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    [DILD] My Mind is What?, Rat Killing, Woman Can't Cook Souse, Tennis & Pod ship (SDE Pt.2 Day: 15)

    by , 10-19-2012 at 02:33 PM (1130 Views)
    Become Lucid, Screw Logic of Needing Nose Plug Reality Check (DILD)



    That's the sound I'm trying to use to wake me up at certain intervals of sleep. Except this time, I decided to set this countdown timer app I have to repeat every 15 minutes, and I managed to sleep through all that.

    Loool, I'm a HEAVY sleeper.

    I'm inside of a fairly dark area with an inadequate light source, orange-yellow colored light as usual. There's someone in front of me, I can't tell who it was, I presume it's my mother, or some female wearing gray hoodie and bandana.

    I remember seeing another lady wearing a bandana as well from yesterday's set of dreams.

    They tell me my mind is something, I can't remember what, but it makes me question,

    if I'm dreaming. So I do a nose plug Reality Check, but I honestly didn't try because I just had the awareness that I must be dreaming. I do start touching the walls a bit though.

    I started to get some thoughts in,
    but I forget what I actually do.
    Rat Killing? (Non-lucid)


    I can't remember much from this, just that I was signed up to kill some rats in some kind of weird and twisted game.
    This Woman Can't Cook Souse (Non-lucid)


    Souse Soup is an actual soup by the way. I can tell how I go this association into the dream, by reading some girl's Facebook status on her wanting to eat some Souse.

    Are you kidding me? You decide to associate things that way from Facebook, mind? Sigh

    I'm inside a house, and I ask some random kid if I can eat the cake pieces over at the table. It was on top of your classic dining room table. There's white cloth over the table, and over somewhere on the top left corner is a China plate set

    Then I go into the kitchen, and I see there's a pressure pot that's exposed. It looks like there's some Souse inside, but for some reason, I get this belief that it's not really Souse. Later on, it turns out the lady who wanted to make this was using an ingredients list, and for some odd reason, I get surprised that she's doing that.

    I just moved it around with some utensil and it changed.....to water.

    Yeah that's all I remember.
    I suck at Tennis & Inside a Pod ship (Non-lucid)


    I was really pissed in this dream.

    I'm playing tennis in the dark with someone, and I suck. The serve isn't even that fast, but I still try to minimize my back-swing, since I had a habit of doing the opposite.

    The racquet I'm holding sucks too, when I'm trying to "bend and pronate" my arm for a right-handed windshield wiper forehand, the racquet bends along with my "bending."


    I miss so many balls, and by many, I mean 3-4, and I get pissed and walked halfway into the court. Then I decided to turn back, and throw my racquet at the ground with as much force as I could exert.

    Then the dream shifts to where Atobe from the Prince of Tennis Series is inside some kind of ship with several pod ships to leave this area I'm assuming. I think I end up being him, or at least it feels like I'm watching him in spectator view but still feeling some kind of link with him.

    I wanted to get my racquet that I threw down in the ground, but I looked at the status of the pod ship that I'm in, and exiting out is not a good idea. I press the cancel button, but I end up verifying to stay back in after I made the conclusion that I don't need the racquet. During that time, and probably the reason why I decided to just stay inside was that people were asking me if I was sure I wanted to cancel this whole thing.

    Since there's a red alert blaring all of the place, I decided that getting a racquet back would seem useless.

    I honestly don't know what I was in this pod ship for, but it must've been to escape some dangerous event from happening.
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      It sucks when you decide not to do an RC and then lose awareness. Because you are so close!
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