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    limitless' limits

    a bathroom and a huge baby

    by , 08-23-2010 at 06:43 PM (514 Views)
    I havent posted in a while, this is from the 20th

    Every time i dream that im in a public place, no matter where, i always dream about the same bathroom that ive never actually been to. I can remember exactly how it looks but its too hard to describe, so im just going to say it's a public bathroom. That was all i could recall from my first dream..

    Second dream of the night, i was at a big dinner with family and friends at a restaurant. I was part of some sort of graduation, but it wasnt school. I knew i didnt expect to actually graduate tho, but i was still part of the ceremony and we were all wearing the graduation gowns.. I remember before the ceremony, in the dinning room, there were two toddlers running around, one of them was in a yellow onesie and the other was in red. The red one was a HUGE baby boy, he was under a year old but looked like a 2 year old. And my ex was the server for that table and every time i looked over he was playing with the baby. That all i remember specifically, but after dinner i remember waiting in the lineup to file into our seats for the ceremony.

    went to a friend's party, so now i have learned that drunk sleep doesnt allow me to dream.
    Had one recall in the morning, after i had gotten up and went back to sleep. It was a continuation of the night, and i walked down the hall to one of the bedrooms that i hadnt seen during the tour of the house. There was a light on under the door, so i opened it, and just saw a very empty looking bedroom, very plain, so i was like *sigh* and turned around. My cousin Kristen was in the doorway of the room across the hall. I said Hi and woke up, its odd because Kristen wasnt at the party, i always dream that shes with me.

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