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    The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams

    Hello, and welcome to my lounge. This is where all my dreams come for retirement after they have been dreamt. In case you were wondering I am not actually a mailman, but my name is Ismail. Let me get one thing straight I do edit things out of dreams which are a little to personal or embarrassing to share with total strangers, got it? Good.

    Accomplished Dream Goals/Tasks/Abilities:

    -Have a lucid dream
    -Talk to a DC
    -Summon a DC
    -Make an ice cream truck appear
    -Stabilize a dream
    -Taste a bookshelf
    -Increase dream clarity
    -Close and open eyes without waking up

    Current Dream Goals/Tasks/Abilities:

    -At least have partial control over the four elements
    -Phase through a wall
    -Change the dream setting
    -Eat dream food

    Dream Code:
    Normal Dreams
    Lucid Dreams

    1. Yearly Clown Trap

      by , 01-28-2011 at 05:44 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Yearly Clown Trap (Non-lucid)


      I'm watching the movie "It". The scene changes and I'm a kid in a store with my mom and sister. The evil clown from "It' is trying to trick kids so he can eat them. The doors close and lock and the evil clown says he has trapped us because we don't love our families. We try reasoning with him but he won't listen when we realize it's hopeless we all start crying because weare going to loose each other. The clown says we do love each other and we are free. The store turns into a dark blue room with tables of stuf fon them. He says we can have anything we want. I realize this happened last year and the year before that. I get a lot of textbooks, the first book in a series and a chest. I find my friend and he has the second book and we agree to trade once I finish reading the first book. I go down the hall because my mom and sister are waiting outside for me. I stop to get a yearbook like I did last year. I wake up once I get in line.

      Side Notes:
      -The reason I realized this happened before is ebcause it was a recuriing dream that I have every year. The last time I had it I woke up right after I got the yearbook.
      -I have a lot of recurring dreams which I'm trying to figure out the menaing of. I think this ties in with my fear of the clown from the movie "It".
    2. Blind Escape

      by , 01-26-2011 at 12:59 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Blind Escape (Non-lucid)


      This was an interesting dream, but it was sort of scary at the same time. The weird part is I'm just fed a lot of background information.

      I'm in my dad's old apartment (In real life my dad got re-married a year ago and they moved into a much bigger apartment after they were married. I should also point ouit my stepmom in real life is very nice and caring.) and I immediantly know that my step-mother is evil. I know that she is just mean and cruel. My step-mom is convincing my dad to do something terrible with me, I'm not sure what it is though all I know is that she is hitting him and forcing him to agree. An abuse lady came in and asked me some questions. I basically acted like I wasn't scared and loved it there, but I hesitated so when she left my step-mother beat me. (My dream recall is weak right here, but she looked a lot like Mihcelle Obama.) My step-mom told me to just leave the house and never come back so I left, inside the house my dad was yelling at her. I wa soutside and caught up with the abuse lady and I crouched down behind her car because I was scared they would see me. She basically ignored me so I started crawling away when I saw my dad come out looking for me. I crawled up to this girl and she was crawling too, I said "Exscuse me!" because she was slow and as she was moving over she said "All these new crawlers don't lnow what they're doing." Then she sucked her teeth. I was thinking about what she said and then I saw the road. (This happens a lot I would think about something and be close to being lucid but then my dream would distract me right before I put all the peices together.) I started walking down the road wondering where to hide. (I actually passed down all the stores I use to in real life.) I saw the gas station but said no because they were doing drugs in there, then I saw two other stores but I said it was too obvious. I saw a bunch of houses in the distance and thought about my mom's house and why she would even let that happen. (I stay at my mom's house on the weekdays and my dad's on the weekends. I would of thought about that if it wasn't for my dream distracting me.) Then I saw my dad across the street looking for me, so I was going to go hide in some trees but I was topped by what I thought was hobo. I pretended to be his son so my dad wouldn't know it was me, and it worked he boarded a bus looking for me. I tried letting go of the guy's hand but he wouldn't let me, so getting scared I called for help and my dad opened the window and said he's coming. The man said he thought I had the wrong idea and said he was blind and that he needed help corssing the street. I said okay and I helped him cross the street. When I started parting with the man my dad came up and we exchanged a mushy momement and he said he kicked her out. He also said she was making him do something which was making him lose all his friends. Me and my father watched the blind man run across the street back and forth, never getting hit and acting crazy. (I woke up and went back to sleep)

