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    Little Fragments 12/30/2017

    by , 12-30-2017 at 01:11 PM (193 Views)
    Some Fragments
    - Something about telling somebody to give me the last two hot dogs?

    - It was my 26th birthday and was taking snapchat pictures with sister and friends. Found A gold dollar coin with my birth year on it in a pile of change from C's dresser.

    - Not sure if I was just flying or if I was an actual bird; but I was in the sky searching down below for a gas station.
    I saw an old timey one and flew down to it, complaining that it was old and probably didn't work etc..

    - I think I was near the gas pump but there was this odd wall made of small rectangular concrete blocks that I had to (for some reason) crack the code to them. There was a large beautiful tree behind me that seemed to glisten in the sun.Some male character was coming towards me.

    - In the hospital, had my left leg/knee on top of some ice. Sister says, "they must be getting you ready for surgery". I freak out a little and she yells asking the question. A person comes in (nurse I reckon) and puts a tube into my knee about an inch thick/around and pretty long, filled with cubes of ice. I guess the tube must have been through my knee/leg out on the other side because she began to 'Flush' my leg with ice. It went super fast through the tube and ice kept going through it really fast. It didn't hurt but I yelled out/groaned when it started because it startled me.

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