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    limitless' limits

    the beach and track n' field

    by , 09-14-2010 at 09:03 PM (913 Views)
    Going back a few days, catching up. 2 dreams that are still vivid when i remember them now.

    1. this dream is back from the beginning of september,
    Night 15 of recalling, the morning of sept 1st, 5:30am

    Dreamt that an old friend was living as a bum.. on a beautiful beach.

    I must have been on vacation or something, and i ran into her. She was situated right where the water came to, and had a small, square mattress on the sand and one thin sheet to cover her, she was wearing white shorts and tshirt. She had a parrot in a cage beside her, and told me she took care of the sea turtles at night, as well. I can remember standing on the sand, but the water crashed over me once so that i could see the turtles.

    2. this dream is from sept 7th, night 21 of recalling

    This dream was a made up version of how i met my bf. I had to participate in Track and Field in gradeschool, im unsure of how old i was. But i can remember the way we had to run, it was kinda like speed skating. I noticed him and snuck into his race, we got into our beginning stance, and the surpervising teacher called out, "Ready!?"

    and we stepped to the right, "Set?!" and we stepped to the left, "Sprint!" and i took off! But everyone else went in slow motion, i think it was supposed to be a very controlled race.. not sure.

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