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    by , 01-18-2014 at 09:03 PM (459 Views)
    In this dream, a bunch of people got superpowers from this radioactive site. I forgot why I was there... I think I was looking for someone when I went down there. The site was these old, stone, underground ruins. It was massive, with large parts of it collapsed in some places. I remember seeing someone shred around using ice powers when I came in, though I don't remember if that is who I was looking for.

    Anyways, I remember later on a girl in our group getting upset with me and she ran off into some unknown part, where a bunch of our enemies were plotting. She gestured for me to be quiet as I got closer, and I hid under a table against a wall and tried to listen in. One of them apparently noticed one of us though, as more of our side arrived. A battle broke out, and I tried waiting for a few seconds since no one noticed me. Our side ran off, not wanting this big fight that would have been costly, and so I try to escape too. These two guys, brothers or maybe even twin brothers stop me though, hitting me with some ability that really disoriented me... I asked them to wait a moment, and I wanted to text goodbye to someone before they killed/captured me, they agreed since everyone on their team was coming towards us. I was really stalling though for the effects to wear off. I yell levitate and jumps up, flying upwards. They all start yelling and start running various ways to try and catch up to me. Some guy in armor on a higher part of the ruins tells me to act like he got me. I comply, letting him grab me and drag me against a table, causing a bunch of stuff to fall. I then thank him and sneak off.

    Then later in my dreams I remember going to some well where the radiation was also leaking out and me and some guy were discussing something. Some others come and one of them, a girl around my age stands on top of some metal bars at the top of the well. I think they were simply floating. I tell her I think she should get off and throw something small near her, not actually aiming at her though. She laughs and doesn't listen. All of a sudden a bunch of metal stuff comes from junk nearby and forms a big heap of metal and her and the heap start to fall down the well. I yell "NO!" and put my hands out towards her, telekinectically stopping both her and the heap of metal above her, and slowly rise them both up and fling the metal to the side and put her on the ground gently. She starts crying and I go up and hug and comfort her, glad I saved her in time.

    I remember walking around later on and some people recognize me, calling me a hero and etc. I didn't feel comfortable with it though and simply thanked them and signed autographs for those who asked. I get back to my dorm and see some guys wrote on a whiteboard that I was a hero and etc. I just move on and talk to a few guys from my hall, one who feels bad about what almost happened to the girl, while the other said it didn't matter since I saved her and that I was a hero. I simply comfort the guy, telling him not to feel bad. And then the dream ended.
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      Hey! Being a hero is awesome!