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    Batman Beyond+ Tulpa, Spanish Paper, Compromising Password, Attendance, Microbes, Restaurant........

    by , 11-09-2012 at 11:51 PM (614 Views)
    I'm Batman Beyond and with my Tulpa? (Non-lucid)


    I'm taking the dream body of the character (Terry McGinnis) that took the role of Batman in Batman Beyond. He's wearing a brown jacket, regular light black jeans, and a black shirt underneath.

    I'm inside of a room, and there was an invasion, there was so much going on, but there were dream characters that did some weird stuff.

    After a while, I'm transitioning into "sleep." As I'm falling down slowly, and losing consciousness, I see meaty substance around me, like someone's insides were turned inside out. It looks like whoever came in to invade did some weird stuff. Whatever emotions I had at the time were completely eradicated.

    I finally wake up, in the darkness. There's a woman right next to me lying down. She has black hair, and judging by her skin tone, a Caucasian female. She's unconscious, and something about her makes me want to stay with her and wait until she wakes up.

    I don't really do that for any dream character honestly, wonder why the big change. I'm asking my Tulpa, and she says it's her.

    I tried to parrot just now (if you don't know what that means, consciously put in effort to make the conversation rather than letting your tulpa gather unconscious thoughts or make a fluent response).

    I couldn't do it, she said it's her.

    .................................................. ......

    I don't know her name, even if my tulpa is in the dream, she's really not what I expected her to look like (not that I'm crazy about what she looks like of course, she can be whatever she feels comfortable with). I moved her head to rest on my lap while she's unconscious. After a while, I decided to check around the house, but only up until the bedroom that was to the left of the room we're in.

    I saw some people sleeping, and two looked like my mother and father. I started to get confused because I thought whoever crashed this place would camp out at night. My mother wakes up, but she doesn't see me, she has her back facing me. It takes a while for her to come to her senses, but she finally gets up.

    Then I'm informed, though I'm not sure by who, that those DCs were coming after somebody else, not us, it's just that they assumed we had an affiliation with the person they're finding. The person they're aiming for apparently didn't pay taxes for 10 years, and they're finding her to make her pay.

    That's even worse than the IRS.

    I can't remember much after that.

    Spanish Paper (Non-lucid)


    I'm inside a computer lab room in high school. The walls are probably a light gray color, the carpet is dark blue mixed in with a few specks of random colors, and the windows emitting a dull lighting implies that it's windy and cool afternoon.

    I see my Tennis coach that I had in the 2nd High School I attended. He wore a white long sleeved shirt I believe, or maybe a white turtleneck. There's other familiar faces there as well, the most noticeable was the girl to my left. She looked a lot like Stephanie, the same girl in waking life who told me she had a crush on me, and then said April Fools right after that.

    I only saw the back of her head, it was black and loose, and I could see a slightly 3/4 profile view of her face. I paid attention to her lips, since her lips were something a lot of the guys in the tennis team talked about getting blowjobs while looking down on her.


    She looks like her, but she looks almost like a doll of her, it's so weird. It's like she was just placed there as an accessory. The tennis coach told us that would be starting on a Spanish paper that would be due, but I can't recall the exact date for it. I saw on some green chalkboard, there were some examples of what he wants in Spanish.

    Some words I saw were:

    "Arte" okay, guess that sounds Spanish enough

    "3-7-xxxxxbuyll" - I can't remember the exact details except for the "buyll" part; though it's obvious that it was related to either an Alkane, Alkene, Alkyne, or Alkyl Halide nomenclature.

    I started to panic a bit, because I haven't taken a Spanish class since Junior year of High school.

    I can't remember anything else.
    Exposing my College Password (Non-lucid)


    I'm in my Sociology class, and there's an blaring warning sound that comes on periodically, which was similar to the event when there was an armed suspect at a bookstore that was near our section. The Sociology professor was away from his computer, and I decided I should log in for him so I could access Code Maroon to see what the alarm was for.

    As I'm typing my password, a person that looks like the guy who asks the professor in waking life questions that end up with the professor saying "That's a good question" gets near me. He's pointing his fingers at something, and I'm confused when he mentions that I have to block something before I do whatever it is I'm doing.

