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    Being Handed a Scantron, Strake Jesuit

    by , 09-14-2012 at 01:41 PM (1198 Views)
    Being Handed A Scantron (Non-lucid)


    I'm sitting inside of a classroom, and it looks exactly like my U.S History Dual Credit course in the other High School I took the second semester of it in. The lights above emitted an orange setting to the whole room, and the carpet below seems to be dark turquoise with all sorts of small colors in between it.

    There's quite a few dream characters in this class, and the whole dream experience is surprisingly clear. The seat everyone has consists of a wooden base, and the standard plastic type of chair that has the bottom curved instead of creating a straight "L" formation.

    The seat itself seems to be a dark swamp-ish green color mixed in with turquoise. In front of me is a girl for sure, she's wearing a shirt that has red stripes going horizontally. She had a petite structure, and the back collar of her shirt had a fairly deep curve to it. Her hair was brown, with a few highlights appearing from the same light above shining down.

    I don't know what I'm doing in this class, so I just try to listen in on the girl in front of me instead of asking questions. It seems everyone is handing down scantrons from front to back. The classroom seating is structured to where as you go into the classroom on the door to the left side (while you're looking at this screen), the seats will be faced in a vertical formation.

    I was sitting at the last seat in the second to last column of seats to the right, and as soon as I see one girl in front of the other girl in front of me, I quickly prepare myself to see what the girl in front of me might say. She turns around, and she gives me a Blue Scantron.

    She looks at me for a while, making me look at her as well. She stares at me for maybe 3 seconds or so, and I got a good description of her.

    She definitely looked like Rachael in waking life that I had for the U.S. History course. It seems she took a slight 180 degree turn to look at me so that she could know she's handing the scantron to the right person I believe. Her lips are neutral, and it seems she's not really in a thinking mood right now, neither was I.

    I look at my Blue Scantron again, then peeked at Rachael's Scantron my shifting my head to the right, and I noticed her Scantron is red, and is much bigger.

    She has a grade on the Scantron, and mine doesn't, so maybe I'm here to take a Make-up exam or something like that. I just sit there nonchalantly, and happened to hear Rachael talk to the girl in front of her. I believe it was something related to what grades they got for the exam.

    Rachael declared something along the lines of to the girl,

    "I got a horrible grade for the exam...." and if my memory serves me right, when I peeked to see her bigger Red Scantron, I saw a value of a "70" with a circle around it, this value was written in red ink I believe.

    After that, I don't remember what happens next, but a funny thing while I was searching for images of Scantrons for this dream, this meme I found makes sense.

    Strake Jesuit (Non-lucid)


    I'm at a cafeteria sitting with some random people. The area is spacious, the flooring consists of white tile colors mixed in with spots of dark and brown colors. The long table going horizontally is made of a wooden texture coated with a dark brown wood shine on it, though it's showing signs that it's faded a bit. There was one guy sitting in front of me to my right, and a girl to my left.

    The girl to the left asks me,

    "So, did you go to Strake? Jesuit?"

    *facepalm* I don't know if she was unaware that it's Strake Jesuit, and not two branches of College Prep School, and I just couldn't give her an honest answer. The guy to the right of me seems to pick up on my awkwardness in trying to form an answer, and answers for the girl.

    "You think this guy would be able to get into Strake Jesuit?"


    He was even chuckling as well, but he was right, I would be so horrible in that school it's not even funny....everyone just WORKS too damn hard there....they HAVE to in order to make things look "natural" to them.

    The dream shifts to where I'm going to enter a classroom, and that same guy that basically made me feel like crap, even though it is true I probably wouldn't have been able to go to Strake Jesuit, or even AFFORD it......

    *cries* Why am I butthurt over this? Oh right, because I'm not one of those people going to Cornell, Dartmouth, or Harvard...right....public university.....meh....same education, just less prestige...

    I better take advantage of this Friday....AND I'm getting a screen protector for my Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet today!!!! (Hopefully, since it said the maximum arrival date is TODAY)

    This is going to reduce the nib wear by a loooooooooooooooooooot. Too bad I won't have time to actually use it because of two exams, lab report due, and a lab activity next week.

    I really hate how I'm coloring like a kindergartner with these drawings. =( I'll find time somehow after I graduate to get way better...

    Anyway, talking about tennis, it reminds me of this song when I used to watch Prince of Tennis during summer vacation before I became a sophomore or junior in High School I believe.

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      Fun high school dream. I was running around like a lunatic in a high school dream last night, too.
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