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    Called Out, Weird Kart Race, Shot 3 out of 4 Women & Had Sex with Survivor, Squad Hunt, Tony Stark

    by , 12-13-2013 at 09:21 PM (880 Views)
    Someone Calls Out on a Relative of Mine (DILD)


    I’m inside a house that resembles the one I’m currently at, and there seems to be a guest having a conversation with some relatives of mine.

    I was inside the kitchen near the sink overhearing the conversation, and it seemed one of my relatives gave a yes/no to the guest. He gave it in a condescending manner, at least that’s how the guest interpreted it as.

    Then the guest that seems to look like a close friend of my relative seems to be getting more into being earnest with the relative and telling him how his tonality bothers him a bit. Then my relative persists with the yes/no question, and then the other relative that was a female started to point at the male relative and calls him out on his condescending tonality as well.

    I ended up giggling silently in the background I believe while listening to their trivial argument. The guest was wearing a milky and light violet dress shirt tucked into dark colored dress pants.

    The female relative was wearing an orange shirt along with gray sweat pants as well. How she responded and how the male relative seemed to be passive in her more aggressive response surprised me a bit. It felt as if the dream character male relative was a watered-down version of the waking life counterpart.

    Machine Gun And Weird Kart Race (DILD)


    I’m inside what seems to be a parking garage, and I’m attempting to escape from an automated machine gun mounted on a small vehicle. There were mostly white walls, a lot of construction machines in between with random stocks of mechanical parts.

    I end up going through some ventilation systems in order to buy some time in figuring out alternative escape routes. I get out of the linear vent system and someone comes in riding a bigger Kart vehicle. They were operating the vehicle with the driver’s wheel on the right side.

    They also looked like Cyborg from the Justice League, and he asks me if I wanted to get in.

    I hesitated for a bit and saw the machine gun that seems to be after him as well trailing right behind his huge Go Kart vehicle.

    I felt like it was already too late, but Cyborg backs up quickly to ram the machine gun operated vehicle. This prompts me to step into the left side of the vehicle and we managed to escape.

    Then there’s a shift to where we’re part of some race against two Caucasian males who I felt operated the machine gun. We focused on trying to ram their vehicle, which we did when their Go Kart twirls off to the field.

    I get out and used an item that’s probably a hammer and started slamming the person’s legs. I’m not sure if the individual had one leg or not, but whatever the case, I just had some kind of ideomotor effect going on to just destroy any ability for him to continue walking.

    The partner of that person comes in and tells me to stop, and I ended up complying with him and decided to finish the race.

    Yeah, no logic or script whatsoever, and I don’t know who won the race.


    Shot Three Out of Four Women & Had Sex With the Alive One (DILD)


    One of the best dream titles I came up with so far
    Spoiler for ...:

    I’m in another dark area, and the environment felt out of place for some reason. If I were to look down below, it would seem as if there’s a bottomless pit. The upper level consisted of black metal flooring bordered by handrails midair which for some reason bothered me a bit.

    I seemed to have been running away from someone or something, or maybe trying to reach a certain destination. I wielded a silenced handgun, and here’s the part that starts getting even more confusing.

    It felt like I was playing a video game, but I felt like I was in the dream body as well. It was as if I was simultaneously controlling two perspectives at once. As I’m going through the weird format of this area, there were about 4 Black elderly females that seem to have been running away from something.

    Then I realized they were probably after me, and they kept pestering to me on how they would call the police. I don’t know why they would be saying something like that to me, and while they’re in the process of coming after me, I decided that I would have to kill them off.

    So I aimed at the first one that was closest to me, and before I shot her, she stopped for a moment, and a skeletal version of her shows up for two seconds. Then she reverts back to her original form, and I shot her in the head, though I wonder if the gun I was holding just had tranquilizer darts of something.

    Then I proceeded to do the same for two more females, and by that time the remaining one managed to slip right past me. For some weird reason, I decided to run after her, and the moment I touched her, she transforms into a younger and beautiful Black female.

    Spoiler for I don’t understand how this happened…18+:

    Holland Taylor Hires Squad to Hunt Me Down (DILD)


    Things start out in a dark area where I’m trying to avoid a lady that looks like Holland Taylor (Evelyn) from Two and a Half Men. She manages to get some kind of squad of authorities to hunt me down because of unknown reasons.

    Wait what?

    Since this dream seemed to have streamed naturally with the one after it, it was probably because of the bag that I was holding in my hand. I end up having to use a Sparta method, if I’m using it correctly, where I had to find a small linear path and take them down one by one.

    There was one huge guy that seemed to be a problem, and I had to sidle through the wall and let them pass through and had to use some kind of white cloth to strangle the guy. I don’t recall killing anyone though, so I guess whatever happened was edited out of my perception.

    I managed to handle the rest of them, but I don’t know exactly how because things are still unclear.


    I'm Smuggling for Tony Stark Enterprises (DILD)


    After going through the previous dream where I had to find a way to run away from the squad of authorities that the old lady sent after me, I seem to have shifted into a safer environment. It seems I’m inside of a building that’s very appealing and has a slightly futuristic vibe to it.

    I realized the same bag that I was probably trying to conceal from the others is there with me. But I still had no clue what was inside the bag though. It was blue and had black edges around it with a long blue strap to hold.

    I go into a light brown elevator and a security worker that’s a Black male comes inside with me. He’s wearing a dark blue jacket, light blue dress shirt, and a black dress pants, and most likely was wielding a black baton.

    He asks me what was inside of the bag while the elevator was ascending, and I paused for a few seconds and eventually stated casually that there were just some clothes inside. He looks into random space diagonally left of me, and shifts his eyes in front of the elevator door.

    Taking a second glace of the elevator’s interior, it mostly consisted of dark gold and brown colors. After a while, the elevator gets to the destination for the security guy to leave, and I get out as well. Then some individuals that seemed to be teenagers showed up to open the bag and explained what was inside.

    These were parts to build an Ironman suit, and it led me to presume I was smuggling for Tony Stark.


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