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    limitless' limits

    retracing 10 dreams since october

    by , 11-27-2010 at 02:58 AM (914 Views)
    21st of October- end of the world

    Im at my old house and we heard something about monsters in major cities and decided we could make it if we stuck together as a family. Mom, aunt, grandma, brother, friend and his GF were there. Our neighbourhood became like a haven for people trying to get away from the city. So we threw a party before splitting up and heading further into counrty-like areas. A bus arrived and we thought it was just more people trying to escape. But it was full of government people in white military uniforms who were violently arresting, and sanitizing people. I remember hiding in a barn with a Velcro wall, eventually i was taken in but i didnt fight them so i wasnt harmed. I woke up when i was being hand cuffed.

    28th of October- F.A

    I was dreaming that im awake, chatting with Akono and all of a sudden i fall.. or get sucked into my bed, happened really fast and i crash land on the couch in my living room. I sit up, confused, and a hand reaches around the corner and picks me up by the front collar of my shirt and drags me back into my room and pushes me onto the bed and i immediately fall through again. The first time was shocking, but fun, crash landing on the couch a second time made me mad and i had concluded that it was Akono's hand, so i storm back to my room and find him on msn and yell at him, i remember he was proud. And i woke up.

    31st of October- reg dream

    I was living on a house boat, i got the feeling i was in Norway or Finland, i was with a DC family. There was a seamless glass sun room on top of the boat where i was. There was a lot of snow on the boat but i was looking at the sky through a clear part of the ceiling. All of a sudden the room shattered over me from the weight of the snow, my DC brother pulled me out and handed me a parka. Our DC father was fighting with a neighbour boat/ family, i didnt understand the language everyone was speaking. I knew i needed to start packing. When i finished i saw my father figure had stolen some important statues, and rushed me into a truck and lit our boat on fire. We drove to the airport and when we got there i woke up.

    5th of November-
    Had a really long dream about Akono :3

    11th- was posted in the "Post Your DV Member Dreams" thread
    My best recall since the 5th: Slash112 and some old guy and I were running a store inside of some huge, really old building. I think we sold random stuff that we found, like "pickers". I remember vividly, on break we went out back to a swing set that had two sets of handles and one chain that was attached at both ends to the top. And when we got there a young Will Ferrell was swinging by his neck and laughing really creepily. I probably should have RC'd cause irl, he'd die from that..
    Same night- I was standing on a beach with 4 or 5 random DCs, we were all facing the water, staring at a camcorder that was on a tripod. We had the preview screen tilted towards us and we were taking pics or a vid of us. I looked over at one of the DCs and watched him look up at the water and his jaw drop because of what he saw in the water. I also looked up but couldnt see it until all of the DCs were looking at it. When everyone noticed and started at it, i looked up again and saw now that it was a massive ship that was only about 10 feet away from us. It was at least 8 stories tall, i got too scared and tried to wake up but i just saw the ship from a top angle instead and saw my helpless friends on the beach. I couldnt do anything but stare at it until i woke up.

    12th- reg dream

    Had a dream that my mom and two of my friend's moms were at the kitchen table in my old house, stuffing a garbage bag with something and singing Orestes - A.P.C. "And I don't wanna feel this overwhelming hostility.."

    Same night- was also posted in the "Post Your DV Member Dreams" thread
    One of my shorter frags from this morning was about me mailing Akono a chistmas present. hehehee
    17th- end of the world

    Zombies had taken over and one man was plotting to use them to take over the world, humans weren't in danger of being pillaged by the zombies because this politician was controlling them. All i remember is being at a live theatre and the politician was leading an orchestra of the zombies, sounded fine but when i woke up i laughed.

    24th- end of the world

    Pt 1: I was at my old house with all of my family, but i knew (for the first time) that it's not my house, i think it was for a wedding. Pt 2: Kinda like i was knocked out and woke up and all of my family is dead or missing. I vividly remember trying to bail from some industrial building, stepping over bodies that i knew were my family but didnt recognize. I headed for my dad's standard truck with a plan to save as many people as i could and pull them onto the truck bed. But there were about 6 too many options on the gear shifting area, so i tried my best to pull the truck out and woke up as i was trying to park.

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