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    limitless' limits

    shark and cupcakes!

    by , 08-26-2010 at 06:25 PM (533 Views)
    Had 2 recalls yesterday, dont remember them now, i waited too long. But i remember the second one had to do with a shark chasing me.

    Also 2 recalls today, ill post the first one separately..

    Second dream, right before i woke up around noon,
    I was making cupcakes for an important event, although i am completely unaware about that they were for. It felt like a wedding or classy event, because they were vanilla and we were using white icing. I remember pouring the badder into the cupcake pans, and all of a sudden my mother pops up and pulls my arm so that i end up pouring the last half of the badder into one regular cake pan. Saying, "Only half the people will want your silly cupcakes." I was mad when i woke up. Then i realized i didnt get to eat a cupcake while i was asleep,

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    non-lucid , nightmare , memorable