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    limitless' limits

    roller blading and the pool

    by , 09-20-2010 at 10:56 PM (738 Views)
    Night of the 14th, 2 recalls but waited too long to write any notes down from the first one.

    I was in high school, in class at the library. The teacher was ridiculous so i was acting out and swearing until she kicked me out. (this part was longer, but i dont recall much) I told her im dropping out, and started walking towards the office. On the way, the building changed into the library that i used to work at and all of a sudden i had roller blades on. I started skating fast around the isles, cutting people off.

    I ran into someone who clearly works there, a new girl who was also on roller blades. This DC showed me around, i told her it looked different, she asked me if ive "ever put the books away while the building is closed?" we carried on conversations while skating around, i dont remember them. My mind turned the library into a mall, kinda like i chose to go there. Next thing i remember; there's a roller skate class practising a show that they're gonna put on somewhere.. and the DC from the library and i try to sync into the group.

    While dancing i saw an old bf at the top of some stairs, so i stepped onto the stairs on the far right, and it turned into an escalator. I rolled over to him and talked, he was impressed by my skating/dancing, we continued to flirt for a while. I left him and kept skating with my DC and the crowd of dancers. My dream fades when my dog wakes me up..

    Night of the 16th
    I recognize about 6 DC's

    I was with my friend, Lindz most of the time, we were at at beach. But we were hanging out on a field. Near the end of the dream i went to the pool that was around the "beach" to hang out with the other DC's

    The 5 of us were at the pool, 4 were sitting on the side and my friend Joey and i were in the pool. I remember exactly how it looked, but my recall of context is quite low. I remember laughing about balls, and bringing up an episode of Family Guy, but i woke up shortly after that, and realized it was the kangaroo scene that i was laughing at.

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