      I was observing what wa shappening like it was a movie. Threee girls were in a car and complaining about the air not working. The guy said they had to turn on the heat then the fan, they did. Heat blasted them and they shreiked, then it got cool. I realized that could help me solve something in real life. (I don't think it can actually help me but this time I was so close to being lucid.) They then started complaining about everything and how old it was. The guy got his friend, who I noticed was the blind man, and they started laughing about the girls.
      -These dreams were a mix of tv and a bunch of commercials I saw.
      -These dreams also make me want to go see my dad.
      -I was so close to being lucid so many times, but even if I was lucid I would be too swept up in the dream plot and lose it anyways.
    3. School Summoning

      by , 01-24-2011 at 04:36 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Normal Dream Lucid Dream Side-Notes
      Sorry for not posting, dream recall has been terrible lately.

      My friend Tony is pulling me to class down the hallway, but I tell him that we don't have school. (There really is no school today, that's why I told him that.) He keeps trying to pull me and says that we do have school, but I won't budge. I start wondering about why I'm at school and realize I'm dreaming. I plug my nose and breathe in verifying what I thought. I realize school must be a dream sign for me. (A lot of my dreams in the past have been at school.) I thought about flying, but wanted the dream to last a while so I went to class. When I walked in, I had this feeling I had to get my friend to class. I walk back into the hallway and decide to summon him. I close my eyes and imagine him down the hall, when I open my eyes he's walking towards me. I smile to myself, happy it worked. I went back to my classroom and and sat down. My social studies teacher came in and talked about a field trip. (I vaguely remember her scamming us out of $100.)


      -I was reality checking throughout the dream which is probably why it lasted a bit longer.
      -I'm glad I didn't start flying because I want to wait until I have good dream stabilization before I try to do things like fly which may make the dream shorter. I am however going to continue to work on dream control and simple tasks like summoning objects/people and I might try transporting myself out of a building in the same way I summoned Carlos.

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    4. Two Dreams, One Fragment and Lucid in One Night! My First Lucid!

      by , 01-11-2011 at 09:43 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)

      Normal Dream Lucid Dream Side-Notes
      (I'm not sure if these dreams, are all connected or if they are separate. I'm just guessing.)
      I'm in my house and my cousin is living with us again. (He use to live with us, but then he moved out.) We're actually getting along.
      Dream 1: I'm a superhero fighting a monster. I know it's my responsibility but I keep leaving to watch Avatar. (I don't know why I left because in the dream it was recording on our DVR. Also, I went back and forth lots and lots of times so this part of the dream was pretty long.) Then the scene changed and my mom, sister and I are driving in a car. We go down a one-way road that is blocked and continue through the detour. The workers say the detour isn't finished being built and we have to go back through the one-way road. Going back up is uphill and since I'm the guy I have to push our car up the hill. We make it home and watch a movie.(Not Avatar)
      Dream 2: My mom wants a locker, like the ones in my school. I take her to school and as I'm showing her my locker my Spanish teacher comes up says stuff.(I forget what she says.) Then some other teacher comes up and says more stuff. The scene changes to a play. My family and I are in the back. We start talking about dreams.
      Dream 3: I was a library trying to meet a guy that is a master at lucid dreaming. I decide to reality check and realize I am dreaming. The dream gets blurry. I Lick the bookshelf to stabilize the dream, it gets really clear. The guy told me to make it brighter. I tried using verbal commands but it only worked a little bit. My alarm woke me up.
      *This was my first real lucid, I'm so happy.
      *It probably would of lasted longer if it wasn't for my alarm.
      *Next time hopefully my lucid comes earlier in the night.
    5. Law and Order: Orca Killer

      by , 01-09-2011 at 05:17 PM (The Mailman's Lounge: A Rest Stop for Dreams)
      Fragment: I am in English class and the teacher says we can watch a movie ONLY if we did our homework. I'm because I did my homework last week.

      Law and Order Dream: I'm watching an episode of Law and Order. (I've been watching Law and Order non-stop on Netflix lately.) In the episode Olivia Benson is on the case of a man who is supposedly brainwashed into killing orcas. She believes him and as she is in his car she finds a book about how orcas stink and whales rule. She realizes that he has been pretending to be mind controlled so he could kill innocent orcas. I wake up.