as me. Him and all his friends were holding what were like empty cattle-tagging guns. They simply clamped on and didn't let go until you pulled them off.

    I said, "We need to hurry. I need to get up and go to school!"

    He yelled, "Oh! You need to get up!"

    He started walking towards me with the cattle-gun like thing and I said, "What are you doing?"

    He said, "You said you have to get up..."

    As he neared me I smacked it from his hands and went around him. I walked up the hill to my porch. I turned and grabbed a tagger thing from one of his buddies and threw it at him. He threw one at me. They both stuck. He laughed and pulled his from himself, and I pulled mine from myself. Somehow, I felt some indescribable anger towards this man. He had told me I wouldn't be able to do what I wanted in my lucid dreams. He had assaulted me, whether he was playing or not. I marched over to him and drew my fist back. As I went to throw the first punch, I woke up in my bed and did my reality check. He got away... this time.

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    1. lifeinsteps's Avatar
      That was supposed to say I spun once. Not span. Heh.

      I write these things when I get up in the morning, what do you want from me?