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    Asking Advice from a Mute Person & Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof

    by , 07-21-2013 at 05:05 AM (626 Views)
    Asking Advice from a Mute Person (Non-lucid)


    I'm walking into a classroom, and as usual, I happen to be the only person to come in other than the presumed teacher that's inside the room. Seems that it's early morning for the dream setting, seeing how the chairs are on top of the desks in this room, and only a few lights were on while patches of darkness fills the rest of the room. I believe I left the door half opened, and as I'm going inside the room, I notice a female is nearby, and from peripheral vision alone, I knew she was taller than me, by 3-5 inches taller.

    It seemed she was on her way of sitting near her work computer, and she quickly turns around to greet me. The moment she turns around, I fall victim for how she looked. She looked Hispanic, absolutely beautiful and her facade was proportioned to near perfection. The only makeup she seemed to have gracefully plastered on her visage were eyeliners and red lipstick. Before she started uttering a word of greeting to me, I made a presumption that she was a substitute teacher for this classroom. The reason being is that it felt like she was exploring the room a bit before turning around to chat with me.

    Her body movements and such clearly wasn't in synch compared to teachers who know what's in the room and know where to sit in the room. She has black hair that's in an updo hairstyle, and is wearing a vibrant orange dress that ends just a few inches above her knees. And as she's turning around and me going through some trance of gazing at her beauty, she asks me a random question,

    "Are you an immigrant?"


    It took me a few seconds to start using logic after falling for her looks, and I quickly stated,

    "Oh, no, I'm a citizen."

    I'm not sure if I gave her a smile along with that, but anyway, she gets closer to me for some odd reason and gets a blanket that she wraps around my face gently. She smiles and casually goes back to sit at her work station, and I begin to notice this blanket is a dark gray color and feels very warm.

    I can feel her very essence through this blanket, and I noticed her perfume is covered on this blanket as well. Her smell and the perfume, although this sounds creepy, it was a very pleasurable experience of smelling it. I take my hands and wrapped my face with the blanket more, going through a slight mental orgasm of positive thoughts.

    Not sexual thoughts, just thoughts of wanting to cuddle with her, and as I'm going through this random act of appreciate a woman's smell, a part of me eventually realized it was best not to be fixated on it for too long. I put the blanket down, and it seemed this lady was going to leave, and I'm not sure if she was leaving for good or just had to get something.

    Either way, the dream quickly shifts to a completely different scenario. What felt would be some cheap romance dream with a teacher that was just maybe a few years older than I was, I'm not some guy with different clothing and with a completely different dream character I had odd fear with. He was dark-skinned, wore a gray sweater with a light gray collar folded neatly along with dark colored pants (can't remember the specific color).

    It was as if my competency level was reduced tremendously in this dream, seeing how I literally obeyed, sucked up to this guy's words and commands, and thought he was going to do something bad to me if I wouldn't act accordingly. So while he's being condescending without actually being direct with me, I continue going through random acts of filling out some papers. Whenever I find myself being confused about something, I would ask him and he would just point where to fill out and find information, and the more I needed help from him, the more annoying he was to me seeing how he was so irritated with my questioning.

    It wasn't even complicated questions, seeing how my competency level was now equivalent to a 8 year old or something, and he never uttered a word, only pointed and used hand language and gestures. Was I trying to get advice from a person that's mute?
    If so, then this dream just went downhill.

    In fact, either way, it felt kind of weird being looked down upon a mute person, it just felt that no matter what questions I needed help on, he would only just point and shake his head.



    Dodging Parts of A Collapsing Roof (Non-lucid)


    So I'm in this spacious building that feels like an airport, a very huge airport. I can presume that the roof was 100-300 feet from the ground, which kind of felt too much in terms of practical building composition. Even so, it's a good thing it was built that way, seeing as you already notice what's going to happen.

    The roof is collapsing without actually showing signs of collapsing, if that makes any sense. Random huge blocks start slamming down to the ground, and in this moment, it doesn't matter what I'm wearing or what I had intended to do, all that matters was just me dodging as much as I can. I had moments where if I were a few seconds too later, my dream body would be "destroyed."

    As I'm trying to keep myself alive in the dream, the fear and adrenaline augments rapidly, and unconscious reflexes started to become apparent. After the series of close calls and dodging prowess that seemed like a deus ex machina, I started to recollect my thoughts again, and it seems my first thought was finding if my mother was okay. I started panicking for some odd reason, despite of the inconsistency with her existence in the dreaming life and waking life.

    As I'm looking left and right to find her, I start using 360 vision again, or maybe it was just spectator mode where I see her behind me feeling perfectly fine. Seems I wanted to reach my left hand out to her without turning back and held her hand. For a few moments, I felt relieved and at ease with myself.

    I turned around and was surprised that she was still alive after all that.

    I don't know what happens next.


    Mini Resident Evil Nemesis (Non-lucid)


    I'm walking inside a house that's fairly dark, and the more I venture through this building, it feels like a mansion. I noticed that a mini-version of the Resident Evil Nemesis is trying to get me is saying,


    Yeah, time to get out.

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