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    Bleached Blonde with Trivial Demands & I Have to Take the Alternative Way to Heaven

    by , 12-10-2013 at 08:48 PM (581 Views)
    Bleached Blonde Female Demands That She's At Least 2 Year Older Than Her Partner (DILD)


    I'm shirtless and I'm wearing long black pantaloons with some dark brown boots I believe. The environment is snowy and very cold to the point where I literally start shivering after being more aware about it.

    I'm not really having full control of my body, I'm just speculating from a distance of my dream body walking with someone. The girl in front of me that's walking backwards in front of me while I'm walking forward looks familiar.

    Her visage fluctuates between a realistic face and an anime face that's similar to Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex's female character faces. It's smooth, fairly big dark blue eyes, and long bleached blonde hair. She's wearing a dark green jacket and I believe is wearing a skirt of some kind.

    The first set of colors that come up as I'm recalling this is some kind of checkered red and black skirt that only goes all the way down to the mid-region of her thighs. But other occurrences with being with this female involved her wearing a light milky blue skirt that extends more to her knees.

    Apparently she claims she prefers being in a relationship where she's two years older than the partner. For some reason I stopped a bit to do some kind of calculation despite not knowing when her birthday is. I visualized words of the months passing by and fading away in the environment up to the sky. A noticeable number was "15," and then I decided to stop it altogether since I didn't seem to be getting anywhere with this.

    After standing around there passively for a while, the female is really close to my face and resorts to the anime style visage before turning her back at me and conforming to the realistic human face.

    Spoiler for Contingency note so I can remember which blonde in waking life she resembled:

    Except her hair is tied up into a ball, and she's even skinnier than before. It's almost as if I was interacting with her younger form, maybe 3-5 years younger as of the year of this dream journal entry. After that, it seemed she started to fade away like a regular dream character that seems to just exist to fill the cold and empty environment with some activity.

    The buildings themselves had a dark violet overlay on them, which felt like a weird combination with the color of the snowy environment. Other than various cool colors, something about this dream felt really weird, I just can't put my finger on it.


    I Have to Take the Other Route to Heaven (Non-lucid)


    Oh, this dream....and the fact that I just happened to watch a 3d animation video on some skeleton trying to get to heaven after it...

    Anyway, since I didn't really care much for the content of this dream (i.e. making it into a chronological pattern), I'll just give a brief list on things I recalled:

    • The environment resembled Meltokio from the Tales series (specifically Tales of Symphonia)

    • There were all sorts of religious, angelical, and other symbolism and archetypes within this dream.
    • There was a large white cloud that served as a barrier from me getting to the other side of the city. If I were to get near it, a random cartoon entity that seemed to have resembled the image of God said I would have to take an alternative to get to Heaven.

      I think I'll take the mode of belief with the casual atheist and impartial agnostic route for this dream like an older friend and I seem to garner a predisposition to, thank you very much.

    • Dream characters seemed to have emulated the art style for Tales of Symphonia 1, and I recall seeing someone wear a Pope-related costume. The large semi-oval hat with a pointy tip at the top consisted of a dark blue color with some gold-colored markings.

      His robes were mostly a milky butterscotch color with an overlay of pasty milky brown...as if I can really give actual color names...

    • This area felt so real to me, but I wasn't lucid for very long seeing how I reveled more into this dream emulating me actually going out on an adventure similar to the Tales series.
    • It's just one of those dreams that would make one contemplate if they were to switch their perception of reality and make the new one their quotidian lifestyle instead.

    • The same God-related entity gave me a thumbs up and a wink with his left eye when he was telling me I would have to find an alternative way to heaven. And he wasn't even a three-dimensional entity, just your basic 2d entity that somehow made some fade transition that was slapped on the screen I was looking over in a bird's eye view.

      Jeeze, could the higher self bird's eye view implications be a bit more prevalent here?

    That's all I recall, at least in the spectrum of trying to cohesively make a chronological pattern here. The rest would've been environment descriptions, which would be another mini-novel by itself.

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