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    3rd Lucid - I'm part of the community now :3 - DILD

    by , 12-15-2010 at 05:12 AM (734 Views)
    I tried FILDing but I fell asleep.

    I was in my primary school staff room (for the 100th time) and I looked at my hands and did a fingercount. Everything was normal.

    Something made me look at my hand again, it was still normal, but I said "This is a dream". I went outside the room to a balcony and remembered the snowball Task of the Month, so I tried to pick up some snow from nowhere, but when I threw it, nothing came out of my hand.

    I went down the stairs to a grass quadrangle, and I made snow appear on the grass, I picked it up and made it into a ball and threw it at someone. Ive never felt real snow before so it felt like the ice in a freezer.

    I remember flying up suddenly really high into space, and passing the moon which may have had shared dreamers on it.

    My cousin and his dad were there doing something strange.
    I only remember when they start wearing werid masks and making a really weird, freaky, almost satanic laughing noise/chant. There were suddenly a whole bunch of people doing the same thing. I started to get scared at it was night suddenly, so I yelled "Disappear!" along with an appropriate arm movement (that's how I control) and they vanished.

    I yelled "Daytime!" and moved my arms like I was sending the moon down past the horizon and pulling the sun up. It was still dim so I yelled "Brighter. Brighter! BRIGHTER!!" until it was normal daytime.

    I remembered that I had to get to Whoville for the other task. The quadrangle had four walls around the outside, so when I spun to another place, the walls were still there so I made them disappear one by one.

    As I was doing this a teacher from my high school was there and said "You look like a crazy person when you do that." I said "Well, I'm dreaming so it doesn't matter. This is a dream.

    Then I started losing lucidity as I was waking up, because random half-naked manga girls were walking around the grassy hills I was standing in, and unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn were appearing. Nearby my dad said "What are you watching?"

    I woke up to an alarm in another room

    I don't even read manga/watch erotic anime FWIW

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    1. Emiko's Avatar
      Cool! Congratulations! I haven't managed the latest Task of the Month yet. I tried a few nights ago, but failed. I need to get on it
    2. Irken's Avatar
      Excuse me, CiudadDeLimbo, but what is a quadrangle? Do you mean a quadrilateral a 2-dimensional shape with four sides for example, a square, rectangle, rhombus.
    3. LimboCity's Avatar
      I always call it a quadrangle when I'm talking about my primary school lol