    I end up typing my whole password, and when I looked up at the screen projector, I realized that my college password was revealed. I finally realized why the guy was near me trying to explain to me what's going wrong. I felt embarrassed, and I couldn't look at the people sitting in this large lecture room.

    I told him that I could just change the password by adding something else, but he tells me he's going to figure it out anything, since most of the original was already compromised when it was portrayed on the big screen. He was wearing a black shirt with long sleeves that were folded halfway to his arms.

    I quickly packed my backpack with my laptop, and I dashed as fast as I can.

    I stay on the right side of this fairly long hallway, and I eventually decided to stop near a window. I take my laptop out, which is black in this dream, and I immediately aimed for the link to change my password. I got a yellow sticky note, and quickly wrote down something that I could memorize for the time being.

    I took the first letter of something that came up on my mind, and it involved Roger Federer ------------------

    So the password ended up being R------------------ in lowercase letters. I quickly concealed the sticky note inside my backpack, along with my laptop, and continued to move forward.
    Sociology Professor Takes Attendance (Non-lucid)


    My Sociology professor is taking attendance, which is a bit odd, since he never has given any kind of sheet that verified you attended his class. He's wearing what he wore yesterday in fact. He had a gray suit with a slightly faded yellow shirt underneath, and he had his dark blue jeans (not the country kind of jeans you see that are faded) that had the bottom folded. He was wearing his brown shoes as well, a simple lace-less pair of shoes I believe.

    He starts taking papers, and I'm assuming this is a quiz that we're taking. I go up to him, with my paper at hand I believe, and he takes it, goes to a wall with a bunch of papers taped up, and puts an "X" near my name. He heads to the desk with the computer and all sorts of stuff, and I assume that same "X" was just his sign that I was there, just like all the other students who received an "X"

    I'm waiting for him to give me back the paper, but it seems he's being distracted by other students who are probably complaining about their quiz grade. I didn't really feel stressed out over anything, so I guess I did well on this quiz.

    I get impatient, and decided to go up to him and tell him that he forgot to give me back my paper. Then he says,

    "Oh this guy." It's kind of hard to verify if he was being sarcastic, serious, or was talking to someone else. Either way, he hands me my paper, without having any sort of eye contact to me, because he's still being occupied by students asking him random questions. I looked at the back of one student's quiz, and I saw a problem that had some arrows in it.

    I realized that this could be a electron flow type of question, but I didn't go too far to speculate why a chemistry type of question would be related to a Sociology class. I go up the top floor and leave with my paper. I looked at the back of the paper, and it seems I have no marks whatsoever.

    After opening the double doors on the left side, and the left side is a side a RARELY exit out of or enter,
    I can't remember what I did next.
    Spit Microbes Zoomed in? (Non-lucid)


    All I remember seeing is microbe looking creatures near a pair of teeth.
    At a Restaurant in a Towel (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting with two people, a random guy to my left, and a girl right in front of me. I don't know how the guy on the left belongs in this whole fiasco, but I'm half-naked with a towel around my waist.

    The towel is a yellow-green, leaning towards more of a yellow. The restaurant overall has a brown interior, and the tables are quite small, so I guess it's built for two people to face each other.

    I had to get another chair and sit next to the guy. The girl and everyone else seems to be passive with me around, they don't really see anything unusual with me just wearing a towel. I'm not even sure why I'm around these people in the first place.

    I become aware that I have this chick's number, so I go outside the restaurant for a bit, and quickly took my phone out that came out of nowhere...note, I'm still wearing a towel, so it had to come from somewhere......sorry for the mental image.

    I quickly skimmed over the list on my phone, and found her name, and I can't recall her name unfortunately. I listen to the usual "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" sound before the call picks up, and even though I can't hear her voice, I felt that I was calling her. I quickly peeked over to my left inside the restaurant, and saw she had her phone on her hand.

    She's trying to figure out who's calling her, and I assume that I know her number, but she doesn't know mine. I quickly ended the call and I end up going back inside, and hanged out with these two people for the rest of the dream I guess.
    Getting a Blowjob (Non-lucid)


    Spoiler for 18+:

    Sensitivity (Non-lucid)


    There's someone I know where I'm confused on whether or not I or her posted on the internet her sensitivity in random areas.

    Really random dream, don't even know who it was.
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