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    limitless' limits

    5 dreams from last night/today

    by , 11-27-2010 at 04:12 AM (1076 Views)
    1: Frag- I was with two characters from a book(dont know what book) one was quiet and only mumbled gibberish and the other was a rebellious loud mouth. We had to crash together in a cabin, in sleeping bags. I remember one female DV who was fit but bald and she was 100% full of herself and snobby but we got along fine.

    2: I went to a live show that Jenn put on, she bought the place and organized shows there that were freakshow / burlesque. I waited for the intro and when the girls introduced Jenn i waved at her, she pointed at me and one of the dancers showed me upstairs to wait for her. I was dressed in sexy gothic clothes and had extreme shoes on, and the stairway was tiny and had very awkward stairs. I got up and sat on a couch to wait, and the next thing i remember is sitting in Jenn's lap. Dont remember much else, woke up shortly after.

    3: I found Akono, it was a pretty short frag of us slow-mo walking towards each other in a grey room when we got close i gave him a kiss and he held me until i woke up. :3

    4: I found out all my family were kinda like wizards. The dream took place in my friend's house down the street from my old house, it was kinda like a haven for my family and some outrageous gay group whom all had AIDS. Everyone looked really exaggerated and i knew i was the closest to one random DC cousin who i had a weird bond with. We held a ceremony to announce who had the strongest powers out of our clan. I didnt know until we were done that i had no power at all.

    5: Frag- Last dream i had, i was chillin with Moose. We were walking around a building in a country setting and we sat on some muskoka chairs and talked until i woke up. I dont remember our conversations tho.

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    Tags: akono, moose
    non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment


    1. AURON's Avatar
      Hmmm a grey room. Almost sounds like something from the world that never was.