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    Gorillaz and the "Chest Technique" Explosion

    by , 10-12-2010 at 09:12 AM (1145 Views)
    Im surprised i havent posted this dream yet,

    from the 6th:

    So my bf and i and about 20 DC's were at a Gorillaz concert.(which is happening IRL in two days) The set up for the concert was very confusing; there was some 4' tall chain link fencing around the perimeter of a cement patio area where we had to stay inside the fence. There was curtain behind us and the stage that the Gorillaz were on was really far in front of us, for some reason.

    There was a part when i snuck to the front of the patio and people were positioned there to grab at me and scare me back behind the fence. And next thing i knew, the curtain behind me had opened, and everyone was off to the side now and D12 was there, rapping. I noticed that my bf had disappeared, he fell behind the curtain. For a second i could see from his perspective where he was, so i knew he was hurt and scared and had an idea of where he was, but when i looked behind the curtain he wasnt there. So i went looking for him in a hallway. I found him in a storage room in a mountain of boxes.

    My dream collapsed when i helped him out from the boxes, but i fell back asleep immediately into the same dream. We were now in a hotel room and i was watching the concert from the window. Some one knocked on the door and opened it, telling us we had to get out because they over booked our room, and the cleaning lady had to tidy it for the next people. I remember arguing with her about it, and ended up telling her we will pack up to leave. O.o

    7th, was up for over 21 hours, and had 4.5 hours of sleep:

    Had one recall about Sentaku. LOL, had a very distinct "im dreaming" moment, but i was probably too exhausted to turn lucid, unfortunately.


    I did the Chest Technique to meditate before sleep, and everything was fine until the chest started rattling and jumping. It burst open and all of my negative thoughts that were locked in it came shooting at me. Was crazy.


    Crappy recall, could only remember one DC, no dream, no commentary. Fail.

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