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    A Rapped Suicide Note

    by , 07-10-2020 at 02:16 PM (42 Views)
    Normal dream
    Lucid dream

    4 AM

    I dreamed I was sitting in my high-school French class streaming 'Everybody Loves Raymond' (lol) when suddenly I felt the teacher walking up near me and shut my tablet off and started copying what was written on the board-- writing down what episode I was on of the show so I could continue when she went away from the front of the class again. As I was note-taking, someone in the back of the room, a tall, goth looking fella, spoke up and said he couldn't see the board, so she told him to bring his desk up next to mine where he could see, by the window. He did so, and after a few seconds of note-taking, I looked over and noticed him standing on his desk chair with a noose around his neck.

    Alarmed, I said, "Woah, what are you doing?" and the teacher ran over almost screaming and pulled it away from him and asked what he was doing. He said he was so tired of being at high-school all the time every day that he decided he was just going to kill himself, because it was really just too much (I silently agreed, lol). She asked him what he did like about life, and before I knew it he came to the front of the class and began performing a very colorfully languaged rap (lots of curse words, awesomely, in the high-school setting) about how his favorite things in life were playing sports (don't judge a book by its cover I guess) and banging chicks, but it wasn't filling the gap in his soul and he was gonna kill himself instead. Some of us laughed at the part about banging (and the very descriptive gestures accompanying it, sorry, I'm still a teenager when it comes to humor and have to say I laughed), and the teacher almost cut him off a couple times, but the fact that he almost just tried to kill himself made her pause and we all listened to the entire thing.

    After he finished, we all broke into applause and laughter, and his face completely lit up, like he had never been met with such approval before. He seemed significantly happier all the sudden, and soon the bell rang. I joked with my friend that his rap sounded like something that would have been the title-screen song (but censored) on FIFA '03, and one of my other friends asked why FIFA '03. I thought about this for a second and said, "Uh, inside joke I guess," because I felt like it was, but had no idea where I had pulled the title from (in reality, I played this game for a blog post about a year ago, so I guess that's where it came from).

    I set off walking through the hall at this point, from upstairs, and realized the stairs down had been replaced by a mountain of still-packaged tampons, almost like a slide. Quite a few girls were making their way down ahead of me (I have no idea what was with this imagery in the dream, my mind was clearly just all over the place after the crazy rap), and I tried to go down slowly without losing control and falling all the way down. As I neared the bottom, I wanted to jump off to avoid landing on any of the packages and breaking them, and I steadied myself to do so and jump in a small hole between a few packages. A couple people noticed and went silent as if watching me, and I bounded off and held my toes together and landed right in the small gap, and everyone sarcastically clapped as if pretending to be impressed. I deeply bowed sarcastically also, and a couple people laughed, and I walked out the door.

    I then set to looking for my bus, and remembered it pulled up at the very right-side of the front of the school, which had a playground there. I jogged my way over there, and realized there was a shortbus still there that had to leave first, for the handicapped kids. I sat down on the wooden perimeter of the playground looking at the side of the bus, and a couple other guys came and sat down at my sides. Suddenly, as the bus was taking off, a baby was thrown from behind me and landed in the dirt underneath the back tire of the bus.

    The guy to my right suddenly leapt up shouting, "No! Stop!" and it wasn't enough, the bus took off and ran the baby over full stop, mashing it into the dirt. This guy let out a blood-curdling scream and ran and picked it up, while I sat in shock watching him, and he held it up and the baby just happily said "mama!" despite being folded into a pretzel. We all blinked, and he, holding the baby, said, "It's... it's just a doll..." and started straightening out its limbs. We all breathed a sigh of relief while watching him.

    Then I woke up!

    6 AM

    I was at my friend's (Brooks') apartment in a city building, on the third floor or so, and we were casually chatting, when I suddenly remembered my dream goal of conversing when someone in a different language I didn't know. Somehow this did not make me lucid at all. I turned to him and said, "Do you know anyone that speaks a different language in here?" and he mentioned that a friend of his from high-school (her name was Megan) spoke Spanish. I told him to call her up immediately because I wanted to speak to her. He went and buzzed her up and went out in the hallway and brought her in, and when he did, he said hello to her in Spanish (buenos something), and she looked at him puzzled, and said, "Uh, hola." He asked if she remembered how to speak Spanish, and she said, "I've never been able to speak Spanish...?"

    Suddenly, we were in the courtyard below talking about this instead of his room (don't know how, didn't question), and she continued, "I took French in high-school." I remembered her being in my French class and held my hand over my head going, "Ahhhh, crap, that's right, and you know as much French as I do!" and she nodded. Then I sort of threw my fist down and said, "I needed to speak Spanish with someone!"

    Overhearing this, and older lady who was walking by brightened up and said, "Oh, Spanish? I love speaking Spanish! Come over to my apartment and we'll speak Spanish anytime!" and continued walking up the ramp into the building. I walked back to my friend's room with him and asked who she was, and he explained she lived next door. As we got back into his apartment, he sat down on the chair, and he said, "How long do I have to live in this apartment?"

    I waved my hand and said, "Just until I can speak Spanish with this woman in my next dream, not that long, you just can't move yet because it's really convenient and I won't have a reason to come see her." He began complaining about the apartment and I started looking around and saying, "What's so bad about this apartment, look, you've got a room... there's another room, you've got four rooms! This place is huge, it's like a house!" and his wife from the other room said, "I wouldn't say that!" and as I was starting to feel like they were definitely gonna move, I woke up
    and slapped myself in the forehead for being so dumb.

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