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    The Annoying Dog & Co-Worker

    by , 01-10-2016 at 06:20 AM (673 Views)
    The Annoying Dog & Co-Worker (DILD)


    I'm driving a vehicle akin to the old Mazda vehicle I use in waking life. I'm on my way to park near the uphill driveway, and as I'm heading out, I turn my back and noticed that 30-50 feet away from me is a Dalmatian that coincidentally turns its head around as well. It doesnít seem threatening, but it has a neutral look on its visage that makes me want to take precaution.

    I see that itís coming towards me, and I quickly go back into the driverís seat, and closed the door. I lock the vehicle just in case, and the dog is still around moving about on the left hand side still. So, I wind down the window a little bit, and started flapping my left hand around, and subsequently making ďShoo! Get!Ē professions hoping that the dog will want to get away.

    I noticed that the dream itself seems to have that atmospheric overlay akin to waking life, even though some parts were a bit blurry; mostly due to peripheral vision, I guess. I started to grasp the vividness of the dream when I tried to open the door slightly, and the dog wanted to come in via putting its mouth through the small gap, but it wasnít intended to bite me.

    I wasnít hearing any barking or growling, and saw that it was mostly panting. I saw its teeth, and fixated on looking at my feet, and noticed the clarity behind the texture of the flooring of the car. I can see Iím wearing brown shoes, khaki pants, and probably a cool colored shirt (light blue).

    Iím moving my feet around in a frenzy while trying to close the door, and eventually proceeded to take my left foot to deter it away from me. Somehow, the dog is on the other side once more, and just as Iím trying to get out of the vehicle, someone that looks like a co-worker of mien is next to that dog.

    Letís describe the guy as dark skin, big lips, and has a haircut as well that starts with the name ďD.Ē Heís wearing a red hoodie with some dark blue jeans, and brown shoes. He turns around, and has his lips puckered up a bit with his eyes squinting for a bit, and he comes to me to ask a question on some vague concept with rapping, or something.

    I immediately responded, for some odd reason:

    ďDarius is that way,Ē as Iím pointing my right hand diagonally to the right of the location the guy was at, albeit a bit further than that. The dog is still there, but it looks at me with its googly eyes, and I presume the person is their owner.

    After that, I just head back into the house, and itís most likely just navigating through an empty area.

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